Zero run car sales channel officially started, why not Tesla's direct business model?

By the end of 2018, with the arrival of 2019, mass production delivery by members of new car-building forces will ensue. In addition to delivery, service system construction will be the next competitive point for each car company, in addition to delivery.

On November 10th, the first direct-operated zero-run center in China was officially opened on the first floor of the Hangzhou Binjiang Core Building. The zero-run center is divided into two functional blocks: the experience zone and the service zone. The experience zone undertakes functions such as the concept of zero-running car and self-developed technology display; the service area is responsible for solving various functional requirements after sale. .

With the concept of adding new cars to Tesla and Weilai to increase the user's stay, creating a comfortable rest area including coffee, special drinks, reading, etc., the design concept of the zero-run center is more sales-oriented: only 150 flat, There is no coffee area, no reading, no theatre.

"Young people have so much interest, why don't you come to the car store?" Zhao Gang, vice president of Zero Racing, said bluntly.

Why don't you set up a coffee zone?

When talking about why not set up a coffee area like other auto-operated stores, Zhao Gang said that the channel system of the zero-run car will be rapidly expanded through the “direct + join” approach, so it is necessary to establish a standardized process that can achieve rapid replication. Promotion.

“Coffee is a non-standardized product, and its experience is difficult to control.” Zhao Gang said that he has also been to the service centers of Tesla, BMW and other car companies. In his opinion, the quality of coffee involves coffee. Beans, milk, sweetness, water temperature and other factors, the coffee quality of each family is very different, which is difficult to control for non-professional operations.

In Zhao Gang's view, the main function of a car store is to present the product, communicate with the target users quickly, efficiently and accurately, and let them experience the product rather than entering the store to rest.

"from maximizing user time and travel costs, we don't want to set up coffee areas, read books, and small theaters to induce users to come to the store, bundling user time." "We hope to use technology to upgrade the after-sales process of cars," Zhao said. Users can get all the up-to-date information about Zero run through APP, WeChat Mini Program and other online channels, and do not need to go to the store for consultation. Day-to-day maintenance can be obtained through the principle of proximity; small vehicle problems can be solved through our remote OTA assistance, and only major problems need to be booked to the store for repair. "

"Direct business model is not fair to partners"

On the path of channel system construction, Zero-Run Car will realize service and channel coverage through “direct + partner”. The specific strategy is: in the first- and second-tier cities, adopt the “direct + city partner” model to establish brand value and ensure user experience; in the third-tier and below cities, through the “third-party sales channel cooperation, select maintenance site certification and listing” mode Expand coverage.

Zhao Gang, Vice President of Zero running Automobile

Zhao Gang, Vice President of Zero running Automobile

In contrast, Wei Lai, Tesla and other new car companies to direct business model-based construction channel service system. According to titanium media editors, Ullai has built 12 user centers in 2018 and NIO House, plans to add 20 to 30 next year, while Tesla has built more than 350 service outlets around the world. In addition to after-sale, maintenance and other links, such as Wulai and Tesla in the sales and delivery links have adopted the direct management model.

Zhao Gang expressed disapproval of the direct business model that the above-mentioned enterprises are eagerly awaiting. In his view, the direct mode of the explosive mode is very weak, can not cover enough areas, and the cost efficiency will be very low.

"There are so many excellent partners in the society, there are so many excellent resources, why not unite and provide services to our customers?" Zhao Gang told Titan Media.

At the same time, Zhao Gang told titanium media, because the number of components and product structure of electric vehicle products are greatly simplified, maintenance demand is also reduced, therefore, Tesla and Ulai's "direct camp" model is actually unfair to partners.

"It may be that the aftermarket of traditional cars is very profitable. The former market sells cars and barely maintains them. It depends on more post-market cooperation. However, after the emergence of smart electric vehicles, the maintenance of the aftermarket is very small, and it is difficult for partners to earn money." Therefore, therefore, the zero-run selection and the cooperation of the entire process of the partner, from the final sale, the entire service to the whole process of communication, "smart electric vehicles must make money in the sale of cars."

After the competition of mass production and delivery of new cars, it is the competition of product channel service system. And choose direct business or join in cooperation, depending on the concept of the enterprise, but also with product positioning, capital investment intensity related.

Wei Lai, Tesla and other high-end positioning automotive products, need to implement their own service concept, so most of the use of direct marketing mode, while Weima, zero run and other positioning of the Volkswagen car enterprises, tend to use direct business as a supplement. Join the main channel construction way, quickly expand channels, ensure delivery efficiency.

It is reported that the zero-run car first production car zero-run S01 previously announced the subsidy price is not more than 200,000 yuan, zero-run official recently said that if the 2019 Beijing area of ​​the national supplement + land subsidy standard estimate, S01 subsidy After the price range can be further reduced to the range of 10 to 150,000. The price of Weimar's first production car EX5 subsidy is also within the range of 150,000-200,000 yuan.

"the direct business model is suitable for high-end products. It's okay to manage 20 stores, but we need to deliver in large quantities in a short period of time, and we may have to reach 400 and 500 stores, and the direct business model is not going to work." Wei Ma founder Shen Hui in an interview with titanium media said.

Shen Hui even predicted that Tesla, which will deliver 450,000 Model 3 orders, will also start the partner joining mode.

Of course, regardless of direct or franchise, the use of digital tools has already made the sales of new car vehicles go to the reservation payment system. The price is consistent across the net. Vehicle companies can predict inventory, sales and orders through data, and dealers will avoid traditional 4S. Store inventory pressure. Under this trend, how big is the gap between direct sales and franchise models? (This article is the first titanium media, author / Li Qin)

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