Science and Technology Innovation Board / Traffic Control Technology will issue 40 million shares at 16.18 yuan per share

[TechWeb] July 11 news, after 14 applications such as Guangfeng Technology, Xinguang Optoelectronics and so on, the remaining 7 of the 21 new shares that can be applied for this week will also open for purchase tomorrow. Traffic control technology in rail transit signal system is also one of the new shares that investors can apply for tomorrow, and it has also set the offering price.

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According to the announcement of the initial public offering of shares of the company, which was disclosed on the official website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company announced that the company’s fundamentals, market conditions and listings in the same industry will be considered based on the initial inquiry results. The company's valuation level, the demand for raised funds and the risk of underwriting, the negotiated price of the issue is 16.18 yuan per share.

It is worth noting that in the 7 new shares of the board that will be open for purchase tomorrow, the issue price of the transfer control technology of 16.18 yuan per share is the lowest, and among the other 6 shares, the issue price of Fangbang shares is as high as 53.88 yuan. Jiayuan Technology is 28.26 yuan, Wald and Luanchuan Intelligence are 26.68 yuan and 25.79 yuan respectively, and Tianyi is best at 20.37 yuan per share. The control technology and aerospace charts are the only two outstanding price per share. 20 yuan, but the latter's 17.25 yuan per share is still higher than the traffic control technology of 16.18 yuan.

According to the information on the website of Traffic Control Technology Co., Ltd., founded in December 2009, it is the first high-tech company to master the core technology of independent CBTC (automatic Train Control system based on Communication) signal system, dedicated to providing more diversified signal system solutions and life cycle services for better rail transit.

The IPO application of CCTC was accepted on March 29. At the 4th review meeting of 2019 on the afternoon of June 17, the CSE Stock Market Listing Committee of Shanghai Stock Exchange approved its issuance and listing. On July 4, the CSRC approved the application for registration of its initial public offering of shares. Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed the information on the official website on July 5.

The announcement of the initial public offering of shares by China Communications Technology Co., Ltd. and its listing on the Science and Technology Board also revealed that it negotiated with the sponsors to determine the issuance of 40 million shares, and the final strategic placement amount determined based on the issue price was 5.456 million shares. After the call, 24.434 million shares were issued offline, 10.2 million shares were issued online, the stock code was “688015”, the online purchase code was “787015”, and the online subscription limit was 10,000 shares.

According to the determined issue price per share and the number of issuances, the financing amount of the new shares issued by the company will be 550 million yuan, and the 7 new shares that can be purchased in the future will be second only to Fangbang, Jiayuan Technology and Tian. Yishangjia, the proposed financing amount of these three companies are 1.085 billion yuan, 969 million yuan and 646 million yuan.

Ke Chuang board pay control technology offer price 16.18 yuan per share issue 40 million shares

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