Douyin volcano video online, accessible version, visually disabled users can also watch short videos.

[TechWeb] May 17-May 16 of this year is Global accessibility Day, and the bytecode is officially available as an accessible version of Douyin and Volcano videos, which means that visually retarded users can also watch short videos normally.

According to the executive director of the Byte Beat Platform Responsibility Research Center, the optimized two short video applications support the mobile phone reading screen function, which can help visually impaired users to smoothly operate short video applications through screen reader prompts.

According to reports, after the launch of the accessible version of the volcano video and the vibrato short video, the user can freely play any video in the vibrato and volcano video app by simply turning on the screen reading function in the mobile phone, and can also comment, Forward, like, follow the video author.

At the same time, Tik Tok and Volcano videos also jointly launched the "Let's see Love together" campaign to encourage programmers to actively develop visual accessibility products to help visually disabled groups break the information gap and make it easier to access short videos. Graphic and text information.

Data show that as of 2018, approximately 1.3 billion people worldwide suffer from some form of visual impairment. There are more than 17 million visually impaired people in China, and this number will continue to increase.

Shake sound volcano small video online accessible version visual impairment user can watch short video

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