Guangdong Yunfu men set up a website to sell VR obscene video for a three-year sentence

[TechWeb] March 30th news, according to the news of the "anti-vice and pornography" micro-signal release, in October 2018, the Yunfu City Intermediate People's Court of Guangdong Province made a final ruling, and sentenced the defendant Feng Moumou to the crime of selling obscene articles for profit. He was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 5,000 yuan. At the same time, it will recover all its illegal gains and confiscate the computer and mobile phone tools that were seized in accordance with the law.

After checking, Feng started to set up operations in September 2015, "worth seeing" the website. The site was originally used to publish movies and TV shows, but Feng didn't think it would make much money. In order to make more profits, Feng has set up a "VR resource" column on his website "worth seeing" since July 2017, publishing a large number of download links to obscene video disks. And set the permissions of these download links to only registered members can click download.


Subsequently, Feng Moumou registered the member account and login password in batches, and opened a “worth-worthy” store on an online shopping platform, and sold the virtual member such as the registered member account and login password of the “Worth Watching” website to others for a price of 10 yuan. The purchaser logs in to the "Worth Watching" website as a member to download obscene videos.

In August 2017, Feng, who tasted "sweet head", began to post relevant tips and personal WeChat QR codes on the "worth seeing" website, enticing netizens to add their own WeChat account by scanning QR codes in order to download obscene videos. When the buyer passes the WeChat Pay 19 yuan fee, Feng sends the obscene video resource package link to the buyer, for the buyer to download the obscene video.

By the time of the crime, Feng had earned a total of 8158.9 yuan in illegal income through the above-mentioned means, and the police had seized 108 obscene videos in the links he published.

Guangdong Yunfu Men set up website trafficking VR obscenity Video profit-making sentenced to three years

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