Zhang Chaoyang:Sohu social application Fu friend APP down for a week.


[TechWeb] on June 12, Sohu's board chairman and CEO Zhang Chaoyang announced on Weibo that APP, his social product, had been off shelves at app stores for a week because of improvements to some features.

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Zhang Chaoyang said that for Android users, you can still go to the official website: w.sohu.com download, Apple users need to wait a week. Users who have already downloaded the Fox Friends app are not affected, and both Android and Apple can be used.

TechWeb found that Fox App has not been found in the App Store and cannot be downloaded.

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On June 9th, Zhang Chaoyang announced the launch of social products Fox Friends. It is understood that Fox Friends is not a new product. Previously, Fox Friends was installed as a function in the bottom navigation bar of “Sohu News Client”. In 2018, it started independent development and launched APP. Beta.

Zhang Chaoyang hopes that fox friends can stimulate the post-90s and post-95th social circles. He believes that Sohu's other platforms are already very clear in all aspects of business models, and now need to be able to have a sticky platform to accumulate users together, and fox friends are the best category in mathematics. (Zhou Xiaobai)

Zhang Chaoyang Sohu social fox friend APP off the shelf one week

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