Mobai founder Hu Wei started his business twice, and has nothing to do with previous travel business.

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Titanium media note: from mobike cash 1.5 billion, mobike founder Hu Weiwei's new venture surfaced.

Mobai's former CEO Liu Wei founded Shanghai Kaorui Technology Development Co., Ltd. as the company's executive director and legal representative, and Hu Wei served as the company's supervisor.

According to public information, Shanghai Corey Technology was founded on May 9, 2019, with a registered capital of US $10 million. The company belongs to wholesale and retail industry, the main business includes computer software technology in the field of technology development, technical advice, technical services and so on. According to public information, the company belongs to the computer software industry and has nothing to do with mobike's previous travel business.

The ultimate beneficiary of Shanghai Korui Technology (source source)

The ultimate beneficiary of Shanghai Korui Technology (source source)

According to public information, the ultimate beneficiaries of Corey Technology in Shanghai are Liu Yu and a company called Corymbia Limited. Liu Yu was prime minister of Ali language under Alibaba Group. Corymbia Limited is a major shareholder in Corey Technology in Shanghai, with a 100 per cent stake.

Corey Science and Technology Equity situation (investigation of Source Enterprises)

Shanghai Kaorui Technology Co., Ltd. (Source)

This is the first time since the retreat of Mobai, and Hu Wei and Liu Wei have once again gathered together in a company. The Moo bicycles created by Hu Wei and the ofo small yellow car founded by Dai Wei once set off the vents of sharing bicycles at home and even around the world. Since its founding in 2015, Mobai has carried out 12 rounds of financing. It was finally acquired by the US Mission in April 2018.

On December 23, 2018, Hu Wei resigned as the CEO of Mobike Cycling, and the company's president Liu Wei took over as CEO. He also said, "In the eight months since the US group acquired Mobai, I completed a phased mission."

On January 23, 2019, the Moby bike will be renamed the US group bicycle. Wang Huiwen, co-founder and senior vice president of the US group, said in an internal letter that Mobai has fully accessed the US group APP. In the future, the Mobility bicycle will be renamed as the US group bicycle, and the US group APP will become the only domestic entrance. At this point, the history of Mobai has come to an end.

People have been waiting for Hu's return. Although public information shows that this venture is no longer focused on travel, the combination of the two may be able to collide with new sparks. (Titanium media editor Lu Yi finishing)

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Mo Bai founder Hu Weiwei second degree start a business before travel business nothing to do

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