Gaode map public beta voice assistant "Hello little 徳" Covers driving navigation and other scenes

[TechWeb] April 10 news, Gao De map recently joined the Ali machine intelligent voice laboratory, the public beta on the "Hello Xiaode" voice assistant function. Download the latest version of Gaode Map v9.02, users can use the voice command to navigate the map.

It is understood that "Hello Xiao de" intelligent voice technology, by Amap and Ali Machine Intelligent Voice Laboratory jointly built. Machine Intelligent Technology Laboratory's voice AI technology core, has widely served in Alibaba Tmall elves and "Ali Xiaomi" and other products.

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The latest voice assistant "Hello Druid" of Gaode Map is safe and efficient, which can reduce the frequency of hands operation during the navigation of the map. For example, if the user opens the latest version of the Gaode Maps app and says "Hello Xiaode", the voice assistant can be woken up. Directly say where you want to go, such as "navigation home", without finger input, "Xiaode" will respond quickly, feedback the results of the query for the user, and arrange the travel route.

Amap related products director said that in the home and in the car is a voice assistant two very typical use scenarios. At home, people are more likely to listen to music, listen to stories, be more casual, and even chat with him. But in the car or on the road, users need more rapid response, accurate speech recognition and professional travel advice. Amap's voice assistant is such a positioning.

It is reported that the current Gaode map voice assistant has covered most user usage scenarios such as location search, route query, driving navigation, and life information service, and also supports multiple rounds of voice interaction with users.

Gaud map public test voice assistant small de cover drive navigation scene

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