WeChat PC version v2.6.7 official version update: continuous unread voice auto-transfer text


Recently, WeChat officially released the official version update of PC version v2.6.7.40. This update mainly adds support for QQ mailbox plug-in, continuous unread voice auto-transfer text, and supports viewing the actual size of pictures. Optimize file directory to improve performance, etc.

For many users, listening to WeChat voice messages is a headache, on the one hand, the efficiency is not as high as the text message, the voice is easy to miss or listen to the complete time is relatively long; On the other hand, there will also be situations where it is not convenient to listen to voice, and there are, of course, many other reasons. And WeChat PC version of the updated voice auto-text function is to solve a lot of users' worries.

In addition, the new QQ mailbox plug-in features, but also solve some of the user's worries. For users using QQ mailboxes, the addition of the QQ mailbox plug-in is very convenient. When the mailbox receives a new e-mail, there will be a WeChat message reminding, the window shows a summary of the mailbox content is also more striking.

The following is the WeChat for Windows version 2.6.7 update log:

1, support for QQ mailbox plug-in

2, support continuous unread voice automatically transfer text

3, supports viewing the actual size of the picture

4, optimize the file directory to improve performance

WeChat PC version v2 6.7 official version update continuous unread voice auto transfer text

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