The input of information is narrow and almost psychotic.

The input of information is narrow and almost psychotic.

This article from the micro-channel public number: investguru (ID: investguru), Author: Wang Chuan.

The perception of the world's mistakes comes from the narrow input of information.

This is shown in:

Know little; do not realize that there is a lot of ignorance; refuse to ingest information that makes you uncomfortable because of ear theft or other negative emotions; because of lack of understanding, you are unable to recognize and digest the information around you; Because of laziness or the high cost of information acquisition, do not take the initiative to find new information.

The results are the same, information input channels and information input categories are extremely narrow. Good things can't be recognized in front of their eyes. Danger is in sight and does not know how to avoid it.

The brain's model of thinking about the world is based on external input channels, automatically justifies itself, stubbornly resists any other interpretation (based on a broader channel of input information), and is unreasonable. I see the coffin without tears. See the author's old article Wang Chuan: one of the exaggerations about the essence of technology wealth and self-consciousness in paragraph 23 / 29 of the author's old article "Wang Chuan: one of the rhetoric about the nature of technology, wealth and self-consciousness".

In order to prevent yourself from becoming the kind of person you despise, you must take the initiative, systematically, tolerate certain discomfort, without presupposition, persevere, and efficiently absorb all kinds of information emerging from the outside world. In this way, we can constantly adjust the thinking model for understanding the objective world.

The ancients cloud: Zhi shame is almost brave. It can be said: The input information is narrow and almost mentally ill.

Various daily slaps on social media can be seen as conflicts between different types of mental patients. Because if you know that the other party is unreasonable, you will not be bored to spend precious energy to argue. Either silence or black.

Over-fitting quantitative trading strategies, technical analysis, is a type of psychopathology. Because it depends on the quantitative parameters of the decision, the K-line diagram, and so on, is only a small part of the external input information. However, it is rationalized by traders to fully understand all the information of the objective world. Increasing leverage in quantitative trading strategies is a manifestation of mental illness. Until a financial turmoil one day, the warehouse was opened.

Because the media renders a variety of very rare things, such as murder and arson, car accidents, various disasters, lottery tickets, and is misled into thinking that this is the normal state of life, long-term extreme emotions such as excessive worry or fantasy, is also mentally ill. An embodiment of.

Finding the “malignant and correct” investment opportunity, from this perspective, is to explore the powerful group mental illness phenomenon that is found because of the narrowness of the information input channel, and the opportunities it brings. When the thinking model is solidified, humanity will reject input from outside the model, and the opportunity will be automatically filtered in front of it. The premise is that you must be aware of what you have learned about what the public stubbornly refuses to understand. Can refer to the author's old article "Wang Chuan: How do you find "the correctness of mavericks" in a complicated world? 》.

The inherent bias of low-quality information channels, false information, and information transmission is a problem that everyone must face. Access to high-quality information must either take a lot of time and set up a system on its own; or it takes money to invest.

If you don't realize that your information channels need to be systematically built, this is a big problem in itself. It is a human normal to be aware of false and exaggerated information. Often the information you see and hear is what the information publisher wants you to see. Major decisions must be repeated from multiple perspectives and multiple independent sources of information to verify verification. Otherwise, relying on intuition, induced by false information, the cost is heavy.

A more insidious problem is the inherent bias and bias of information dissemination, as well as the consequences of associated path dependence. For example, a large number of scientific and technological start-up media coverage is that so-and-so company financing and valuation of how many millions, all kinds of congratulations; But even after financing, most companies end up shutting down, or struggling for a long time, with far less coverage.

The consequence of such a path dependence is that readers will have a false impression that financing success is the main benchmark for business success, and the ability to finance is sought after. Every day, think about how to do PPT financing instead of thinking about the nature of business. Investors will also be frustrated, giving money to a group of entrepreneurs who can brag and act, but don't know how to invest in good projects.

Media reports often focus on past successes and their past success paths and strategies. This type of information will naturally bring a large number of imitators, a crowded, past path / strategy effect is much worse.

All things have a problem with the cost of information acquisition. Avoid competing with others in places where the cost of information acquisition is high. Otherwise, others can release the smoke bombs and release false information. Conversely, how much space you can get high-quality information at a low cost, and how big your free space is.

Many people never think about the cost of information acquisition. The investment industry is doing the most, every day flying around, the jet lag / eating and sleeping is irregular / every day, a lot of words are consumed, it is to be a long-term life. You can think backwards about what you really like to do everyday. When doing these things, do you have a high-quality information that you can get at low cost? Based on this information advantage, can you grasp the opportunities that ordinary people can hardly grasp?

The practical operation may be like this: continuously reduce the cost of obtaining high-quality information, start with its own periphery - get a lot of high-quality information - because the information quality is high, the quantity is large, so it can be better in a certain part Understand the objective world in the case of group psychosis, you can take advantage of local advantages, easily and calmly arbitrage - then use arbitrage income to more systematically establish a more comprehensive information acquisition advantage

The traditional way of obtaining information is to turn over a piece of stone and see what is hidden underneath. This cost is higher = O(n). Another way is to throw a stone into the pond, stir up some waves, and see what is going on under the water. If you operate correctly, cost = O(1), cost O(n), ability and Is the cost of O(1) people competing?

The term (O (n), computer, in which the number is proportional to the system size n (; O (1), stands for a constant, independent of the size of the system. )

If you think of making money as cutting wood, building a "low-cost access to high-quality information" system is like grinding a knife. Those who cut wood have few blades. The grinder never misses the woodcutter. Xi

You don't need too much firewood, you just need a unique, up-to-date, always sharp knife.

This article from the micro-channel public number: investguru (ID: investguru), Author: Wang Chuan.

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Input information narrow almost mental illness

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