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Yesterday, the 38th Golden Awards ceremony ended, and a number of awards were well received.

Huang Qiusheng won the best actor with "The Fallen Man". The best actress is "Sanfu" Zeng Meihui. Although the double men of "The Warriors" have missed the trophy of the movie, the "Bare Pair" which won the best film is undoubtedly the biggest winner and won seven awards.

Hong Kong movies, an eternal topic.


Whether it's market, romance, Chongqing forest, pointless, narrow street, dazzling neon sign, it's a classic of eternality, no matter if it's market, romance, Chongqing forest, Wonderhead is like kung fu, the narrow street of oil-pointed prosperous, dazzling neon sign, is the eternal classic.


Wang Zuxian, Lin Qingxia, Zhang Manyu, Zhu Yin, Qiu Shuzhen, Zhang Baizhi... Can one name remind you of the scenery of Hong Kong movies?



Right。 From the beginning, the award was narrow.


The union voting system determines which people are the main players. In the system, the second round of decisive voting was cast by each union, and each union weighted the corresponding awards by 5%. That is to say, if the director association voted for the best director award, then the weight is 25%, the other unions are 20%, and the result is inevitably affected by qualifications. Therefore, we always see those people: Liu Qingyun, Liang Jiahui, Hui Yinghong, Xu Anhua, Xu Ke...

The award must meet two of the following criteria:

1. The director must be a Hong Kong resident holding a Hong Kong permanent identity card; 2. The production company must have a legally registered company in Hong Kong; 3. At least 6 principals are Hong Kong residents who are Hong Kong permanent identity cards.

The Golden Award, which once rejected "Farewell My Concubine", has been more open in recent years. For example, the third requirement was that the number of requirements was eight.

For example, in 2012, the Academy Awards added the "Best Cross-Strait Chinese Film" Award; the Best Actress in 2016, the Mainland Actress Spring and Summer; and the 2018 Mandarin-themed Military Film "Red Sea Action" won the 38th Hong Kong Film 8 awards for the Academy Awards.

But no matter how open, the Academy Awards are always based on Hong Kong movies.

Sitting at the awards ceremony every year, the backbone of Hong Kong movies has been over half a year.

Last year's best actor, Gu Tianle, is 49 years old.

This year's best actor nomination is also very familiar: Wu Zhenyu, Huang Qiusheng, Chow Yun-fat, Aaron Kwok, and Jiang Yuwen.

This is especially true for awarding guests. The most eye-catching thing this year is that "Special Police New Man" starring Wu Yanzu, Feng Delun, Nicholas Tse and Li Wei together awarded the best visual effects and best sound effects.

Aaron Kwok, who was nominated again, was shortlisted for the film "Unparalleled" and competed with the filmmakers of the same drama, Zhou Runfa, Wu Zhenyu, Huang Qiusheng and Jiang Yuwen. Although he failed to get the best actor in the bag this year, he had successfully won the filming emperor with "Blood Seeking Plums" the year before.

Hong Kong actress Wu Ting-hsin, who has won two-time postviews, seems to have nothing to do with "newcomer," but this year she was nominated for Best New Actor for "Uncle counter-current." Although Hu Dingxin has been in business for 16 years, this is the first time that he has been on the big screen.


From the list, this is indeed a self-entertaining party for Hong Kong movies.

There are always people who think that the Golden Horse Awards are self-adorable, and that the Golden Horse Awards are open to more films. I do not know that the words "Hong Kong movies" are their last line of defense.

Tough election conditions have naturally eliminated a number of good films, in order to ensure that Hong Kong films are pure and independent, but also a long-standing Hong Kong people to defend Hong Kong films.


It is about to go through the 38th year, and the Golden Awards are trying to create some "surprise" this year.


The one billion two hundred and seventy three million box office was ranked 14th in the 2018 box office ranking, with cat's eye scoring 8.9 points and Douban scoring 8.1 points.


With the exception of the biggest winner, Uncle counter-current, Tris and the fallen, 11, 9 and 8 nominations respectively, it is likely that a dark horse will be born.

The award seems to be trying to tell us with a record-breaking 17 nominations that Hong Kong films are still rising and tomorrow will be better.



In 2018, the Hong Kong cinema line produced less than 80 films. Zhou Runfa, Guo Fucheng, Wu Zhenyu and other middle-aged and elderly stars are still in the front line, the post-90s Hong Kong actor fault is serious.

This year's Spring Festival, from Zhou Xingchi's the King of New Comedy to Jackie Chan's Pu Songling, the old box office guarantee that Hong Kong movie superstars were not as expected. [the King of New Comedy > Douban scored 5.7 points. < Pu Songling > only 3.8 points.


In the golden age that was once talked about, one of the biggest Chinese annual film events may only remain in memory.

The rise of the film, the filming of the Hong Kong filmmakers


In the heyday of the Hong Kong film in the 1980s and 1990s, Hong Kong films were sold well in Japan, South Korea and throughout Southeast Asia. The typical representative is Jackie Chan. His films in Taiwan and Japan have far more box office than Hong Kong.


And time has changed, the market is weak, actor fault, Hong Kong film people to the north has been the general trend.

Chen Haomin, Huang Zongze, and Charmaine are all actors who once left famous works in Hong Kong.

Not only did TVB's familiar faces enter the mainland, but the filmmakers behind the scenes also had more works in the Mainland. For example, Chen Kexin, from "Chinese partner" to "Dear", both word of mouth and box office results are good. For example, Stephen Chow, Xu Ke, and Lin Chaoxian opened a company in the Mainland and opened a studio to compete with the mainland capital market.

For more than a decade, the film market in Hong Kong has been decaying and the mainland film market has risen. As a result, co-productions between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits have become more and more popular, and Hong Kong films are becoming more and more integrated with mainland films.

The biggest hit of the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, "July and An Sheng" is a co-production film. The best director of the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards, Xu Anhua, was selected as the best director by the co-production film "Maylights of the Moon", the 38th Hong Kong There are eight of the film's nominations in the film "Red Sea Action".

There is a great deal of success in the vast world. Co-production with a larger audience will also bring more possibilities, more benefits.

The saying that "Hong Kong movies are dead" has been passed for several years. Whenever there is a crisis, this remark will not go away.

In fact, Hong Kong filmmakers have already made efforts.


The 38th Golden Awards Complete Winners

best film

< trio

Red Sea Action




Best director

Chen Guo, "Three Masters"

Lin Chaoxian "Red Sea Action"

Chen Wei, "Uncle Uncle"

Chen Xiaojuan, "The Fallen Man"

Zhuang Wenqiang "Unparalleled"

Best screenwrite

Chen Hui, San San, Ying Liang, "Freedom"

Chen Wei, "Uncle Uncle"

Chen Xiaojuan, "The Fallen Man"

Zhuang Wenqiang

Shu Qi, Li Min, Li Junshuo

Best Actress (电影奖项)


Cai Zhuoyan "non-fractious woman"


Zhang Jingchu

Crisel Consunji "The Fallen Man"


Wu Zhenyu

Huang Qiusheng, "The Fallen Man"

Chow Yun-fat "Unparalleled"

Aaron Kwok, "Unparalleled"


Best supporting actress

Huang Wei, "G Kill"


Yu Xiangning, "Uncle Uncle"

Zhou Jiayi "Unparalleled"


Best supporting actor

Huang Debin, "Uncle Uncle"

Pan Canliang, "Uncle Uncle"

Li Laichen, the fallen



Best new acto


Bai Tiannan, "L Storm"

Chen Zhanwen < Sanfu


Crisel Consunji "The Fallen Man"

best cinematography

Tan Jiahao < G Kill

Cai Chonghui, the four heavenly kings of Di Renjie

Feng Yuanwen, Huang Yongheng, "Red Sea Action"

Pan Yaoming, "Catch the Demon 2"

Guan Zhiyao "Unparalleled"

Optimal splicing

Xu Wenjie "G Kill"

Xu Ke, Li Lin, "The Four Kings of Di Renjie"

Cai Zhixiong, Lin Zhiheng, "Red Sea Action"

Tan Guoming, Xue Lian, "Reverse Abduction"

Peng Chung-hee


Cao Hecheng, "Journey to the West, daughter country"

Akasaka Jiaren, Li Jingwen, "The Four Kings of Di Renjie"

Li Jianwei, Guillaume Aretos, Farming Yang Ping, "Catch the Demon 2"



Best clothing design

Yu Jia-an, Li Bijun, daughter country of Journey to the West

Yu Jia-an, Li Bijun, Di Renjie's four Heavenly Kings


"Double" in the literary thoughts


Best motion design

Lin Feng, the four heavenly kings of Di Renjie

Lin Chaoxian, "Red Sea Action"

Li Zhongzhi "Unparalleled"

Qian Jiale, Wu Yonglun, Deng Ruihua, "Golden Brothers"

Yuan Xinyi, "Ye Wen Wai Chuan: Zhang Tianzhi"

Best original Movie Music


RubberBand "Uncle Flow"



Dayou Liangying "Cui Si"

Best original movie song

The sun shines "unusual"

Composer: Liu Yuxuan


Lead singer: Yu Xiangning

Song of counter-current "Uncle counter-current"

Composing, lyrics, lead singer: RubberBand

Let Us Be The One "The Warriors"

Composition: Dai Wei

The lyrics: Chen Xinyao

Lead singer: Jan Curious



Words: Feng Wei, Chen Guangrong, Zhu Yiyan

Lead singer: Zheng Yijian, Chen Xiaochun, Xie Tianhua, Qian Jiale, Lin Xiaofeng



Best sound effect


Steve Burgess, "The Four Kings of Di Renjie"

Nopawat Likitwong, Sarunyu Nurnsai Operation Red Sea


Dhanarat Dhitirojana, Kaikangwol Rungsakorn, Sarunyu Nurnsai < No dual

Best visual effect

Jay Seung Jaegal, SungJin Jung, Branden Juwon Lee, Xu Jian "Journey to the West daughter country"



Pan Guoyu < Monster Hunt 2

Lin Hongfeng "Unparalleled"

New director


Stanley Chan, "Uncle counter-current"

Chen Xiaojuan, "The Fallen Man"

Zhang Jiajie, "The Agent of Dongpu"

Li Junshuo


Liu Yun


[人名]Yin Tse

Best Cross-Strait Chinese Movies

< children of rivers and lakes]

"Hello, the China"


"Evil is not pressing"



Narrow-minded award-winning unequaled award-winning

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