Mining machine orAI chip? Bitcoin heavy gold scheduled TSMC 7nm capacity

[TechWeb] According to industry insiders @手机片达人 On Weibo, the news has been paid, Bitcoin has already paid for the 7th capacity of TSMC in the third quarter and fourth quarter, totaling 30,000.

TSMC's 7-nm technology, a 12-inch wafer, is expensive, and it is rumoured that each piece is close to $10,000, and $30,000 means an order of almost $300 million, and it has been said earlier that the company's loss of the miner's chip in 2018, the order for the miner's chip is to give the goods first, Now, the 7-nm capacity of the big hand pen of the bit continent means that they are going to put in real gold and silver to get the order of the product.

Pitt mainland is definitely a big customer list, and in 2017, it once overtook Huawei's Hayes Kirin 970 for orders from the mainland. In April this year, Peter mainland released a new ant mining machine, Antminer S17 Pro, which carries the second generation chip BM1397, of bit mainland, which uses TSMC 7nm FinFET technology.

In recent years, Peter mainland has begun to turn to AI chips, including AI chips, boards, servers, as well as a variety of hardware and software products and customer development platforms, the main layout of which is security, parks, smart cities, the Internet.

Bitcoin announced this year that it will focus on digital currency and artificial intelligence chips and products and services based on this, and said the company has sufficient cash and the supply chain is functioning properly.

Mining machine orAI chip bit mainland heavy gold scheduled TSMC 7nm capacity

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