Art test registration APP crashes Ministry of Education urges increased registration channels to extend registration time

[TechWeb] on January 7, many art students were unable to sign up yesterday. When signing up for App's "art promotion" through the art examination, they encountered problems such as software Catton, random code, and so on, which resulted in the failure to register smoothly. Weibo, the official press office of the Ministry of Education, issued a letter today urging colleges and universities to properly handle the 2019 art school entrance examination.

Art test registration APP crashes Ministry of Education urges increased registration channels to extend registration time _ copy

Weibo said the registration process for the 2019 university art examination is proceeding smoothly and orderly. This work is organized by the enrollment colleges, most of which are registered on our website. Recently, some examinees reported that the third-party registration platform commissioned by individual colleges and universities has a technical failure, resulting in the failure of successful registration. The Ministry of Education attaches great importance to it and has instructed and urged relevant colleges and universities to ensure that candidates who wish to take part in the examination can sign up and take the examination by increasing the channels of registration, prolonging the time of registration and increasing the number of examination places. Here, also remind relevant examinee to pay close attention to the announcement that recruit students colleges and universities issue in time.

Since many arteries have used the third-party website “Arts” as the only registration channel, on January 6th, many art students encountered problems such as software stuck and garbled when they applied for the app “Arts”. Can not successfully register, triggering candidates to question the technical support and fee-based services.

In terms of art promotion, the adjustment of the 2019 art examination policy, the reduction of the number of national art schools and colleges, and the reduction of examination centers, as well as the limited capacity of examination sites, have caused a large number of candidates to concentrate on registering for some of the test sites, resulting in a series of problems. However, at 2 am on the 7th, the system gradually returned to normal.

According to the data, Art Shengli belongs to Hangzhou Yixun Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Art test registration APP collapse Ministry of Education supervision increase registration channel extension registration

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