"Youth Mode" test short video: Students expect to have "parent mode"


"Youth Mode" test short video: Students expect to have "parent mode"

Teenagers addicted to short video content, now many parents are worried. On March 28, under the organization of the Network Information Office, a number of domestic short video platforms have been piloted online, "Youth anti-addiction system."

Users only need to open the "Youth Anti-addiction System", you can only watch 40 minutes of short video every day, and can not be rewarded. At the same time, the short video content has also been filtered to be practical, healthy, positive and entertaining.

Now, can parents and children sit back and relax?

The report points to the rapid rise of short videos, along with music, as a way to entertain teenagers, while games retreat to the second line. In addition, 20 percent of teenagers "almost always" watch short videos, and nearly 10 percent see them a few times a day.

So, after a week of launching the “Youth Mode” pilot in the short video field, are parents who are worried about their children’s indulging in short videos and pan-popular “paying”? After the mode is turned on, can it effectively prevent young people from indulging in short video content?

"Mode" set passive, "intellectual" difficult to defeat parents

"When you mention the short video application of the vibrato, fast hand, he said that it has been uninstalled!"

Recently, in the process of browsing short videos, saw some of the application tips set to prevent teenagers addicted youth mode, Zhuangqi, who lives in Xiangzhou, Zhuhai, wanted to "use it" for his son.

However, when she clicked on the teen mode, she discovered that the setup was not a simple matter. Whether it is the scanning code supervision introduced by the vibrato, or the password opening method of the fast hand, it is necessary to operate on the son's mobile phone.

"it was a smart and daring process, and I couldn't find a short video app on his phone at all." Zhuangqi told sensible notes that his son seemed to have unloaded all of these apps a week ago after several short video platforms experimented with "teen mode".

However, in the telephone conversation between the son and the classmate, he often listened to the relevant content of the short video of the game. Therefore, she and her lover suspected that her son had gone out of the house and applied it to the house before uninstalling it to prevent the parents from “routing”.

"We are worried that he will influence learning in school. It is even more dangerous to brush short videos on the road." Zhuang Qi reluctantly said that if he does not let his son use his smartphone at all, it is not convenient for daily life communication. Machines and smart watches seem to have some "injury and self-esteem" for high school students.

Therefore, they can only while his son at home, painstakingly nagging, remind him not to short video on the way up and down school. He also hopes that he can "hand over" the short video app, let parents set up the "adolescent mode".

"This is simply not possible. Now the children are so honest."

And Zhuang Qi has the same troubles, as well as Ms. Tian, ​​who lives in Guangzhou Tianhe. She told me to understand the notes, the daughter of the second day of the second day has always been addicted to short videos and webcasts, very obsessed with beauty, fashion, star entertainment and so on. When I heard that my parents wanted to set the "short teen mode" for her short video application, the daughter immediately put the phone in her hand, and even took a shower and went to the bathroom without leaving. Even when I was sleeping, I pressed my phone under the pillow and didn't dare to relax.

"I heard there was no makeup and fashion in teen mode, and that's why she was in a hurry." On the day of Qingming Festival, the daughter at home during the holiday was relaxed and left his cell phone in the living room while taking a bath. Ms. Tian tried to turn on her mobile phone to set up "teen mode", but thought about it, but eventually she failed to "do it." Just because quietly open, secretly set the way is not open, afraid to be discovered by her daughter, will have a bad impact on its values, and may even aggravate family conflicts.

"You said, how to use this kind of youth mode?" Ms. Tian also showed the setting reminder of another short video platform to understand the notes, which shows that the youth mode password is valid for 30 days. Then, after 30 days, do you have to "wrestle with your own children" and reopen the anti-addiction mode?

Perhaps short video applications have tried the "youth mode", which is a pan-entertainment concept that advocates health. This is a good event in itself. However, too complicated and passive setting methods have indeed caused many problems for parents.

Of course, there are also some users doubt that the short video platform on the surface for the health of teenagers, online "adolescent mode", but in fact through a heavy threshold to increase the difficulty of parental supervision.

Under "Mode", the content is boring, and teenagers find another "way out".

"After setting up the teen mode, my son didn't want to brush his phone."

She told me to understand the notes. In order to clarify the reasons, she also opened the youth mode for her short video application. Later, she found that the featured videos pushed were mostly related to crafts, calligraphy and literature.

"The only thing that can be pulled up with entertainment is that there are only pets such as cats and dogs." This is obviously lacking fun for the big boys at home, which naturally leads to the son not wanting to brush short videos after turning on the teen mode. It is.

In Li Wei's view, short videos, whether pets, crafts or literary themes, are mostly feminine. The only thing that can attract boys is calligraphy, painting and music. "I am more worried that my son's leisure and entertainment needs will not be met, and whether it will be extremely counterproductive."

She told me to understand the notes. One day, when she took the son down the stairs, she sneaked a peek at the browser records on her son’s mobile phone and found that the most frequently used URLs were all video platforms such as B station. .

For this reason, I have also searched the Internet for "adolescent mode", "password" and other combinatorial words, and can indeed find a large number of related "cracked content". Many network platforms have even summed up a variety of ways to "crack" short video teen mode passwords.

"In addition to using the verification code to cancel the mode, the daughter also asked for a new number to the grandparents." Ms. Lin, who lives in Futian, Shenzhen, also told her to understand that the short video application for her daughter’s mobile phone turned on the teen mode, but it did not prevent it. The daughter is addicted, but she is more rebellious.

These days, the child even borrowed her grandparents' mobile phone number and re-registered a new short video account, while the old man is also a pet granddaughter, "conspiracy" together to hide Ms. Lin, making her feel unstoppable.

In her view, proper, healthy, controlled entertainment was not a bad thing. A "one-size-fits-all" restriction on young people watching entertainment videos or failing to provide a better alternative content can easily lead to resistance among children.

So, some teenagers are against the "youth mode", is it really just because there is no entertainment content?

Students like to browse short videos, parents do not set a good example.

"there is a youth model, no parent model, really unfair."

Referring to the topic that various short video applications have been piloting the youth model, Yang Xiao (alias), a senior high school student at a high school in Luohu, Shenzhen, muttered and complained.

She told sensible notes that many students in the class had the habit of swiping short videos. In addition to school, after school on the bus, subway, also secretly brushing during school break, students often through social apps, sharing interesting short video content, short video is now almost the preferred way for students to enjoy their daily entertainment.?

"Some short video content is really fascinating, but blindness is not the way." Yang Xiao said that many of her classmates, including her, are "addicted" by parents and elders.

Take Yang Xiao's parents as an example. Every day, the mobile phone does not leave the hand. The short video keeps brushing. Even if you eat at the table, you should brush a short video with one hand. Even when she was doing homework in the room, she often heard a burst of laughter when her parents brushed a short video in the living room.

"parents can't accompany us, but at least don't tempt us to commit crimes."

Yang Xiao's classmate, Li Sheng (pseudonym), added that his parents, on the one hand, restricted his entertainment time, on the other hand, "entertained him to death." Every day when I return home, I can always hear the sound of playing with my mobile phone and watching video.

Parents spend a lot of time with their children on entertainment, such as brushing short videos, and teenagers naturally become curious. Coupled with the increasing popularity of smart phones, more popular entertainment products such as short videos are widely popular among teenagers.

"there are more than 50 students in the class, almost all of them have smartphones, and many of them are the latest Apple phones." Yang Xiaolian said that if some students use smart watches and feature phones, then the iron will be looked down on by other students, "are all competitive psychology, and now smart phones are not expensive."

In addition, Yang Xiao also revealed that short video has become a spiritual bridge between students, if the classmate has not brushed the short video, then there will be a lot of common topics with others, and even lead to out-of-group.

"Recently everyone's common topic is almost how to 'handle' the youth mode." Yang Xiaohe and the other two students said that if parents are willing to lead by example, less entertainment, and more time to accompany their children, then restrict and control children's entertainment. At the time, as a child, there will be less resistance and more cooperative attitudes.


According to the "China Mobile Internet 2018 Annual Report" released by QusestMobile, short-term video accounts for 33.1% of the total mobile phone usage of domestic users, far exceeding 18.6% of instant messaging and 9.7% of comprehensive information.

It can be seen that a large number of “adults” indulging in short videos do indeed have a bad role model for young people. Although the short-video "youth mode" is a good starting point for restricting and regulating the use of pan-entertainment platforms for teenagers and student groups, it is really necessary for adolescents to abandon vulgar content from their hearts and establish correct values. Put down your mobile phone and have more companionship.

In fact, this is the case, including the child's indulging in mobile games. Only when parents actively accompany and guide their children to make proper use of the convenience brought by the mobile Internet, these drawbacks will not become "disadvantages".

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