One button US sound + one button change sound! Millet Bluetooth headset K song version released

On the morning of March 1, Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset (K song version) was officially released, priced at 249 yuan, will be sold at 10 am on March 5, Xiaomi Mall / Xiaomi House / Xiaomi has goods / Jingdong / Tmall / Suning Tesco is on sale simultaneously.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth headset (K-song version) is designed in a headphone and is white in all-body. It has the following characteristics:

1, the sound of a button of beauty is very "reliable", let the song be more attuned

2, three-speed reverb (light reverb, medium reverb, large reverb) one-button switch to meet different K song needs

3, one button change sound, six sound modes can be switched arbitrarily (original, female, male, child, electronic, robot)

4, the ring is silenced, the original singer changes for one second. Through the “original tone switching button” on the earphone or the “sounding to the original sing” function in the Xiaomi K song app, a ring finger can be used to eliminate the original vocal. It takes no time and effort to find an accompaniment, and it is easy to practice songs.

5, HD recording, dry, wet, mixing cycle toggle

6, with Xiaomi K song APP, powerful and simple

K song version has two options, in addition to Xiaomi Bluetooth headset (K song version), there is also a millet wired headset (K song version), priced at 149 yuan.

One button beautiful sound one button voice change millet bluetooth earphone song version release

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