Google sued by many users: alleged illegal tracking of users' location

For Google, they are also in constant trouble recently. they were exposed by foreign media about the location of secretly mobile phone users. this happens even if you turn off the collection of your location information, you still cannot stop Google's collection work.

Such behavior has seriously affected iPhone and Android users. No, the federal court in San Francisco has received complaints from many users because Google quietly collects user privacy and does it without the knowledge of everyone, and there is no way to stop it.

For external solutions, Google has previously stated that adjustments have been made to ensure that users are not tracked to the appropriate location after they have turned off location information.

Turning off the "location history" feature "will not affect other location services," according to Google's website help page, adding that some location data may be stored through other services such as search and maps.

Google charged: illegally tracking iPhone and Android user locations

Google suffer public multi-user suing alleged illegal tracking user location

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