Please, it is the game of power, not the game of rights!

Come on, it's the Game of Thrones, not the Game of Rights!

The Game of Thrones, which starts in 2011, is coming to an end. I found that many people had seen the penultimate episode, but the name of the play had not yet been figured out.

A lot of people write it as a game of rights, and so do a lot of self-media. If you search it casually, it's a lot.

For example, a "head large" 100,000+ article:

Of course, this "head size" has never been won by the quality of the article. It is not surprising to write the wrong title.

However, this website known for its culture is also wrong:

There is also this familiar with a variety of easy-to-use technology products and efficiency tools, it does not seem familiar with the correct use of words.

Baidu Index shows: In the last 30 days, people searched for "the game of rights" more than the search for "power games"! ? I can't bear it.

The Google search index is better, but there are still a lot of people searching for Game of Rights.

I know that the pronunciation of "power" and "power" is exactly the same. It is easy to choose the wrong choice by hand slip, probably just inadvertently.

However, the meaning of "power" and "right" is fundamentally different.

The difference between words is thousands of miles away. Even unintentional loss is unbearable.

What's more, some people may not know exactly what the difference is and how to use the two words.

To put it simply, the focus of "power" is on "power"-the power of force, the power of "I ask you to XXXX".

Rights, on the other hand, should be enjoyed by people themselves. The word "benefit" here is easy to mislead-in fact, rights are not extra "interests", but deserve and deserve.

Here, it is easier to change our understanding in English. The English of the right is right, the word can also be understood as legitimate and due. The English power is power.

There are many amendments to the US Constitution, of which Articles 1 through 10 are all about the basic rights of citizens, such as the right to freedom of speech under Article 1, the right to hold guns under Article 2, and so on. Therefore, these 10 amendments are also known as the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Rights.

Looking back at the Game of Power, it means Game of Thrones.Throne, Wang Quan, so it is naturally power, not power.

Throughout the theme of "Game of Thrones", several families competed for each other and wanted to sit on the most uncomfortable chair in history.

Whoever sat in the chair had the power to dominate the entire Westeros.

The most uncomfortable chair in history

Therefore, this game is described as a "game of rights", as if it is legitimate for several big families to call and call, that is really sorry for those ordinary people who lost their lives in vain!

In the final analysis, distinguishing between "power" and "rights" is not only a language course, but also a civic class.

I'm not being an old pedant who chews words.

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Please power games rights games.

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