Female blogger fan selling small brother follow-up: US delegation issued a statement response Wang Hao apologizes


A few days ago, a video of "Car bloggers pushing the US group to take out the little brother" was posted on the Internet. A long-haired beauty and a younger brother wearing a US out-of-sale uniform were suspected of having a dispute over the vehicle. They shoved, kicked and insulted the takeaway brother. The takeaway brother repeatedly wanted to pick up the phone and was robbed by the woman.

On the evening of June 23, the woman involved in the video, @ Wang Xuxi Shirley, wrote that the incident occurred in March, when the car of a former colleague rubbed against a takeout car. Because of dissatisfaction with the former colleagues in the process of handling the suspicion of being mistaken, and take-out brother disputes.

On the evening of June 24, the US delegation's takeaway official issued a statement saying that the most important thing between people is mutual understanding. The hardest part is mutual understanding. Thanks to the rational response of Xiao Ge, thank you and the younger brother for believing in the power of kindness. We also call on everyone to build a society that respects each other and is full of goodwill. Because reckless will never make the world a better place, but goodness can.

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Wang Xixi's company said in a letter this morning that she apologized for the trouble caused to people from all walks of life. The March 20 incident was settled by the two sides on the same day, and Ms. Wang Xilin (online name: Wang Xixi) also explained and apologized to Brother Meituan. Thanks to Meituan for his understanding of the tolerance of the takeout brother, Wang Xilin is aware of his mistakes, and has carried out reflection and review, the company should give its disciplinary treatment. "who can do nothing wrong, impulse is the devil", hope less impulse, more understanding and tolerance.

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In addition, according to the Beijing Daily report, Daxing police learned that @ Wang Xixi Shirley, the Weibo, is true, and the accident is the full responsibility of former female bloggers. At present, the police have received a police call from Wang, who believes that the video circulated online has damaged their right of reputation.

Female blogger fan takeaway little brother follow-up beauty regiment hair statement response king awkward apologize

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