Ai Youteng grabs the beach micro-micro-variety, long and short video fusion or into the next air outlet

Following the short video and Vlog, “long video + short video” has gradually become the focus of the industry. On the new track of long and short video fusion, the three online video giants, Aiyou Teng, have gathered.

On June 5 th, Tencent Video released a new category of short video, Hot Pot Drama, and announced the corresponding incentive rules. Industry generally believes that this is Tencent video in the "long and short" video an important attempt.

In contrast, iQiyi and Youku are laid out earlier in this field. A month ago, iQiyi launched the Extreme Edition app, which aims to form a closed-loop ecology of “long + short” video; on April 3, Youku mentioned in the “Network Drama White Paper 2.0” that is published, encouraging micro-short Drama innovation, additional investment for high-quality short drama Youku.

"'long and short' video closed-loop ecological trend, super APP will eventually form an ecological closed-loop." At the iqiyi World Congress, Vice President Yue Jianxiong stressed that short and short videos are not contradictory to each other, but integration is an industry trend.

So, for the online video giant, what kind of future does the “long + short” video really represent? Will this eventually become the next video outlet?

Tencent Push "hotpot play" to Try Long-and-short Video Fusion

As can be seen from the promotional posters of Tencent's video, hotpot plays are a new form of video for Tencent video co-chafing dish video.

Speaking of hot pot video, you have to mention Teno short video product Yoo, which was integrated into the Tencent video team only five months after the launch, and finally changed its name to hot pot video. As for whether the newly launched "hot pot drama" will be pushed by the hot pot video, Tencent has not responded.

Blue Whale TTM reporter experience found that the hot pot video home page has a separate channel of “hot pot drama”, and the five main columns at the bottom of Tencent video also have a place for hot pot video, which is consistent with the previous strategy of Tencent pushing Yoo video.

Some insiders analyzed that Tencent’s intention is to increase the number of users who drive hot pot videos through Tencent video traffic. At the same time, the short video field has always been a short board of Tencent. Tencent needs a short video product that can brand out to strengthen the moat of its long video.

"This form of short video has long been verified in the market and is very popular with users. At the same time, the long video website faces the challenge of new applications such as short video. From the point of view of the user, the content ecology is enriched with the content form which is matched with the user's habit, so as to obtain more new users is a more effective way. There will be more breakthroughs in the future, regardless of whether to pay for such a business model or to advertise." 's easy-to-view analyst Ma Shih-Cong said.

According to the "2019 China Network Audiovisual Development Research Report", in December 2018, Chinese netizens used their mobile phones to access the Internet for 5.69 hours per day, an increase of one hour from 2017, of which 20 minutes were used to short videos. At the same time, the report pointed out that the “micro-variety” awareness is nearly 60%, and “miniaturization” has become an industry trend.

"Because the user's entertainment time is increasingly fragmented and randomized (that is, the user may watch the video on a subway, such as a bust, etc.), there will be a launch of these new content forms." New Studio CMO Ma Rui told reporters in an interview.

At present, Tencent Video has announced the “hot pot drama” incentive rules and cooperation methods, and issued invitations to industry-wide content producers, including traditional film and television companies, MCN institutions, brokerage companies, and high-quality self-media.

"the previous content sources of long video sites, on the one hand, are self-made, on the other hand, professional content organizations, such as traditional film and television production companies and so on. The launch of the hot pot drama and the release of some sub-account policies, and so on, can change the previous situation of a single partner, and MCN organizations or self-media to reach a better connection. " Ma Shicong said.

Aiyou Teng gathers, what is the vertical video?

In addition to Tencent video, Youku and iqiyi also extended their tentacles to the field of "long and short" video. Among them, Youku took the lead in encouraging innovation in short dramas and said he would invest in high-quality short dramas. Iqiyi, on the other hand, preferred to combine long videos with short videos in the extreme version of APP in an attempt to create a closed-loop ecology of "long and short" videos.

According to Ai Media Consulting data monitoring and analysis, the explosive growth of short video has not dissolved the content demand of long-distance video by netizens. More than 70% of users watch long videos after watching short videos.

“Especially in the social background of multi-screen interaction, short video expands the cut-in scene of long video, and long video can meet the needs of users to deeply understand information and spend a lot of time. At this stage, long-short video combination can produce positive synergy. Effect," said Wang Qinglin, senior analyst at Ai Media Consulting.

It is worth mentioning that although the three video giants have different definitions of micro-plays, they basically position the duration of the single episode within the time range of 1-10 minutes. Among them, iQiyi is the most different, mainly in vertical screen. Iqiyi's vertical screen drama "Life is for me" has a more objective broadcast volume and heat, which proves that the market for vertical screen drama is worth looking forward to.

"because more and more people are used to watching videos and short dramas on their mobile phones. The vertical screen also makes greater use of the screen. " Ma Shicong said.

According to the China Network Audio-visual Development Research Report in 2019, more than 5% of the respondents are optimistic about the content of the vertical screen. Many people say the vertical screen is a bit of a habit, but a person in the industry said, if the content is good enough, this habit can be cultivated, like , the content good-looking users will pay for the old.

"As a result of research, as a highly interactive medium, vertical screen video provides users with ample opportunity to participate in interaction and control of media consumption rhythm. Compared to the inconvenience of mobile phone horizontal review operation, vertical screen video is The interaction aspect reflects a certain convenience, for example, the like, the slide progress bar, the jump to the next video and other interactive operations, etc., can be completed with one hand."

At the same time, Wang Qinglin believes that in the near future, video platforms will have more attempts in vertical screen repertoire.

The fusion of short and short videos will promote cash, and the Big three will push the rules of dividing accounts for short dramas together.

At present, Aiyou Teng has released the incentive rules and sub-account cooperation methods for short videos/short dramas, and they are all at the stage of recruiting high-quality content creators. In the sub-accounting mode and incentive rules, Aiyou Teng's focus is also quite different.

According to the blue whale TMT reporter, Tencent's sub-accounting mode is relatively simple, mainly based on traffic incentives, the more traffic is divided into more; iQiyi develops its own membership business based on member payment; Youku is more focused on User usage time.

"iqiyi has been doing membership business in recent years, so his sub-account will focus more on member payment, and then develop its membership business." Ma Shicong, an analyst, believes that the different modes of accounting are due to the different development needs of each party.

"The incentive mechanism of each family is different. Therefore, for our content partners, choose which platform to cooperate with. The key point is to look at the attributes of the platform and the attributes of the content to determine the partner and determine the specific content direction." The studio CMO Ma Rui said.

At the same time, Wang Qinglin, senior analyst at the media consulting firm, is of the view that the "Long and short video fusion is the ecological model that can promote realization in the short term, which is the main layout mode of the video industry in recent years."

He said that the C-side payment of the video platform has been fully warmed up, and improving the realization of the conversion is the fundamental factor that drives the transformation of the video operation platform. Short video has strong social attributes, and short generation length is an effective way to promote the conversion of long video content consumption, which helps to achieve secondary consumption of video content.

Love Youteng beach micro-drama variety length video fusion into next tuyere

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