Amazon opens second Amazon Go convenience store to accelerate offline expansion

Tencent Technology reported Aug. 28: ecommerce giant Amazon has just announced that its second convenience store, Amazon Go, also in the city of Seattle, is open.

Amazon Go

The new store, at 1450 square feet, is slightly smaller than the first flagship store, Amazon Go (1800 square feet. The second store will offer a wide range of ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, as well as Amazon's Meal Kits. package

Amazon pointed out that these foods will be provided by Amazon's chefs, local kitchens and bakeries. For example, it will offer some fast food, such as potato chips, chocolate bars, candies and locally made chocolate, as well as lunch options such as salad, sandwiches and burritos. As for dinner, the Amazon package provides all the ingredients needed for a family dinner for two people, which takes about 30 minutes to prepare.

Compared with Amazon Go flagship store, new stores have fewer choices. Flagship stores include beer and wine, as well as a wide range of groceries, including Whole Foods'365 Everyday Value brand products. In addition, because of its small size and no kitchen, fresh food will come from Amazon kitchens elsewhere in Seattle.

Amazon says the second convenience store is open only on weekdays, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., because it caters to the needs of workers.

Previous reports said that Amazon plans to open up as many as six Amazon go units in 2018. However, the company has not publicly discussed its road map. However, in may this year, Amazon mentioned plans to open stores in Chicago and San Francisco in its recruitment information. Amazon only confirms that the plan is being worked out and will not confirm when it will be launched in these markets.

The first batch of Amazon Go is expected to be launched in Seattle and Losangeles. From a technical point of view, there is no difference between the second convenience stores and flagship stores.

Amazon Go's system includes a large number of overhead cameras that track shopper behavior from all angles, weight sensors on shelves, and sub-Amazon Go mobile applications. No matter what passengers buy, this application will automatically charge customers.

From the point of view of computer vision and machine learning, these convenience stores are a feat and stimulate a large number of competitors to follow, they hope to bring similar technology to Amazon competitors and other retailers. But some question whether it is necessary to replace store staff with camera arrays and other technologies to save shoppers about a minute of checkout time.

In the end, Amazon go's larger vision is to reduce the number of employees, even though Amazon claims to transfer more employees to " customer service" and " inventory" positions. In the long run, workers may get better and higher-paid jobs, but the immediate result is short-term layoffs.

Amazon has not yet discussed the opening date of other Amazon go convenience stores in the future. ( compilation / Jin Lu )

Amazon open second Amazon Goon convenience store accelerate offline expand

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