The number of valid requisitioners issued online by Science and Technology Innovation Board has reached 3.09 million.

[TechWeb] On July 11th, China Express announced its initial public offering last night and issued an online subscription and the announcement of the success rate on the website.

Screenshot of Announcement No. of China Tong.

China Tonghao Announcement Screenshot

According to the announcement, according to the data provided by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the number of valid requisitioners and 167714793500 shares issued online is 3094292, and the initial winning rate of online issuance is 0.15025508 percent.

By comparison, on July 8, the number of effective subscription households issued by Lanqi Science and Technology subnet was 2,929,790;On July 3, the number of valid subscription households issued by Hangzhou Ke Technology Online was 2,866,390.

Kechuang board China Tong number online distribution subscription number of households up to 309 million households

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