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Titanium News | March 13: Midea today launched the first connected home appliance brand, "Bugu BUGU," taking the first step in actively embracing business model innovation in the digital age, and the new product will be unveiled on April 15.

According to reports, the brand will be based on the user's deep-rooted strategy to reconstruct the relationship between products and users. Through the creation of the online user creation platform "Bugu Institute", Midea invites users to deeply participate in the whole process from product design to internal testing, public beta, and public roadshow, and jointly build three life scenes of kitchen, living and bathroom with air and water. A portfolio of large professional scene interconnections.

Dr. Xu Chengmao, director of the Midea Academia Sinica, said: on the one hand, the United States has a three-in-one industrial Internet solution with "manufacturing knowledge, software, and hardware," and can make it flexible through multi-varieties, small batches and individuation. Service to "Bugu BUGU" user co-creation mechanism; On the other hand, the United States also has the executive power to innovate the smart home connected experience, not only is it the first home appliance enterprise to pass China's first Wi-Fi smart appliance test standard, but also collaborates with Ali and other enterprises to enhance the smart home experience.

At the same time, the first "beautiful PRO" launched at this year's "China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE)" and the "beautiful youth selection" for urban young people are also unveiled one by one. Since mid-2018, the United States has vigorously introduced "Hui Lian" home-wide intelligent solutions in the domestic market, will be separately raided sales of individual items, integrated in a platform to provide a one-stop overall service.

In the "Beautiful PRO" product exhibition area, the scene shows more than 10 household appliances with uniform appearance and powerful core functions. Through intelligent integration of the whole house and integration of home appliances and homes, it provides intelligent, professional and efficient families for high-end people. Air system, water system, nutrition system solutions.


Beautiful Qingxuan Series of Home Appliances

And "the beautiful young selected" series exhibition area, is a young person who exudes the simple science and technology temperament to live. Beautiful young sets of young household appliances play "have the face have brain temperature", not only has the design style of Jane, intelligent human-computer interaction, but also has hidden behind the technology of the daily beautiful temperament.

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Us release first connected Home Appliances Brand Bugu BUGU Titanium Newslette

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