Beijing Mobile has opened dozens of 5G base stations to serve multiple applications

[TechWeb] On February 11th, Beijing Mobile has opened dozens of 5G base stations, mainly used for service automation, CCTV 4K video backhaul, 5G innovation contest, World Robotics Competition and other applications.

Regarding the 5G network, China Mobile previously said that it is actively promoting the construction of commercial 5G networks nationwide. It is expected that the construction will be completed in the third quarter of 2019. At that time, some key cities will begin trial commercialization of 5G networks.

On the evening of January 18th, in the regular course of CBA, China Mobile Beijing Company and Mi Wei Company teamed up to broadcast the game in real 4K in the 5G network environment to create the world's first live broadcast of 5G+ true 4K sports events. This live broadcast included Real 4K shooting, 4K code transcoding, full 5G network transmission and other 5G+ true 4K live end-to-end process.

Xia Bing, general manager of Beijing Mobile, said that with the further maturity of 5G technology and the trial commercial promotion, Beijing Mobile will usher in a new environment of cross-industry cooperation. Faced with huge opportunities, Beijing Mobile is accelerating the digital transformation, upgrading infrastructure, and coordinating the promotion of 5G construction to achieve full coverage of Beijing's urban areas, key areas and key scenes. At the same time, Beijing Mobile will also deepen the vertical fields of industry, agriculture, medical care, education, transportation, finance, smart cities, etc., and establish a 5G industry work promotion group to build a 5G industrial ecology for multi-industry applications.

According to the plan, China Mobile has got the relatively immature 2.6 GHz industry chain and the 4.9GHz band of higher frequency band. The development of 5G in these two new bands is a new challenge for China Mobile.

The Beijing mobile dozens of 5G base stations have landed, proof of China Mobile's powerful industry appeal and rapid execution.

Relevant information shows that Beijing Mobile has built more than 47,000 4G base stations, and has also launched a 5G action plan. It will use the high-speed Zhilian network to create end-to-end 5G smart networks for users.

Open dozens of 5G base stations

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