Tencent yoo Video was abolished. Core members were transferred to WeChat.


[TechWeb] March 29th news, today there is news that Tencent short video matrix adjustment, yoo video team was abolished, merged into Microvision and Tencent video, in this regard, Tencent official response said that the adjustment belongs to the company's internal normal organizational structure Adjustment.

According to the report, core members of yoo Video, including the director of products, were transferred to microvision, and content procurement cooperation between yoo Video and content agencies was suspended in January and transferred to Penguin account for settlement.

In this regard, Tencent said that in order to better explore the direction of the development of long and short video convergence, the yoo video business team integrated and adjusted to the Tencent video team, and still maintain normal operations. This adjustment belongs to the normal organizational structure adjustment within the company.

In November last year, Tencent officially released the yoo video at the Global Partner Conference, but it has only been five months. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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Tencent yoo Video abolishment Core member transferred Micro View

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