Takeaway price increase! The platform raises the cost to the restaurant and the online and offline price system


According to the Beijing Youth Daily report, before and after the Spring Festival, many news, takeout food delivery platform quietly increased the service charge for takeout businesses, each order up to or even 3% increase. This portion of takeout production in some areas reached 18% to 26%. And this represents each restaurant sells 100 yuan, the platform wants to take 18 yuan to 26 yuan.

According to reports, for the increase in the cost of the take-out platform, many restaurants in Beijing have raised the price of the dishes on the take-out platform, and implemented two sets of online and offline price systems. According to the report, through the visits to more than 50 restaurants in Chaoyang and Tongzhou, about 30% of the restaurants appeared to have a price on the takeaway platform that did not match the in-store price.

In addition to the price online and offline does not match, the report pointed out that some restaurants for takeout products, and the store did not have similar products; There are also some restaurants take-out food charging method is different with the store, such as the store is in accordance with the weight, by jin, two charges, and takeout is a, charge; but more visited restaurants are the same dishes, the price of takeout platform is higher.

On the other hand, it is reported that, after the price of the food is up-regulated, the price of the restaurant is not reduced, such as 60 minus 24,35 minus 21, etc. and through these offers, the consumer can also take the take-out through a more favourable price on the take-out platform.

Through the above preferential figures, it is found that the threshold of the offer is not low, which prompts consumers to order the takeaway by means of “single order”. Some merchants said that this can attract more customers, and the incentives affect the display position on the take-out platform.

In addition, Beijing Youth Daily said there is a voice in the industry that 2019 will be the first year of takeout oligarchs. Meituan takeout and ele.me have more than 90% of the market share, as Didi takeout targets overseas and Baidu takeout complete renaming and other cases, the take-out industry concentration in 2019 can only be higher and higher.

Take-out price increase platform up-raise pick-up cost to restaurant online offline two sets price system

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