Re-understanding WeChat's "Video Dynamics": a Channel for dredging Social pressure in WeChat moments

Photo Source @ Visual China

Photo Source @ Visual China

Text | Liu fat fat

The first time I heard Zhang Xiaolong said that video dynamics was the opposite of the circle of friends, I stunned. My first reaction was that it shouldn't be a diary: record but not share, express but not interactive, no social pressure.

But so 100% true, at least facing the truth of your heart.

The opposite of moments is that they are not. If you want to know what the moments are not, you must first know what the moments are.

1. The record of the circle of friends is for sharing;

(2) sharing is designed to strengthen human beings;

3. Strengthening people to get more social feedback;

4. Social feedback reinforces your next recording and sharing.

5. 99% of the content of the circle of friends is in this loop.

People are all physical and spiritual things that you think are right, what you think is good, what you think is beautiful, what you think is valuable.

Zhang Xiaolong mentioned in his four-hour speech: "Every content you send, in fact, you want others to think that you are such a person. Behind you are the people you set for yourself. You want to promote your own people. I hope that you are like this in the eyes of others. So every circle of friends you send is carefully selected and designed, and it must be beneficial to your own people."

When you see a person working overtime, is it impossible for him to work overtime for 7 hours or 24 hours? but you probably think this is a person who loves to work overtime, because you can't see him getting away from work, and he won't even be able to get out of work normally. Because it won't get much social feedback.

It's impossible to see a person posting a selfie like this in her real life, but if you haven't met offline, you're likely to think of the level of the photo as her real appearance.

There may still be girls taking selfies without filters and makeup, but shooting angles and skin states are definitely the best for themselves, and deliberate ugliness is a privilege for a small number of girls who have been praised since they were young.

In the social circle of the circle of friends, these people are constantly strengthened through feedback, and some people are set to spread more widely, and some people are limited to three or five friends.

Human settings also require fine-tuning or radical change, because you want to get social feedback from friends, which is in your nature to cater to the general public.

So why use WeChat for a longer time or add more friends to have fewer friends (except for work), because in the end you find that you can't please everyone.

But moments are still the most efficient social tool, with WeChat reporting 750 million daily active users, opening them more than 10 times a day on average, and spending 30 minutes per person.

This involves the question of the demands of self-expression and sharing suppressed by the heavy pressure of WeChat. Where do they go?

The world’s bitter WeChat for a long time can be a fire, probably because of the venting of people’s inner grievances.

So the opposite of the circle of friends I understand now is this:

1. Record the real you or your status;

2, there is expression but not to strengthen the person (but does not mean no one);

3. Share but don't expect social feedback (there is better, too much pressure);

4. Self-satisfying after recording, sharing and expressing.

What is this actually? In fact, it is a phenomenon that I often mention with my friends: after almost a few years of dropping Weibo and the school's UGC ecology from WeChat's WeChat moments, there appeared a batch of Weibo fragmentation users who had been unnoticed by themselves, and it was generally characterized by high frequency. Each time a few words or even a few words, does not match the picture, happens to have a friend to see also does not matter, a few days later will delete, the girl side is partial.

You can see if there is such an example around you. Of course, the premise of this phenomenon is that this user may have been a high-frequency user in the heyday of Weibo, so when her pressure is nowhere to vent, she remembers coming here, while other users Distributed to other products, even in diaries or mobile phone notebooks.

So as I write here, I also understand that WeChat's video dynamics are not really made for competition, and video dynamics really do not have the chance to replicate the success of the moments of that year, because from the user's point of view, the video dynamic does not have the chance to replicate the success of that year's WeChat circle of friends. It could be the ratio of the sun to the moon.

I still need to strengthen my personal settings. I have to brush my sense of existence for a long time, but from time to time I have to have a social channel to vent your pressure. At least a place where social pressure is not so great allows me to express freely.

Video dynamics has nothing to do with what we usually call short videos, it has nothing to do with information flow, it has nothing to do with burning after reading, and it has nothing to do with UGC/PGC/MCN and so on.

Nowadays, the video dynamics, I understand that it is probably a social pipeline that WeChat has opened to carry the part of the users who are limited by the social pressure of WeChat friends to limit their self-expression. Now the status of this pipeline is like this:

1, record some 15-second moments in which you interact with the real world (vertical screen but no filters);

2, express yourself with the least cost (auto-match the song, "that's it" button);

(3) sharing with the least pressure (visible 24 hours);

4. You should be self-satisfied here;

5, can not interact with social feedback (bubbling is not a praise and can not be canceled, comments can not be replied and only the publisher himself can be seen);

The third article could have added "the entrance is very deep". The original video dynamic entrance is deep and scattered, so the release pressure is small, but now many people's friends circle is already a centralized video dynamic entrance, although it is said to be still in the test. .

Therefore, I always feel that the opposite side of this circle of friends is not complete. After the entrance of a circle of friends, it will definitely cause a lot of pressure on some users.

My own actual observation is that during the Spring Festival, the number of dynamic videos per day is about 50, 100, and it is still quite tired to browse all over again, but I will not watch each one, but I feel very good. Because through everybody's video, I saw what happened to Spring Festival in another place.

But after returning to routine at the end of the Spring Festival, the number of dynamic video releases has plummeted, probably because everyone feels there is nothing new to shoot, about 10 a day on weekdays and 20 to 30 on weekends.

But the problem is that I have 5,000 friends who have this level of video dynamics. I estimate that there are too many video updates in the list of WeChat users.

Do a survey, how many new video updates do you see every day? (This article is the first titanium media)

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Understanding WeChat video dynamic one dredge circle of friends social stress channel

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