Vision China has a daily limit of 22.68 yuan for the second consecutive day.

[TechWeb] April 15th news, last week, Visual China was asked to be completely rectified due to copyright issues. On April 12th, Visual China fell to a limit and opened today. Visual China once again fell to 22.68 yuan, which is its continuous number. On the second day, the word fell.

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Vision China announced last week that on April 11th, after reporting by netizens, it was found that many pictures posted on the company's website contained sensitive and harmful information. On the same day, the Tianjin Internet Information Office interviewed the person in charge of the company website and asked for thoroughness. Rectify and temporarily close the site during this time.

The person in charge of the visual China website stated that there are serious problems in the management of the platform, and will completely and completely rectify the situation. During this period, the website will be temporarily closed, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and consciously accept the supervision of the society and netizens.

Subsequently, Visual China issued a notice saying that up to now, it is not possible to accurately predict the time for rectification and restoration of services, and the company will announce the specific time for the website to resume service.

Visual continuous second day word down limit newspaper 22.68 yuan

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