Female friend, underground garage is far more dangerous than you think


Women's friends, underground garage is far more dangerous than you think.

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Yesterday, the official social media of the Chongqing police reported that a female murder case at Wanda Plaza in Nan'an District of Chongqing was broken. On the evening of August 16, when the victim Wu took the car at the Wanda Plaza parking lot in Nan'an District, he was hijacked by five gangsters and hijacked the car. The criminal suspect Chen Mouhua and others took the victim Wu to Fuling District and killed the victim after rape. The five suspects involved in the crime have all been captured, and one of them is only 14 years old.

According to the police announcement, the hijacking occurred at the parking lot of Wanda Plaza in the south bank of Chongqing. This reminds people of a car hijacking case in an underground parking lot in Chengdu in May this year. On May 21, 2018, an Audi female car owner in Chengdu was tied up in the underground parking lot by a man with a knife. When the hijacker Chen drove away, he was killed on the road due to a rear-end accident. The victim was lucky enough to escape. The police then arrested the suspect based on video surveillance clues.

In recent years, many vicious crimes have happened in underground parking lots around the city. It can be said that the closed parking lot in each city has become the most dangerous hot spot of crime. Especially young, beautiful, economically privileged women driving luxury cars alone, but also pay attention to the potential risk of robbery in the underground garage, because you are the best prey for gangsters!

Why is the underground parking lot so dangerous?

Underground parking lots in cities around the world are hotspots in crime. I have listed the underground parking lot as one of the most dangerous areas in the city. There have been many serious criminal violence crimes in Beijing’s underground parking lot alone.

In the 1999 West Railway Station female corpse case, the victim was raped and murdered while parking in the parking lot of the West Railway Station in Beijing. The corpse was abandoned in a hidden corner of the underground garage of the West Railway Station and was not discovered by the administrators until the underground parking lot of the West Railway Station was redecorated in 2006. In 2012, a woman was hijacked and killed after shopping at Yongwang Supermarket in Changping, Beijing, when she left the underground parking lot to pick up her car. The body was found more than 10 days later in a certain place in Hebei Province. In addition, in 2010, the famous director Yan Po was badly injured after four men attacked the underground parking lot in Beijing's Blue Island Mall, and his left hand was almost cut off. Why is the underground parking lot so dangerous?

From an environmental point of view, underground parking lots have many favorable conditions for committing crimes.

Most parking lots have dim lights, more Liang Zhu and more vehicles to hide. In addition, there are many entrances and exits in underground parking lots. In addition to the passage of vehicles, there are staircases or elevators for people to walk around, which is helpful for criminals to hide or escape.

Most underground parking lots in the country have little security personnel and cannot be covered by the whole region through monitoring. therefore, there is little possibility of early warning of crimes or timely intervention in the event of a crisis. Worse still, most underground car parks have poor cell phone signals, making it very difficult to call the police or seek help in case of emergency.

The movement of people in public parking lots is complicated. for example, in large underground parking lots of shopping malls and transportation hubs, good people and bad people can freely enter and leave and move. Judging from previous cases, most vicious cases such as kidnapping, kidnapping and rape occurred in large public parking lots. For example, in the rape and murder case in Chongqing on August 19, the first scene of the crime was in a public parking lot.

The danger of the parking lot is not only because of the complicated environment and the unfavorable security of monitoring. Because the vehicle itself has a very strong identity attribute, the criminals can easily judge the basic information such as the economic situation, gender and age of the owner through the vehicle itself.

In a robbery in Chengdu in May, for example, the victim was driving an Audi Q SUV. In the famous actor Wu Ruofu case that shocked the whole country, the kidnapper Wang Lihua originally targeted Wu Ruofu, but because the original target did not appear on the same day, and the BMW X5 sedan driven by Wu Ruofu was more luxurious, the kidnapper temporarily decided to kidnap Wu Ruofu.

It is very easy for the kidnappers to judge what kind of person the owner is about from the characteristics of the vehicle. For example, the number of luxury cars with bright colors such as red, pink or bright yellow can basically judge the owner as a woman with good economic conditions. If there are plush toys or other feminine accessories in the car, you can judge that the owner may be a young woman and more fashionable. Young women with good economic conditions are the most favored crime targets of bandits.

My wife had been driving a small red car and had two road rage provocations. Fortunately, I was in the car to avoid losing money. So when she changed cars, I suggested that she change a neutral car to avoid being provoked on the road or in the parking lot. Eventually she switched to a dark brown business sedan and didn't put any feminine ornaments in it, something she'd never seen again. Because criminals can easily choose their targets through vehicles, underground parking is the best place for criminals to wait.

In the underground parking lot, you could be in a crisis like this.

Underground parking lot is a red area in the city that is prone to danger. however, it is difficult for people with cars to avoid not getting involved in this area. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to understand the common criminal routines in underground parking lots in order to prevent potential crises.

Most of the crimes committed in underground parking lots are committed by random targets. In the case of kidnapping or robbery, the offender has only two paths to choose a target-car or person. As we have discussed before, gangsters judge the target by its vehicle appearance, which is typical of choosing a target by car. In addition, some shopping malls will also have criminals to choose the target. For example, women who shop heavily and enter parking lots alone are seen as easy targets by criminals. After a lot of shopping, women will be less alert.

I have a female friend who was robbed of his cell phone when he was making a phone call on the roadside after shopping crazily. She was unable to make any effective response at that time, trying to catch up and afraid of losing what she had just bought. According to a person's normal physiological response, if anyone holds something in his right or left hand, his attention cannot focus on the slow response. Ancient Chinese Jianghu people deliberately guaranteed that one hand was empty at any time, so that they could at least block or fight back in case of an emergency. In the kung fu movie master directed by Xu Haofeng, Geng liangchen, the disciple of the hero Chen zhi, was designed in a fight before he was murdered. After reaching out to receive the knife handed over by the other party, he found that his two hands were just occupied, unable to fight back for the time being, he lost his first chance in the fight and finally lost his life.

This kind of experience in the rivers and lakes is called “staying one hand” or “empty one hand”, and modern agents will follow this principle when performing tasks.

In addition to causing distractions, heavy shopping must be placed in the trunk or in the back of the car, giving criminals enough time to do it. Therefore, women should avoid going to the underground parking lot to pick up cars after a lot of shopping so as not to become a soft target in the eyes of thieves.

Generally speaking, crime is more likely to occur when the victim picks up the vehicle than when the vehicle is parked, because if the criminal targets the car, he will choose to squat near the target vehicle. And just when the car stopped, because the owner left quickly, the criminal may not have enough time to do it. This does not mean that parking is absolutely safe, and there are some cases where car owners stop.

According to statistics, criminals prefer to ambush near the target vehicle and wait for the owner to pick it up. In addition, intentionally spraying pollutants on the vehicle or piling debris near the cockpit to attract car owners' attention is also a common method for criminals. A friend of mine was caught in a robbery case in the United States. He picked up the car and found that the windshield had been sprayed with foam. He thought it was a young prank who pulled out a rag and wiped the car. Good at that time just took his wallet, mobile phone and watch.

When picking up a car in an underground parking lot, if someone stops near your car or there is an unidentified stain or vandalism around your car, it should be regarded as a precursor to a vicious crime. Run away immediately or lock the door of the car and call for help. If there is an abnormal noise after picking up the car, do not get off immediately, try to drive out of the underground parking lot.

In addition, you should try to avoid parking in dim lights or more remote corner, as far as possible in the elevator or near the booth parking. Some underground parking lots will have car beauty facilities, and parking near car washers is a good option, as there will be a permanent presence.

In addition to being attacked while picking up a car, the slow state is also a good opportunity for criminals to attack. This year, I personally encountered a suspected robbery. after picking up a car in the underground parking lot of a shopping mall in Beijing, I just started the car to prepare to leave. Suddenly someone stopped my car in front of me and went to my cab to ask me to pull him out of the store. I refused on the spot, only to find another person trying to open the passenger car door on the side of the co - pilot. Fortunately, I got into the good habit of getting on the bus and locking the door. the other party did not succeed. I also immediately pressed the horn to attract attention and threatened to call the other party to give up the entanglement. Later, I searched the internet and found that other cities had seen such robberies in the name of hitchhiking.

At any time, getting on and off locks is a vital habit. A friend of mine was on a drive trip in Europe one night when he was on a phone call with a door open on the side of the road and was threatened by a knife gunner to take away his cell phone and all the cash he had on him. Not locking in the car is equivalent to going home without locking the door, or "opening the door to invite thieves."

In China, most car owners are accustomed to sitting back in storage because of the second exam, which is a good habit to prevent kidnapping. Because when you get off and get off, you can keep an eye on the outside world. When you get on the train, the door can also be used as a shield to avoid being sneak attack.

In addition to the above situation, the strong light flashlight is a good companion for the safety of the underground parking lot. Because security guards often use flashlights to scan dark corners when patrolling underground parking lots, taking out flashlights in advance to sweep around the vehicles can play a role in rushing grass and startling snakes. If you really encounter criminals, at least the flashlight can play a certain role in disturbing the other's line of sight. As a means of lighting, flashlights are not seen in any country as a harmony tool for controlling appliances, and there is no need to worry about the legal issues of carrying them with you. A loud alarm is also a good companion for the underground parking lot, because the high decibel alarm sounds attract the attention of security personnel and the surrounding people. Bandits don't take this kind of crazy stuff away, so they are usually left on the spot to give the police clues.

What vehicles are easier to consider as potential targets?

In past cases, criminals are much more likely to choose a car than an elector. Therefore, it is necessary to understand which vehicles are more likely to be targeted by criminals.

Previously, it has been demonstrated that vehicles with feminine colors or more interiors are more likely to be seen by criminals. In addition, BBA (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi) in luxury car brands is a favorite target for criminals because most violent criminals are not well educated and have a superficial understanding of the price of car brands, and may not be able to identify Japanese luxury car brands. When I travel in Europe, I try to rent Japanese brands or family car brands like Skoda and Volkswagen to avoid being coveted by gangsters. In Europe, the rental of BBA cars is almost the same as that of popular brands, but the latter is more low-key and safer.

Ultra-luxury brands such as Bentley and Rolls-Royce are often driven by professional drivers, so criminals generally do not dare to choose. Of course, the professional kidnappers like the thief Zhang Ziqiang, the more luxury vehicles the better, it is another problem.

High-end off-road vehicles such as Grand Cherokee and Land Cruiser are expensive, and drivers tend to be middle-aged men who love cross-country, and few attempt to hijack such vehicles.

In addition, the window is opaque with a dark glass film that is also a favorite of kidnappers. China's Hong Kong regional transport regulations require that the glass transparency of private cars must exceed 70%, and all reflective or opaque glass films are prohibited. The legislative reason for this regulation is to prevent the owner from being kidnapped or to use the vehicle as a kidnapping tool. The police and pedestrians can observe the passing of the vehicle at any time. In some European and American countries, the use of shading glass film is also prohibited for safety reasons (in addition to criminal offences based on traffic safety reasons). In June 2018, the Montreal Police of Canada publicly wanted a Dodge van, which was suspected of two cases of intentional kidnapping. According to the contents of the police wanted order, the rear window glass of this car has a sunscreen film and it is difficult to observe in the dark.

Therefore, if security is not considered, it is also a measure to reduce the probability of kidnapping or hijacking. It is worth noting that some domestic safety experts suggest that the vehicle sticking film, mainly to reduce the probability of robbing cars inside property. Because the coated vehicles are difficult to observe the details of the car, coated windows are also difficult to smash, so the threshold of robbery is higher. Because of the prohibition of coating in Western countries, criminals observed through the car window that there are valuables often smash car robbery, such countries car theft cases are more.

Coated windows can even be used for makeup

According to the data of the British Co-op Insurance Company, the parking lot in SOHO Square in central London is called the most dangerous parking lot in the UK, with an average of more than 90 claims for property theft each year. And in Britain, where automobile stickers are prohibited by law, if you don't stick a sticker to reduce the risk of kidnapping, try not to put valuables in your car to avoid being robbed.

Few robbers will choose to hijack pure electric cars because most of the electric cars can't meet the needs of robbers to escape after hijacking, and domestic electric cars are generally cheaper. Although Tesla electric cars are classified as luxury cars, the car has internet anti-theft function and can be located online, so robbers do not like it. The new BBA also begins to have such online positioning function. if manufacturers and brands publicize this selling point more, it will also help reduce the probability of being hijacked in the future. Interestingly, Tesla's model s SUV is nicknamed a child abduction vehicle. Because this car is equipped with a rear folding seat, which is often used to carry children. In California, USA, when an owner opened the trunk and put the child in the back seat, passers-by recognized him as having stuffed the child into the trunk and kidnapped him. The police rushed out to stop the car and found it was an own goal.

How to escape when you are really kidnapped?

No one wants to be the target of the perpetrator, but once this happens you still need to find a remedy. In the case of kidnapping, rape and murder in Chongqing, five people conspired to commit the crime, so once the victim was hijacked, there was hardly any chance of escape. However, if a criminal is a 1 person - 2 person who commits a crime, the hijacked person will still have the chance to escape. The first escape opportunity in underground parking is to escape locally. In June 2017, a woman in Wanda Square, Dongguan, was hijacked by two robbers and boarded a car. She pulled down her horn and whistled to attract the attention of others before escaping the robbery. If conditions permit, finding a way to whistle to attract the attention of underground parking security personnel is the first time to escape the node.

Most of the shopping malls are surrounded by traffic jams, so victims still have a chance to escape as soon as they leave the mall. For example, in May this year, Chengdu kidnap Audi female owner, the victim in the traffic congestion actively help themselves. Bravely entangled with the kidnappers caused the accident to attract the attention of passers-by, successfully dodged a bullet.

If it is hijacked by a single person or a double person, in the case of a low speed, the manufacture of a car accident is an effective means of escape. If the hijacked person is a driver, you should pay attention to loosening your thumb when holding the steering wheel with both hands in case of collision, so as to avoid fracture when impact. If it is in the back seat, try to protect the head when it hits.

In addition to causing a car accident, jumping out of a car is also an active option. In August 2015, Ms. Kong in Haikou City was hijacked with a knife as she prepared to drive home in a car park. Ms. Kong, with her hands tied and her mouth sealed with clear tape, escaped in the back seat while the gangster was driving away. The key to jumping to escape is to leave a gap when tied up by a gangster. For example, when you tie your hands with ropes, keep your hands relaxed but your arms and wrist muscles tight, allowing a centimeter of room to break free. If the scoundrel binds the whole arm in a five-pronged fashion, he should take a deep breath and tighten the arm as much as he can, so that he has some room to break free in a relaxed state. Remember, the more space you leave behind when tied, the easier it will be to break free.

If conditions permit, you can break the rope before jumping, in case conditions do not permit, you can jump before trying to break free. In addition to looking for the door unlocking device before jumping, you should take a deep breath before jumping. The chest cavity can cushion some of the impact force when the lungs are inflated. When landing, try to place your ground on your buttocks or back and try to roll down to reduce impact.

The worst part of being kidnapped is being pushed into the trunk, which is the lowest chance of escape. Except for a few off-road vehicles, most vehicles do not have emergency escape switches in the trunk, so it is difficult to open the trunk once it is locked. The only thing that can help you escape is the jack in the toolbox. In the case of freed hands, the jack should be found as soon as possible and used to open the trunk lid to escape. So I suggest that car owners buy an easy-to-use jack, and should be clear about the location of the jack and how to use, in addition to dealing with kidnapping tire burst after self-help is also necessary.

In a word, when kidnapping occurs, we should try our best to find a way to escape when conditions permit. As for the specific timing of the escape, the parties concerned should believe their intuition. People's intuition is a kind of power, which can often play a huge role in a critical moment. the success of the victims in escaping several times before depends on their desire for survival and intuition. Therefore, when the worst happens, don't think too much rationally, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, believe in yourself, and do what you want!

The female parking area specially designated in the parking lot at Frankfurt Main Airport, Germany

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Female friends underground garage far more than imagined dangerous

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