Love the "Chinese" into China: the fulcrum and new imagination of the virtual anchor localization path

Love the "Chinese" into China: the fulcrum and new imagination of the virtual anchor localization path

This paper comes from WeChat official account: East and West Culture (ID:EW-Entertainment), author: red bean dumplings. XIA, neon beast Rb Shou, head map from: Oriental IC, this paper combs the East and West Idol team according to the on-site interview and their own research.

Key words: tripping love, vTuber, virtual idol, Luo Tianyi


On June 30th, the Japanese virtual anchor (Vtuber) Kizuna AI held its first overseas birthday party in Shanghai, China, and announced its official entry into the Chinese market.

As the first vTuber, trip love in the world, the virtual anchor is a new form of virtual idol. Compared with the virtual singer rooted in the ecological soil of UGC, the Vtuber represented by tripping love mainly relies on the operation team behind it, pays more attention to the immediate feedback and interaction of pop culture content and fans, and forms a virtual anchor trend around the world with the help of video websites such as YouTube and live broadcast platform.

More open content ecology, lower threshold to enter the circle, product form and operation mode based on new technology and platform, vTuber brings new kinetic energy to relatively mature Japanese virtual idol industry, at the same time, it also further fosters the consumption foundation of virtual idol under the mode of global Internet communication.

The Chinese market has also given birth to a number of local virtual anchors that mimic Japanese-style vTuber, or host Chinese style. However, due to the problems of technology, hardware equipment, insufficient content and so on, they are generally faced with the challenge of starting and coming out of the circle, and it is impossible to talk about how to pry into the new needs of users, which leads to the market and commercial value of virtual anchors is not very clear.

And tripping love officially into China at this time, although will also face a variety of localization challenges, but from the market stage, or an appropriate time.

Before relying on the spontaneous Chinese handling and publicity of fans to accumulate popularity foundation, explain the famous games and "blue route" and other popular quadratic games linkage, so that tripping love in the crowd of gamers have a certain degree of recognition.

On this basis, only by further providing the Chinese market with more accessible and accessible content consumer products can tripping love have the opportunity to spread from the core pink ring to a wider range of young people. China's virtual anchor market is also lacking a IP, that can break through the circle to pull the whole into a more mainstream field of vision.

It is not known whether IP, tripping, the most prominent head virtual anchor, can fill this gap. As can be seen from the launch of China's "debut" press conference, tripping Love also has a lot of ambition to enter China. In addition to launching a new Chinese version of the image and loading Chinese language packs, it also plans to try to involve a variety of content, such as video, games, music, live broadcast and so on, on bilibili, NetEase Cloud Music, Douyin, Weibo and other platforms to form closer interaction with Chinese fans.

In any case, the localization of tripping love can be carried out smoothly, and the boundary of the local virtual idol market can be expanded to what extent, which will play an important reference value for the future development of vTuber.

First, tripping love and virtual anchor trend, the establishment and diffusion of the core circle of vTube

1. The birth of tripping Love and the Establishment of Core Circle

On November 29, 2016, tripping Love released its first video on YouTube, becoming the world's first recognized virtual anchor. So far, it has nearly 10 million fans worldwide.

In fact, before tripping love, there is no lack of virtual image contributions on YouTube. As early as June 2011, 3D virtual image Ami Yamoto uploaded vlog.2012 on YouTube at the end of the year, and WEATHEROID TypeA Airi, a virtual weather announcer created by WeatherNews, also has a 3D model that appears on weather forecast shows, but due to technical limitations, it often passes through the model and can only appear in the upper body.

The emergence of tripping love is a complete innovation in technology, content and mode of this kind of functional virtual image. The virtual anchorman represented by tripping love is usually represented by an individual or an entire team, using motion capture, facial capture, 3D modeling, sound and sound processing and other technologies to present the middle person (dubbing, moving actor, etc.) to the audience as a virtual image, and has realized the activities of the virtual anchor and all kinds of interactive performance.

Tripping love with the image of a lovely girl, so that the characters have the "want to touch" lifelike texture. It was first recognized in the global MMD producer circle, the most creative core pink ring in the future of virtual Goji. These technology houses from South Korea, Russia, the Netherlands, the United States and other countries have made MMD videos and contributed on platforms such as YouTube, helping to establish and initially spread the core circle between 2016 and the first half of 2017.

2. Circle diffusion and creation of new consumption demand.

Like many of the idol-raising icons, the bond-trip is now well-established by the official and the user _ from the early age to the age, and now has a wide-spread label, such as the "artificial mental retardation".

In April 2017, an MMD video called “Artificial Mental Retardation Multiple Body Everybody” on the B station allowed the stalks of “Italian Mental Disability” and many Yanyi expression packs to spread rapidly on social media. In November 2017, when he wrote "Resident Evil 7", he often imitated the line "Fuck you" in the game and learned to swear "ふぁっきゅー". His Chinese ear "Flow Q" also became a temporary one. Buzzword.

These popular words have contributed to the further expansion of the trip, and it is worth noting that the tag and the traditional Idol, including the first-tone future, and so on, have made a clear difference.

The Hatsune Miku is more like an orthodox idol singer. Although there are many spoof pictures and videos, the most solidified and most recognized first person is the "first princess of the world".

As a new generation of virtual anchors, 绊 love has reached a new balance between paper people and real artists – keeping up with the trend, paying attention to play and interaction, conforming to the popular sand sculpture culture and contrasting of the Internet, more entertaining. spirit. In conjunction with the live broadcast and other forms, it has triggered and even created a new fan consumer demand.

3. The Evolution of Virtual hosts from Japan to China

As the new demand market is stimulated, tripping love naturally set off a virtual anchor boom. Including Huiyue month, computer girl Siro,Mirai Akari and other virtual anchors, according to Japanese media statistics, the Japanese market now has nearly 8000 vTuber.

In the Chinese market, tripping Love currently has 1020 contributions and 910000 followers on bilibili's official account AIChannel, surpassing the number of 930000 followers on Luo Tianyi's official account. Of course, Luo Tianyi's official account only publishes PGC content, and its fans are more focused on UGC's core creators, but to some extent, it also proves that he has tripped the audience base in China over the past two years.

Since 2017, a large number of local virtual anchors have also emerged in China. Due to close to Chinese culture, familiar with user habits and accumulated a certain number of fans. In bilibili, the number of fans of the head virtual anchor has reached 40 ~ 500000, such as xylose pure (509000), life illusion (464000) and the first local virtual anchor Xiao Xi and Xiao Tao (392000).

But on the whole, China still lacks a real head IP, and the local virtual anchor audience is far from the love of fans who have only relied on moving overseas content to accumulate fans.

These local virtual anchors are generally faced with difficult difficulties, coupled with technical and content production capacity and other problems, it is difficult to prove their own commercial value and virtual anchor market space, it is difficult to obtain more capital and external resources, so there is still a big gap between China's virtual anchor market and Japan.

Second, the Chinese love: the localization of the Japanese virtual idol model

Now tripping Love releases a new version of the Chinese style image and loads the Chinese language pack, reflecting the determination to open up the needs of Chinese fans and tap the commercial value of this potential market in a more localized way.

According to the special image of Chinese version with Chinese braids and buckle, which is closer to the cultural habits of the Chinese audience, it is also more convenient to customize the localized cultural content for Chinese fans in the future, and to further realize the transfer of Japanese virtual idol fans, and the formation of Chinese content ecology and cultural identity.

Previously, from the Hatsune Miku to Lotte, the most representative virtual idol VOCALOID PROJECT has completed a localization experiment of Japanese virtual idols in China.

Luo Tianyi was born as the first VOCALOID Chinese sound library and avatar in 2012. It was originally used to meet the needs of fans to produce Chinese songs. Behind the VOCALOID PROJECT is deeply rooted in the Chinese market.

In the future, Hatsune Miku has accumulated a large number of producers (UGC creators who make songs and videos for V singers such as Hatsune Miku) and fans, helping Luo Tianyi to grow rapidly and possessing the ability to break the circle as a virtual vocal.

Similarly, Tribune already has a cultural base for users and fans in China. As early as June 2017, tripping Love opened an official account on Weibo. Later, tripping Love chose the form of authorization to work with fans. In June 2019, bilibili's handling team was officially official and renamed "AIChannel official."

This path from the spontaneous development of Amway to the official, to the rapid follow-up of the official, to participate together, the path of active learning, so that the spread of love in China and the accumulation of fans did not appear faults and barriers.

However, from the perspective of its own operating model and industrial environment, the localization path of 绊 和 and VOCALOID will be different. In a nutshell, it is from instrumental thinking to gamification thinking, from nurturing UGC soil to IP, to testing IP operations, and multi-scenarios to more users.

From Hatsune Miku to Luotianyi, the localization of UGC tools and platforms was first realized, and relatively mature resources such as national music circles, such as national music, can be quickly grafted.

For tripping love, as Vtuber, there are more scenarios, the accessible users are more widely, and the ring barrier is relatively low.

Therefore, it is necessary to set up local scenes in China and create more scene entrances for fans. Chinese culture and holding offline birthday parties in China mean that primary attempts have begun, and in the future they may see tripping love further leverage resources such as content, platforms and consumer markets to build multiple scenarios up and down the industrial chain.

At the same time, in the Chinese market, the demand for content by the secondary population is not yet saturated. The animation is too slow, the web text is too long, and the popular short video and live broadcast platforms still lack enough matching content. While gaining content, the added value of interaction, companionship, participation, and identity sometimes has a higher level of demand, which makes vTuber a new solution to meet these needs.

However, the premise of smooth localization is, on the one hand, to solve the matching problem of domestic virtual anchor infrastructure, whether it can be more closely integrated with the local trend culture in the Chinese environment, and produce more content close to Chinese users.

On the other hand, it is to properly handle the differences in the pink circle. Prior to this, the "four-parts of love" plan was carried out to change the style of painting and try different voice challenges, aiming to explore what defines itself as "love". This is also the original intention of the birth of the Chinese version of love.

Third, the impact on the local virtual idol industry

For love, the introduction of Chinese voice and Chinese version of the image will help increase its own influence and further amplify business value. For China's virtual idol industry, it can play an important role in exploring the ceiling of China's virtual anchor market, stimulating the consumption demand of local virtual anchors and opening up the situation.

The virtual anchor market in China is in the ascendant. From the point of view of the global trend, the consumer demand behind the virtual anchor has been initially tested, but the Chinese market is still lack of verification. On the one hand, we need to let brands see the commercial value of virtual anchors through the head IP, and gradually educate the local consumer market; on the other hand, there is also a need for pioneers to provide reference commercial ways, such as how to work with live games, how to participate in animation, variety and other content to get benefits.

In fact, in addition to having more fan bases and technology and content reserves than other vTuber in China, Ai also has more commercial experience than local vTuber.

As early as March 2017, the love of more than three months was released and the first sponsored video was released. Since then, I also opened a new channel "AI Games" on YouTube, which appeared in short hair. While attracting more gamers, I also received many advertising orders from game makers.

In addition to video and live broadcast, tripping Love also developed music, concerts, variety, animation and other directions in IP development, and starred in TV advertisements in artist brokerage mode, presided over Softbank Corp., Apple press conference, attended the premiere of Alita in Japan, and served as the official propaganda ambassador for Japanese tourism.

It can be seen that compared with many domestic vTuber mainly using games and advertising orders as the main means of realization, 绊爱 has created commercial value in multiple dimensions of pan-entertainment.

Of course, business cooperation and realization are based on vTuber's audience.

Author Bison Hamster

For the love of love, how to further incite the virtual market of China's virtual anchor audience, how to achieve the cooperation of different links in the IP industry chain, so that you can interact with users on the live broadcast, short video and other platforms like in Japan, and participate in other In the form of cultural and entertainment content, how to produce more content that local users can consume without splitting the user's ecology will be a problem that must be considered in the current stage.

At present, it is also a new round of opportunities for the local virtual idol industry after many years of groping. In addition to the fan base, from the current stage of the local idol anchor industry, the platform and large entertainment content industry related companies are adding code to this track.

In addition to the B station, tiger tooth and other live broadcast platforms, short video platforms such as vibrato, and iQIyi and other comprehensive video platforms, virtual idol IP and related projects are being launched. vTuber's online scene is gradually getting through. For the head IP, this is the dividend period for user traffic.

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