The mystery behind the "priceless bill" is that eight people eat 400000 a meal and the restaurant is silent

The mystery behind the "priceless bill" is that eight people eat 400000 a meal and the restaurant is silent

This article was transferred from WeChat public number: China Times reporter: Chen Yanpeng Li Beibei ( trainee ) reported from Shanghai, with the head picture from vision china.

Eat 400,000 yuan for a meal! A "high-priced bill" in Shanghai has recently sparked heated discussions.

According to the net bill, on the evening of September 18, 8 people ate at No. 5 restaurant in the western suburb of Changning District, Shanghai. The total consumption amount was as high as 418,245 yuan, and the average per capita was over 50,000 yuan, which was staggering.

In the face of this "high price bill", the 5th in the western suburbs had been denied, but after the law enforcement department intervened, the person in charge of the restaurant admitted the existence of the bill, saying that the dinner was "the Prince of Dubai invited people to eat dinner", emphasizing the legality of the restaurant. Regulations.

Two days after the event ferment, the identity of the participants in the extravagant dinner remains a mystery. Despite rumors that the participants "have no stars and no leadership," Xijiao No. 5 is still seen by the public as likely to be involved in the issue of integrity and integrity, suggesting that the matter should be thoroughly investigated by the relevant authorities.

Luo Shengmen, a " sky - high bill"

On the evening of September 18th, the “Xijiao No.5” restaurant next to the Xijiao Hotel in Shanghai received 8 guests and served 20 exquisite dishes on the third floor. Originally, this banquet was as common as other dinners, but one of the eight guests had set off a bill because of the sun, and picked up a storm that no one expected.

Weibo, a customer named "Snakeac Kane," wrote on Weibo at 10:00 that evening: "I am eating dinner for the first time at 50,000 per capita (not flaunting wealth)." With abalone, conch, crab and other dishes and a bill of more than 400000 yuan, located in the "Shanghai West suburb 5."

On September 19, the " sky - high bill" published by @ snake _ Kane began to spread wildly on the Internet. This " sky - high bill" shows that eight people ordered 20 courses of food, cola and cigarettes, plus a service fee of 379,000 yuan, for a total consumption of 418245 yuan ( there is a handwritten " paid - in" 400,000 yuan in the lower right corner of the bill ). Of the 20 dishes, the vast majority are crab, flower glue, abalone and other seafood. Among them, the highest unit price is 16800 yuan per case of crocodile tail stew; The wild large yellow croaker weighing 7.4kg with a total price of 116920 yuan is the most expensive dish. In addition, the unit price of the eight " Sake Frozen Haliotics" also exceeded 10,000 yuan, with a total price of 102,400 yuan.

When things got worse, "SnakeKane," immediately emptied most of the content and deleted Weibo, but it was too late: it had been captured by an interested netizen. And he was also picked out of China's rich ranked 37 th son of Jiang Xin, Jiang Quanlong.

The restaurant was also pushed to the forefront. According to public information, Xijiao No. 5, which once refused to take photos of the guests and was quite mysterious, was established in 2007. The managing director and chef is Sun Zhaoguo. This person has been awarded the title of "Chinese Master of Cooking" and won awards in several cooking competitions. In the public comment network, the per capita consumption of “Xijiao No. 5” is about 880 yuan. On the menu photo taken by netizens, the most expensive dish “Super One Bao” is priced at 3,800 yuan/only.

On September 19, the restaurant's manager Sun Xing denied to some media the existence of " sky - high bills" and said it might be " PS's". Bill dishes are not supplied by hotels, and the daily consumption of hotels is far from the " sky - high" level. However, after being investigated by Changning District Market Supervision Bureau that afternoon, Sun Zhaoguo acknowledged the bill to the public through the media, saying that the dinner was actually " Prince Dubai invites people to eat", the food belongs to personal tailor, the food is transported from all over the country, and the dinner that day was prepared by him personally.

As for the price of the dinner party, sun zhaoguo said, " it's nothing in Dubai.". It said that the 5th of the western suburbs was a legal operation, the ingredients used were not protected by wild animals and were in line with state regulations, while stressing that those who participated in the meal " had no stars or leaders" and that those who paid for the meal were not Jiang Xin. In response to netizens' query about " how Dubai people eat shochu and soy sauce meat", Sun Zhaoguo said that other people attended the dinner, " Dubai people don't eat pork and other people can eat it," but refused to disclose the list of people attending the dinner that day.

At the same time, well-known food critics Dong Keping, Ni Hao and other insiders also issued a letter in solidarity with Sun Zhaoguo. Dong Keping said, "Sun Zhaoguo. Completed his cooking career an important node, earn money, famous. It is a patriotic act of one's own skill, praiseworthy and worth learning. And Ni Hao is even more embattled: "just because the prince of Dubai made a meal, is it necessary to be drowned by our own people with spittle?" But these explanations do not seem to have done much to calm the controversy. At present, Dong Keping's Weibo has closed the comments.

Restaurant: I don't know, I haven't heard, no comment

In order to get more information, at 10: 00 a.m. on September 20, the reporter of the Huaxia times rushed to the 5th in the western suburbs. However, almost all the restaurant staff, including Sun Zhaoguo, responded to any questions raised by reporters with " don't know", " didn't hear" and " no comment".

After a staff member learned that the reporter had come to the office, he said that the restaurant would not open until 11 noon. He had not heard of the "high price bill" and told reporters that several responsible persons in the restaurant were not present today and would not come to work. Then I entered the restaurant and closed the door.

An hour later, the reporter once again came to the 5th in the western suburbs. Several cars had been parked at the entrance, and a white car with the body code "Environmental Enforcement" was caught in it. The reporter asked a law enforcement officer standing at the entrance of the restaurant and two restaurant staff members to inquire about the "high price bill." A staff member of Xu’s surname said that he did not know anything. “There have been several people who have been listening to these days, and the boss is not here today. There is nothing to say about this.” Another staff member remained silent, and the law enforcement officer repeatedly stressed that the unit had regulations that could not be interviewed.

Then the reporter walked into the restaurant and asked to meet with the person in charge of the restaurant. The staff member who had received the reporter before welcomed him out and stressed again that " the person in charge is not here today" and " there are people in the government talking about things" and told the reporter not to enter the restaurant and locked the door for a while. But it was lunch time, and several diners were arriving one after another. Soon the restaurant could only open again.

While the reporter was waiting outside, two law enforcement officers in blue uniforms and a middle-aged woman with thick materials walked out of the restaurant one after another. In the face of the reporter's inquiry, two law enforcement officials said today's law enforcement " has nothing to do with the bill, we are here to check the sanitary environment". The woman said she did not work on the 5th in the western suburbs: " I am from the next unit. " But she turned around and shouted at Xu Xing's staff" What are you doing? Open my umbrella quickly. " It seems that her identity is not what she said.

Just then, Sun Zhaoguo, who was repeatedly stressed by several waiters as " not in today", also suddenly appeared at the gate of the restaurant. When Sun Zhaoguo heard the reporter's question, he was one leng, left a " I don't know" and quickly hid in the restaurant. He didn't show up for several hours. The reporter then dialed Sun Zhaoguo's mobile phone, but after learning the reporter's identity, he politely said " Sorry I'm busy" twice and hung up the phone.

In addition, the reporter offered to shoot the menu several times but was rejected repeatedly, and staff members who did not want to be named said, " they can go to the internet to see the menu.". In the face of the reporter's question " why can't we shoot now that the menu is already open", the staff member always smiles: " so there are public pictures on the internet, so you go to the internet and watch it. "

The mystery behind " sky - high price"

It is worth noting that many netizens believe that in this incident, the "sky-price" itself should not be the most important focus.

Liu Shigong, a teacher of the Department of Philosophy of East China Normal University, told the reporter of Huaxia Times that from a cultural and social point of view, "this matter is concerned, mainly to stimulate the curiosity of the public. The first is curiosity about diet, everyone wants Know what the price of food is, what ingredients, what taste, and what value is so much money; followed by curiosity about the level of lifestyle consumption of the upper class, want to snoop and want to see."

And a legal person also stressed to the reporter of the Huaxia Times: " It is normal business for one to buy and sell. The price of the sky-high dish must have been told in advance, otherwise no one would willingly pay for it. The price of the day is a temporary and private contract. Secondly, although there are relevant regulations requiring that the minimum consumption standard cannot be set, I personally do not agree with them. The minimum consumption standard is precisely the embodiment of the market economy and is precisely for the consideration of consumers. Otherwise, this part of the cost may well be calculated to other parts, and the ultimate disadvantage will be consumers, not illegal. "

However, "the people who eat melons" still want to know: In addition to the "rich second generation" Jiang Xin, who else has enjoyed such a extravagant dinner? Who bought the order? Does the 8 people include national public officials and party and government cadres? If these people are involved, it is not a simple matter of extravagance and waste on the moral level, but a matter of public integrity and integrity. Therefore, the "China Times" reporter saw on a number of social platforms, many netizens suggested that this matter should be intervened by relevant authorities to conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation.

Our reporter also sent a private letter to Weibo on the subject, but as of this date, he had not received a reply. According to previous media reports, someone familiar with the matter revealed that Jiang Xin did have dinner with his friends at the restaurant that night and brought 480000 yuan of wine with him, but it was not Jiang Xin who paid the bill. According to the information provided by the person familiar with the matter, the customer named "Dahai" used China Merchants Bank's credit card at 23:05 on September 18 to spend 400000 yuan, compared with the consumption time and amount of the "sky-high price bill" spread online today. Restaurant information and the payer's signature are consistent. Apart from that, everything else is now a mystery.

It is worth mentioning that Jiang Xin’s broke the news of his father’s gambling anecdote: According to the comprehensive news of the deep blue financial, Jiang Xin’s father, Jiang Quanlong, owed a lot of gambling debts. In August 2017, Jiang Quanlong, the chairman of China Rare Earth Holdings Co., Ltd., a company named “China Rare Earth King”, was asked by the Singapore Marina Bay Entertainment City to collect debts of HK$100 million owed by the court.

According to a complaint filed by Singapore's marina bay Entertainment City, Jiang Quanlong owed a total of 22.44 million Singapore dollars ( about 128 million Hong Kong dollars ) in gambling debts at Singapore's Jinsha Entertainment City between August and October 2014, but only part of the debt was repaid afterwards, leaving 108 million Hong Kong dollars outstanding. Two months after the collection of debts by Singapore Sands Entertainment City, a notice was released that Jiang Quanlong was withdrawn and hundreds of millions of " gambling debts" disappeared.

This article was transferred from WeChat public number: China Times reporter: Chen Yanpeng Li Beibei ( trainee ) reported from Shanghai.

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The price the bill the back the mystery 8 people a meal eat 400000 restaurant silence

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