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Source: pixabay

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Chen Yangfu, founder of "China Mould Township" in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, did not expect it, but according to the feedback from the ecommerce platform, the product upgrade and repricing of Fupai sonic electric toothbrush reached 38777 orders in the first two days of a big event in June, surpassing the sales volume of the whole month of June last year.

The previous light luxury electric toothbrush counterattack was not a case. Tmall data show that from January to April 2019, the number of consumers of electric toothbrush increased by 175% year-on-year, and the number of consumers in the third-fourth and below cities increased by 228%.

At some point in the last year, if you open Weibo, Little Red Book, bilibili or Douyin, your eyes are full of electric toothbrush ads. In May 2019, a hit article entitled "No big V, escaped electric toothbrush" wrote: "if you are a big V from the media, you have not received an advertisement for an electric toothbrush, which means you are not big enough."

Back in the year before and after e-commerce, some of the sporadic electric toothbrush brands on the platform were mostly international brands, and the price was hundreds of thousands. From light luxury goods to popularization to the third and fifth line to fight the price war, electric toothbrushes have made the town youths addicted. The brand of electric toothbrushes, through the e-commerce and social media dividends, immediately harvested a large number of young people in the town – the population of this group is much larger than that of the international big-name electric toothbrushes in earlier years.

However, in the eyes of Chen Maohui, the founder of Mengyao, the excitement is only the appearance. The penetration rate of electric toothbrushes has only been 5% so far, and this figure is 42% and 40% in the United States and Japan, respectively.

In fact, the e-commerce sinking and sinking market is inevitable, and the electric toothbrush is just one of the first ones, not the first one and not the last one. Only the electric toothbrush successfully penetrated the consumer layer and was detonated. Asking for a stone, the successful routine may soon be copied to other items.

The market is so big, players are bound to take out Wenzhou businessmen speculation, fried garlic to "stir-fry electric toothbrushes", stir-fry everything can be fried.

Electric toothbrush from light luxury to ordinary

The world's first electric toothbrush was born in 1954 and was invented by a Swiss doctor named Philippe Guy Woog. The world's first electric toothbrush consists of three parts: power supply, motor and brush head. It works like today's electric toothbrush.

The electric toothbrush vibrates at high frequency through sound waves, which breaks down the toothpaste into foam and cleans the teeth where manual brushing is hard to reach. A number of industry insiders interviewed by Entrepreneurship believe that because of this electric toothbrush is more effective in protecting teeth.

The invention, which still seems to be a great invention, was originally designed to facilitate people with disabilities who could not take care of themselves. At that time, the electric toothbrush was so scary that it was picturesque: the electric brush head reached into the mouth, and the other end had to be connected to a 200 V or more power supply placed on the wet wash table.

Only with breakthroughs in battery technology and safety performance, electric toothbrushes are likely to expand the market. After more than 30 years, the electric toothbrush technology evolved slowly. Until 1992, the ultrasonic toothbrush technology was certified by the US FDA, and the electric toothbrush began to spread in the United States.

The entry of electric toothbrush into China is inseparable from the fact that foreign companies with strong capital strength have taken root in China and built a relatively complete agent distribution channel. Around 2003, P&G launched the Xingjie electric toothbrush under the Crest brand in China. As a result, the agent rushed to the street, and the agent received less than 100 items a month, and could not sell it.

In 2006, Crest stripped off the "out of favor" and sold it to Cech Dewey as a whole. The latter later launched the industry-famous electric toothbrush brands Ole B, Oulle B and Philips as the top two electric toothbrush brands in the Chinese market for a long time.

Olle B and Philips are both big international brands at hundreds of prices, and they were definitely representatives of luxury goods by 2015. A small group of people from middle-class families in first-and second-tier cities travel abroad and get to know electric toothbrushes, so they buy and use them, and the people around them also get the recognition in their recommendations, which stimulates their desire to buy. At that time, electric toothbrushes could represent an upgrade in consumption, such as today's Dyson hairdryer.

However, after putting themselves on the shelves of supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, sales growth has been slowing for years, and consumers are confined to middle-class households in first-and second-tier cities.

From the perspective of the brands such as Oral B and Philips, the electric toothbrush is a small category in all product lines of the multinational group company. For example, Philips' hair dryers and air evolvers are more famous than electric toothbrushes, and their profit margins are higher. Multinational group companies are naturally reluctant to invest more market expenses for electric toothbrushes from the perspective of overall layout.

This gives the new brand a chance to reveal. New domestic electric toothbrush brands, such as Fu Pai, Mengya, ou Libai, should be born in the era of mobile Internet, taking advantage of the commercial development dividend of the times, to break through the consumer circle quickly.

These new domestic electric toothbrush brands are born with strong Internet genes, chase traffic to lay marketing channels, or outsource ecommerce to more professional operators. They were born in the era of e-commerce subsidence, in line with the trend, the introduction of small town youth, the price of less than 100 yuan electric toothbrushes, so that electric toothbrushes into the homes of ordinary people.

These newborn electric toothbrush brands are separated from consumers only across the Internet. Originally the lack of international big dealers to shop goods channels, this gap will take many years to fill, now with the help of the Internet ecommerce more complete "ecommerce logistics" model, not only the gap has been flattened, planed off layer by layer of price increase dealer links, but the advantages are even more prominent.

Finally, the new electric toothbrush brands have left the domestic electric toothbrush that the young people in the town can afford and can't put it down.

E-commerce counterattack of a toothbrush

As soon as the "new middle class" was put forward in 2015, it became a hot word, ecommerce has become an international brand, and electric toothbrushes have become a new hot spot of ecommerce, but its price has made it impossible for most Chinese people to reach it. At the same time, the Internet has a keen sense of smell of young businessmen to see new business opportunities.

Chen Yangfu has a business at home and has many years of experience in e-commerce. After deciding to establish an electric toothbrush brand, in order to familiarize himself with the industry, he deliberately made an agent for the electric toothbrush for a period of time, and then registered the “Fupai”.

Chen Yangfu, founder of the Fuk School

Chen Yangfu, founder of the Fuk School

Here is an episode, worried that Chinese people only recognize imported brands for the consumption of electric toothbrushes. Chen Yangfu is registered at the same time in China and France, while calling himself "French Blessed School". This year, when Fuhui broke out in the sinking market, he took off his foreign hat.

Luo Ning of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province founded Saiga Electric. Saijia started as a sterilizer, and later transformed into a Japanese company to do electric toothbrush foundry. In Ningbo, the electric toothbrush foundry has developed into an industrial belt. A Saijia Electric staff told the Entrepreneurship State that “there are at least thirty or fifty companies that are active in the industry, many of which are small workshops.”

They lived in the bungalows on the roof of Wagga, and they carried out the processing and production on one side, and waited for the arrival of the wind.

Saijia Electric has done a lot of work for the Japanese electric toothbrush for a period of time, and then there is an order for the domestic electric toothbrush foundry to find the door, seeing the window period coming soon, Saijia launched its own brand of electric toothbrush.

In the past three years, both Fupai and Sega, the sales of electric toothbrushes have been rising, and the explosive growth of sales volume was after the successful harvest of a large town in 2019. Mu Mengfei, the head of Fufa e-commerce, described the factory's grand occasion to the entrepreneurial state: "The number of workers increased from 35 at the beginning of the year to 85, and the number of injection molding machines increased from 4 at the beginning of the year to 10, so the supply capacity is still in short supply."

The explosive growth of Fufei and Sega sales can not be separated from the cost-effective power. In March this year, the cost-effective was pushed to the front desk by Ali to entrust the important task. Jiang Fan, president of Tmall, defined it as "Alibaba Group quality economy Strategy window, the first choice shopping platform for global consumers' quality and favorable life." This is a big move for Ali to compete for the sinking market.

According to the platform data and consumer feedback, Juhua intends to make Fupai a sample of the upgrade of the sinking market. As a startup brand, the Fupai is naturally willing to use Ali's commercial operating system to turn around. Based on the data of its electric toothbrush products in Tmall, Fupai adjusted the products accordingly.

Mu Mengfei told Entrepreneurship that small town youth prefer pink electric toothbrushes; the original mainframe handle is square holding uncomfortable, the new product has been changed to round; in the brand specifically for small town youth to launch Fupai sonic electric toothbrush, the price is cut by 25% compared with last year, as for consumers in first and second tier cities, Fupai has launched a new brand.

“Fupai has its own factory and no intermediary channels, so it can price itself and adopt the strategy of small profits but quick turnover. In addition, we have found a more cost-effective component supplier through Arif,” said Mu Mengfei.

Compared to Fupai, Sega's advantages are concentrated in industrial design and manufacturing. Sega has designed more than 100 electric toothbrushes independently, and its products have obtained a number of patents, but marketing is a shortcoming of SEGA. In March 2019, Poly Costing and Sega began to support the industrial belt project. The data shows that the sales volume of Sega in Tmall stores has increased four times before the cooperation.

Electric toothbrush starts the price war

Hangzhou Xihu District Jinxixi Business Center adjacent to Alibaba Park, here is located in the e-commerce service network. There is a brand map hanging on the wall of its floor, the change of brand map can best sense the Internet marketing tuyere one after another.

After this year, net camp new service an electric toothbrush brand Ollie White.

Ollie belongs to Roman, who became an online celebrity with luxury products a few years ago. Roman saw the sinking market business opportunities, romantic sound wave electric toothbrushes are difficult to reach, so Roman launched a new brand.

Li Tingting is in charge of the marketing of Ollie Bai electric toothbrush in the online camp. She told Entrepreneurship that in April this year, ou Libai took part in a cost-effective "short selling" event at a cost-effective price, selling more than 70,000 pieces in three days, losing more than 2 million yuan. But in Roman and online camp view, participating in this event is very valuable, quickly opened up the new brand awareness.

In the past two years, a large number of start-up companies, traditional home appliance companies, and established foreign trade companies have entered the electric toothbrushes, and the price war has begun. Fupai Sonic electric toothbrush participates in Tmall 618 big promotion only sells 68 yuan, and also sends 5 brush heads, which is equivalent to only 10 yuan per toothbrush, the price is the same as ordinary toothbrush.

In the past, many international brands of electric toothbrushes may be found in China, brand premiums, layers of dealers, high-end positioning and other reasons, making the price high. Mu Mengfei said that according to his understanding of the industry, the electric toothbrush and the electric toothbrush of about one thousand yuan in the market may cost less than 100 yuan.

Electric toothbrush production line female worker

Female Workers in Electric toothbrush production Line

In Li Tingting's view, consumers are becoming more rational nowadays. They are eager to improve their quality of life. Consumer spending is “downgrading”. Their philosophy is no longer expensive. International brands are better than domestic products. Moreover, from China and the United States. The trade war has started to slow down the foreign trade market, and many exporters of electric toothbrushes have turned to domestic sales, which further promoted the outbreak of domestic sales of electric toothbrushes.

The cost-effectiveness has undoubtedly become the home of the electric toothbrush outbreak, and the other position is on social media such as Weibo.

The toothmaker was founded in 2015, when electric toothbrushes sprouted on the Internet. In order to make a reputation, Chen Maohui paid a lot of tuition fees, at first the Mengya sea threw a lot of advertisements, Tianya, Zhihu, buses, dental clinics everywhere.

Until the end of 2018, Chen Maohui decided to find Weibo big V to bring goods, Mengyao only tasted the sweetness.

There is a strong stickiness and trust between Weibo V and fans. At the end of the advertisement, a coupon link with an identification code is placed, and it is also possible to accurately check which big V goods are genuine and which big V is decorated by the water army.

In the budding home, a group was set up on the organizational structure. Their job is to test the authenticity and content quality of the big V, and then feed back to the marketing department for data analysis and adjust the next advertising strategy.

Electric toothbrush advertising seems all over the place, but spending money for advertisers is much better than traditional TV advertising and other channels. Because big V persuasion is easy to let fans directly produce buying behavior, the conversion path is short, the money comes quickly.

All kinds of electric toothbrushes are full of social media and e-commerce platforms in their proper posture, and their prices vary widely, and consumers are indifferent. With the outbreak of the industry, it has become a top priority to develop industry standards and product performance indicators for electric toothbrushes. The China Household Electrical Appliances Association disclosed that it started the development of electric toothbrush standards in March this year, and the electric toothbrush standard is expected to be introduced during the year.

From ecommerce to new Internet brands, suppliers, Weibo V, and then to young people in small towns, there are a lot of stories behind the popularity of electric toothbrushes, but the pulse is slightly clear. E-commerce through electric toothbrushes harvest a wave of traffic, Volkswagen has electric toothbrushes available, the new Internet brand to emerge. Everyone has their own place, can be said to be happy to run.

However, after the electric toothbrush, what will be the next item that can be used to sink and collect the flow, who knows!

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Electric toothbrush harvest town youth

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