Is the price of NAND flash memory going up? Samsung, SK Hercules will reduce NAND Flash production

[TechWeb] recently, under the influence of Japanese material export restrictions, South Korean semiconductor-related companies have some volatility, among which Samsung Electronics and SK Hercules are the companies most severely affected by Japanese export restrictions.

According to Reuters, South Korean storage chip makers Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix shares rose on Wednesday. Analysts said investors were betting that Japan’s export restrictions on key materials in South Korea would cause them to cut production.

Samsung Electronics plans to raise the price of its NAND flash memory by 10 percent amid growing concerns from the Japanese government about production disruptions due to export restrictions on semiconductor materials, BusinessKorea said recently. Other companies, such as Meiguang Technology, are likely to follow suit.

The price of NAND flash memory in June this year was $3.93, the lowest price since September 2016, when the price was $3.75. The price of NAND flash memory a year ago was as high as $5.50. Last month, NAND flash contract prices did not change much, while DRAM contract prices fell 11.73%.

NAND flash memory price increase Samsung SK Hercules reduction NAND flash memory production

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