Rich interest game landing A share company chairman: there are three goals and three strategies in the future

July 10 afternoon news, grand game changed its name after the game announced the strategy for the first time. Wang Ji, chairman of the game, announced that the company has successfully landed in A shares, the future development will have three major goals and three strategies.

Wang Ji pointed out that the future interest games have three goals: first, to grow from the largest game company in A shares to a global cultural leader; second, to create a new form of cooperation and win-win cooperation in a sustainable new cultural industry; and third, to take the initiative in the more intense competition of world culture.

Tang Yanwen, CEO of Shengqu Games, said that the company has shown strong advantages in terms of profitability, diversified product layout, and research and development accumulation. In the next step, we will base ourselves on the technology and empowerment culture, and will gather the best quality R&D strengths to open up domestic and foreign distribution channels, such as interaction with a little bit of interaction, strengthen global distribution strength, through IP development, product expansion, and deepen cultural potential. To radiate more fields.


Wang Miaotong (second from right), Wang Ji (first from right), Ma Xiaoyi (first from left), Senior Vice President of Tencent (first from left), Chairman of Century Huatong Group (second from right).

He said the company's internal structure will support the new strategic layout through an efficient, flexible and strong China Taiwan system. On the one hand, the construction of China Taiwan will open up the business communication barriers of the game, help the front desk to quickly match the required capabilities and resources in an aggregated way, realize the agile response to the rapidly changing needs of users, and continuously and efficiently develop high-quality products in a flexible and innovative way; on the other hand, China Taiwan will concentrate on the basic links of the research and transportation of the game and precipitate the core value of the enterprise.

It is reported that from the R & D ability, the current interest game operation of the products, self-research games have 43, accounting for more than 50%. Among them, MMO is the dominant category of interesting games, accounting for more than 60%. Keep the small version updated and optimized every 2 weeks on the key products, and the large version is online every 2 months. In addition, the game also announced six key products, including "Dragon Valley 2", "Celebration of the rest of the year" and so on.

Tang Yanwen revealed that in the next two years, Shengqu Games will launch more than 20 products, the company will be based on the enabling technology culture, the "fine, globalization, new culture" as the overall strategic layout.

Not long ago, Century Huatong issued an announcement that listed companies bought 100% of the shares of Shengyue Network (the controlling entity of Shengyue Game in China) for nearly 30 billion yuan, which has completed the transfer process and has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Century Huatong. (Han Dapeng)

Fun game landing stock chairman future three goals strategy

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