Liu Qiangdong's heroine Jingyao responded: What is going on in the video to take Liu Qiangdong's arm?

Recently, Liu Qiangdong’s related videos have been exposed one after another, making the incident even more confusing. On the evening of April 24th, the girl Liu Jingyao accepted an exclusive interview with Caijing, and answered questions such as “whether ‘fairy jump’”, “why to sue four months later” and “what is the situation when taking the initiative”.

In an interview, Liu Jingyao said her first reaction to the prosecution's non-prosecution decision was to continue civil proceedings. Proceedings were filed four months later because "lawyers need enough time after a criminal prosecution to obtain documents and materials from the prosecutor's office in order to write a civil suit, as well as an investigation." Jingyao said that it would be necessary for a lawyer to have enough time to obtain documents and materials from the prosecutor's office to write a civil suit. If she can win a civil suit, she will donate all of her reparations.

Regarding the initiative to pull Liu Qiangdong's arm in the surveillance video, Liu Jingyao said in an interview: After I asked Liu Qiangdong in the car, he verbally promised not to touch me, and told the assistant to wait for him downstairs. He sent me upstairs and came back. At that time, the driver and assistant were waiting downstairs. The video display assistant waited until four in the morning (the network video showed that the assistant had been waiting downstairs at the apartment until 5:24 am). When I was lost in the elevator, Liu Qiangdong said, "Do you not recognize the road?" I apologized and said, "I am drinking too much, I am very sorry." Immediately, Liu Qiangdong patted my arm and said, "Take me away," and said it once again. I didn't dare to refuse, and I kept the distance (Liu Qiangdong's arm).

Regarding the recording with Liu Qiangdong's attorney, Jingyao said the recording had been deleted and that she and lawyers had always known the recording existed. After the sharing of criminal evidence, the Jingyao side also got the full recording, "but this deleted version of the recording is now released without any previous or later information." This conversation took place shortly before Liu Qiangdong was being held, and the police came to ask me if I was willing to continue the investigation. I did not have a lawyer at that time, still suffered cyber personal attack, very lack of confidence to compete with Liu Qiangdong. I told the detective how I felt that he had advised me to settle and shut down the case for the time being; if the settlement failed, he could reopen the case. I took advice to settle, temporarily shut down the case, and the detective gave my phone number to lawyer Liu Qiangdong. The detective told me I could tell the lawyer over there, so I told you when we called. I didn't expect the other party to record it at all.

Liu Qiang Dong case heroine Jingyao response video initiative pull Liu Qiangdong arm back

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