Market value is 400 billion, surpassing Jingdong Xiaomi! After eight years of fighting and running, the United States finally went public

Meituan Dianping officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today, at a price of HK $69. Meituan's latest market value is about 402 billion Hong Kong dollars (350.9 billion yuan), which has surpassed US $38.9 billion (266.3 billion yuan) in the US and Xiaomi's 377 billion Hong Kong dollars. The price has reached 42 billion Hong Kong dollars (about US $5.4 billion), from the original 500 on the Forbes rich list, Rose to 350.

Wang Xing, chairman and CEO of the US Mission, once said: "In China, every four people have spent money on the US group. The US group comment has become the largest e-commerce platform for service industry in China." Many people will say this statement. Suspicion, especially if you have not taken a takeaway at the US group, but use someone who is hungry and other ordering platforms. However, do you really think that the US group is just a simple ordering platform? !

"From the Huaqing Jiayuan in Beijing to the 2000 km road of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the US Mission has gone 8 years and 6 months."

Eight years ago, Meituan started with a group purchase website. After that, they went all the way from group purchase to takeout, movie tickets, wine tours, travel and new retail. Now they have rapidly grown into a local life service giant, calling it " TMD" with the other two companies' headlines and Didi Chuxing, meaning the new giant of China's Internet after BAT.

But unlike the other two, the US group has a complicated business line involving more than a dozen fields, and each field has to face a tough opponent. The US group has to succumb to the "burning money war" again and again. In the mud. Fortunately, behind every expansion of the business line, the US capital's capital story is expanded one step further, and its valuation is enhanced in the constant attack.

" One US regiment and numerous strong opponents"

In 2010, Meituan launched its first group purchase Van Cleef Wine Tasting Package online, attracting 79 people to buy it, with sales close to 4000 yuan. At that time, Meituan was positioned as a new group buying website, the biggest feature of which was that it only sold one commodity a day and only sold seven orders a week, involving all aspects of beer, skittles and so on. However, with the rise of the US group, the domestic group buying war also broke out. At its peak, there were nearly 5,000 group buying websites in the market. The US group had to face competition from wave to wave, with the more famous ones such as shake handshandle, glutinous rice, public comments and word of mouth.

In 2012, Wang Xing made a T-type strategy for the future planning of the US Mission. Horizontal is a group purchase, and vertical is a vertical industry such as movies and hotels. In 2013, the US Mission officially turned to the O2O field. In addition to the main product beauty group, it also launched two independent clients, the Cat Eye Film and the Meituan Hotel. At that time, the independence of the Cat Eye movie was the first step of the T-type strategy of the US Mission. However, the US group needs to face its rivals in both the movie and the hotel industry. The competition of the Meituan Hotel business has always existed. The main competitors are where to go, Ctrip, and eLong. In the film industry, the opponents that the US team has to face are the handles, glutinous rice, public comments, and the tickets, Guevara, etc.

In November 2013, the takeaway business officially launched, but the incubation of the takeaway business can be traced back to the end of 2012, when the takeaway was tested in the main station of the Beijing Metro, and the market has been hungry for three years, just completed the C round of financing. Business lines. In 2017, the annual turnover of the company's food and beverage takeout reached 171 billion yuan, accounting for 47.9% of the company's annual turnover, but its revenue accounted for 62% of the total revenue. Single, 18 million single. Now, the main competitor facing the US group is hungry.

From 2013 to 2015, Meituan was crazy for three years. During this period, Meituan dabbled in movies, takeout, catering, hotels, scenic spots, tickets, parents and children, weddings, physical e-commerce, and more than 10 kinds of O2O fires, and even connected to manicure and cleaning. Repair locks, car cleaning and other home services, expansion is not crazy. 2015 is the year of the Internet industry merger, and it is also a turning point for Meituan. In October 2015, Meituan Dianping officially announced the merger, becoming the largest restaurant service platform.

In 2017, in addition to its original core business, the US Mission has added new businesses such as taxis and new retails, and has been in a state of enemies. In February, the US Mission officially tested the water taxi business in Nanjing; in April, the US group tour group launched the Hazelnut B&B, and released a new travel brand of the US group tour; May Meitun cloud line three major categories of AI products; July catering platform The hatched retail business was formed, and the first physical store in Beijing Wangjing opened its own fresh fish; in November, the US group commented on the Dragon Ball Fund to invest in the community fresh brand Kangpinhui... During the period, there was a closed squirrel convenience combination charging treasure project. . Accompanied by this, the external front line of the US Mission has been getting longer and longer, and with Didi, Ctrip, Ali, Hungry, and even Jingdong, competing in the fields of taxi, wine, take-away, and new retail.

" In terms of brand protection, US Regiment is building a strong moat."

Meituan's Domain name

In the field of domain name selection, Meituan's official website uses a dual-spelled domain name,, which conforms to the characteristics of the Chinese market, directly corresponds to the pinyin of "Meituan", is intuitionistic and easy to input, and is extremely close to its own brand image, which is conducive to user identification. For their own brand promotion is very beneficial. And for the other business launched by Meituan, Meituan also has a direct corresponding dual domain name, for example, the hazelnut hostels are using the dual domain name

On the protection of brand domain names, the United States Mission has not done everything, but it is also not bad. Inquiring WHOIS information, we found that Meituan protected domain names directly related to the brand, such as, " Comments",, Comments. China / COM / CN, etc. In addition, Meituan also protected the domain names of the previously acquired Qiankangbao, such as and

US Mission's trademark

According to the data found on the official website of the State Trademark Office, currently 646 trademarks have been retrieved from Meituan, 552 of which are under the name of Beijing Sankuan Technology Co., Ltd. There are many trademarks closely related to Meituan comments, Meituan unmanned distribution, Meituan takeout, Meituan figurines, Meituan wallets, Meituan running errands, Meituan travel, Meituan taxi and other brands.

However, people are afraid that famous pigs are afraid of being strong, no matter how strict they are, they will come to touch the porcelain, and it will still be embarrassing. When inquiring about the "Mei Tuan" trademark, we found that many people also registered the US group trademark, and there are also the same trademarks as the direct business of the US Mission. Although the trademark categories are different, the purpose is to have a high probability of touching porcelain and heat. However, the current "Mei Tuan taxi" trademark is still under review, and it is still unknown whether it can be successfully passed. Even if it passes smoothly, I believe that the legal department of the US Mission is waiting during the trademark opposition period.

We are always saying that the success of a company is inseparable from the importance and protection of the company's own brand, and the fact is always verifying this point of view. Looking back at the US group, it can become a new member of the Chinese Internet after BAT as a member of the "TMD". It can be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today. It can be said that there is one in every four people in China. Individuals spend money on the US group, these are inseparable from the construction of the US group brand and the importance attached to this.

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Market value 400 billion surpass Jingdong Xiaomi 8 years struggle rush beauty group finally go public

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