Samsung folding screen phone is really coming, the official has released relevant documents

News of 11 February this morning, In its official WeChat public account, "Samsung developer," Samsung has released two articles on its foldable screen phone, "Design guidelines for Samsung's initial experience of folding screen to developers" and "Samsung foldable screen Simulation Test method." To guide developers to experience a better App. for folding screen phones

In two development documents, Samsung said that to provide a great user experience on a collapsible device, first ensure that the application is ready to seamlessly switch between the two screens and be active in multi-window mode.

In the design guide, Samsung said the app should be continual, ensuring that when the collapsible device unfolds, the current application page must seamlessly continue to another screen and automatically resize to match the new layout, and vice versa. That is, the application needs to be ready to switch between multiple screens (different resolutions, densities, etc.).

Notably, in its published article, Samsung made it clear that "Samsung's foldable mobile devices are coming to users in a few months' time." Earlier, Samsung also hinted in some publicity charts on January 13 that its foldable phones would be released together with the S10 series at the launch of the new Galaxy product in the early hours of Beijing time on the 21st. And in Samsung Unpacked launch trailer also found traces of the device.

Samsung fold screen phone real official release related document

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