Broken wrist at station B

Broken wrist at station B

This article is from WeChat official account: IC Laboratory (ID:InsightPlusClub), author: Xu Beidou, head picture from: Oriental IC

Netease cloud music was removed.

With the announcement of a paper, on June 28, the 26 audio platform, including the online cloud music, was ordered to make rectification for the special rectification action of the network audio disturbance.

Among the many rectification contents, it seems that this one is most related to NetEase's cloud music: some online music platforms spread the so-called color divine song, propagate the quadratic yuan text, and subculture.

This can not help but remind people of the "B station self-examination incident" more than a month ago. At the end of May, he posted an announcement on Weibo to conduct self-inspection work on the contents of Fanju District. A large number of dramas were dismantled. At the peak of the period, there were more than 300 dramas.

For the B station, which uses the secondary culture as the soil and the content of the drama as an important asset, this behavior is undoubtedly a strong man's broken wrist. But whether it is from evading censorship or for future development, the second element, or the drama, will need to be cut sooner or later.

01 sword of Damocles

No one had thought that the public’s first concern for the culture of the United States was actually because of the “Tianyi case”. (耽美, original meaning romantic, beautiful, now more expressed as love between men and men)

On December 27, 2018, at the second instance of the court of Huang Yi, who wrote the case of Huang Wen, at least two million people watched the live broadcast of the trial. On Weibo, it caused extensive discussion about whether the sentence was too heavy and the law was outdated. .

The case is not complicated. The author of the pen name Tianyi reported his own novel "Occupation" privately and sold it online, and was reported. Because of the extra-exceptional plot, after investigation by the police and the procuratorate, the case involving 150,000 cases and 7,000 books sold constitutes a particularly serious situation in the crime of selling and selling obscene articles, so the sentence was 10 years in the first instance. half.

Just as netizens were still arguing about the reasonableness of the verdict, an in-depth report from Grain Rain's laboratory, "Professor Wu University, who was involved in the report of his daughter Yu Mei," brought another case into the public eye.

Similar to the Tianyi case, the author of the pen name Mr. Shen Hai, through the authorized online shop, prints and sells his five works. These works did not receive a formal book number. After being reported, Mr. Shen Hai became the second author who was arrested after Tianyi. Only this time the crime is illegal business.

The circle was shocked by the fact that the two cases were not long apart. Although the penalty is based on publishing the act, there is no sign of targeting the culture, but on careful consideration, it can be clear that these books simply do not get the version number, that is to say, there is no formal way to publish.

This side reflects the national secondary culture, a living condition of the sub-culture: it can be, but see no light.

Just a month later, Jinjiang Literature City was thoroughly investigated, shut down and stopped a number of columns and channels according to the special rectification operation of the National Anti-vice Office on Network Literature. Then, the starting point for most male readers, the Chinese website, was also interviewed by the relevant regulatory authorities for misguided dissemination, vulgar pornographic novels and other issues, all on the grounds of receiving reports from the masses.

The probability of self-examination at the B station, which happened almost at the same time, was to smell the wind. In the contents of the shelves, the focus was on campus love and lily-based rot. It is not fortunate that it involves bloody violence or the harem selling meat. It is better to kill a thousand and not let one go.

Although some works have been re-launched after the light or reduction, some of them have gradually recovered, but I have to admit that these practices have greatly hurt the feelings and interests of the big members - these people are undoubtedly the core of the B station. user.

Common sensitive picture processing: holy light

Even so, the B station is still very cautious about re-stocking, even at the expense of a monetization. In the business blueprint of the B station, the genuine fan drama is the only one in the member payment system that can compete with You Ai Teng. If you can only see the castrated version of the drama, then why not choose other platforms with richer movies and variety content?

Once the most important guardor of the young people of the net, suddenly become the sword of Damocles on the top of the high-hanging B-station. For cultural reasons, the Japanese animation, especially in recent years, is almost one-third of the school-related, the back-house, the lily, and so on, and these are mined areas.

In the face of this sword of Damocles, the only way to stand in B is to keep a low profile. The countless tears of blood tell us that there is only one reported distance away from the sword.

02 True death of the second element

If you look closely, you will find a phenomenon. Every time you let the B station get the attention of the public, it will never be the core value of the B station, the so-called secondary culture.

In April this year, bilibili went on two hot searches. The first time was because Cai Xukun sent a lawyer's letter to B station, and the second time it was rare for CCTV to come forward and support bilibili. These two things just reflect the way out of the circle of the small broken station. (small Breaking Station: bilibili's old users claim to be bilibili with a sense of minority)

Cai Xukun’s “Chicken You are too beautiful” is not the first time that B station has been out of the ghost culture. Prior to this, there were Lei’s Are you ok, six young children’s six studies and so on. In fact, Station B has created a considerable number of episodes for the Chinese Internet, but users often do not know where they are.

This is the embarrassment of subculture-strong creativity, but unable to carry communication. These stem from bilibili, but popular in Weibo, WeChat and other popular platforms. Ghost animal is still good, originated from the secondary culture of the stem is even more unknown. Orange in orange, human scum, lucky E and so on, even if you understand its meaning, most of them do not know the original.

Equal to say, B-station hard to create high-quality content, often to other platform to be married, but not to get much of the flow. With a video of Tsai Xu Kun, there may be hundreds of thousands of plays in B-station, which is hard to compare with the millions of reading in the micro-blog.

CCTV's support to a certain extent reflects the public's other expectation of bilibili.

According to CCTV, nearly 20 million people have studied at Station B in the past year, which is twice the number of college entrance examinations that year. CCTV is in "Do you know? This year's young people fell in love with the B station to learn. The evaluation of the second station label of the station B can be summarized. Nearly 100 million monthly young users, the B station also has a passion for food, beauty, technology and digital learning. Fans, although there are overlaps between the layers, there is no interference.

Bilibili's chairman, Chen Rui, has publicly expressed, compared the B-station to QQ, to the effect that its biggest advantage is to master the young people, and they are the masters of the future. But don't forget, in the later, more concise, the more friendly WeChat is the key to Tencent to open the mobile Internet. In order to enter the mainstream market, it is necessary to have a wider range of passes. The pass can be a study, a digital technology, and so on, but it won't be a second.

March-April,2019, the average amount of popular video in each section of Billiili, Source: DT Finance and Economics

Even in the station, quadratic culture is gradually diluted, in terms of broadcast volume, the studio (movies, TV dramas and documentaries) has far exceeded the drama and animation. Obviously, the small broken station is far from the quadratic enthusiast's small broken station.

From the operator's point of view, to break the secondary wall between quadratic and cubic, in most cases, it is a quadratic to cubic bow, or integration process. Even if the capital side is eyeing the quadratic market, it is necessary to examine the real consumption ability of the quadratic group.

As a cartoon enthusiast for more than ten years, the author knows that the fundamental difference between China's secondary market and Japan lies in the industrial chain. Japan's animation industry is largely based on a large number of comic works and emerging light novels. I personally experienced the process of catching up to the basics of watching comics.

But at present, the domestic comic market is not good. The best comic App in China, whether in the past or the current comic home, lives in a gray area due to copyright and audit issues, and profitability cannot even support normal server operation. However, the Tencent animation for the regular army and the NetEase comic that has been acquired by Station B, in terms of the number of animation is very small, cannot support the reading volume of a common lover at all.

On the slogan, Station B insisted that it would never give up the second-yuan culture, but in action, it has already positioned the website as a pan-quaternary population and to be a cultural community in the Z era. (Z era: refers to the young group born after 1997, which currently accounts for 35% of the global population)

What is a pan-quaternary element? Even if you only watched "Naruto", you can also categorize it in this group. The universal quadratic element, in essence, is a process of going to the second element and integrating it into the mainstream culture.

03 B station has no opponent

When Station A fell, people thought bilibili had won and were eager to find the next opponent for it. But after looking around, I found that bilibili had no opponent at all.

Today, the determination to become China's YouTube is well known, and it is one of the biggest expectations of capital markets. So it's not right to see Station B as the fourth largest video site after Youku(Aiqiyi, Tencent Video).

The essence of You Ai Teng is localized streaming media. The three benchmarks are Netflix, which is obtained through a large number of high-quality homemade dramas, variety shows and movie copyrights. This business part coincides with the B station, but it is not the core of the B station. The unique advantage of Station B is UGC, which is the content that users spontaneously generate and contribute. This used to be the road to be taken by Tudou. It was unfortunately abandoned after the merger with Youku.

With the rise of Vlog in China, bilibili is a lonely leader on this track.

No one looks good, but in another way, there's no match, it's an opponent everywhere.

One problem is to be solved before becoming an oil pipe in China: the domestic Internet traffic does not allow a YouTube level to exist.

At present, domestic Internet traffic is actually divided by several super-apps, and the rise of a community, on the premise of a slow flow of traffic, means that a flow of traffic has to be carried out from another community. This is why WeChat is in a hurry to introduce policies to create a protective wall for its own traffic pool.

Although from the positioning, B station and U-Teng, vibrato and other video categories, and even Weibo, there is no competition, but from the perspective of traffic, everyone is an enemy in this battlefield.

Although the B station claims to have mastered the young people of the Z era, it is not only the flow of the Z era that needs to break through the traffic dilemma. If you want to transform into YouTube in China, it is impossible to use only the student group as the main user.

In the past, Renren had an important position in the Internet in China. On the proportion of young users, I am afraid that it is not weaker than today's B station, but as a result, it has already been drowned in the dust of the Internet.

Renren and bilibili face the problem is very similar.

Although its failure has the operating strategy of Xu Chaojun and the reasons for not catching up with the mobile Internet, the biggest obstacle in its desire to become China's Facebook is the student group. has transformed from the intranet. Most of the users are college students born around 88-93. In the student era, was one of their main channels of voice, but once they graduated, they gradually lost interest in the community and moved to other platforms.

The community in a series of subdivided areas faces this problem. According to the survey, the users of Station B coincide with the knowledge that the tiger has a relatively high level, and all three have their own unique community culture to make the bottom. Both are equally facing commercial difficulties, with middle-class thinking and straight male attributes limiting both to develop their own business value.

If bilibili has always taken quadratic culture as his own responsibility, it will certainly be the top card in this field. But now we're talking about China's YouTube, which is not an order of magnitude with Zhihu and Tiger Pop.

It is an inevitable process to complete this transformation, to de-quadratic, and to gradually weaken the drama. Perhaps for many people, this transition is a betrayal of core users. But Renren's lessons tell us that when your users grow up, betrayal of the platform is not soft. When bilibili's young students gradually walk out of school and integrate into society, how many will still mix in bilibili's TV drama channel?

China is not Japan, the economy is still developing, the social structure is still changing, and young people are still full of vitality. From all angles, it is unlikely that the house culture will be allowed to ferment in the society.

To go to quadratic, or to weaken the path of quadratic, broken wrist, although painful, is necessary. Perhaps just like people, only to a certain extent betray themselves in the past, can they be called growth.

This article is from WeChat official account: IC Laboratory (ID:InsightPlusClub) by Xu Beidou.

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