Sudden death of programmers, Dajiang said that there is no overtime culture, leaving the staff angry: there is only overtime assessment

Titanium Media Note: this article comes from tonight's Financial News by Lin Qi, editor: Zhou Wei.

At noon on December 12, a small memorial service for about 50 people was held at the Shenzhen Funeral Parlour.

The victim was a young man as young as 25 years old. At the memorial service, in addition to Dajiang company colleagues, as well as the deceased at Hart, as well as his parents and relatives.

In September of this year, he joined Dajiang as a graduate student and became a programmer in the R&D department of the Dali Imaging Department.

More than a month ago, the DJI imaging department was still debugging a new camera product day and night. At 3 o'clock on the morning of November 29, Dajiang released the latest product.

When the 8 o'clock ambulance arrived, he developed symptoms of cardiac arrest and eventually passed away, 25 years old.

A person in charge of Dajiang also said to "Tonight's Financial News": "The death of the deceased has nothing to do with overtime. Because of the respect for the deceased, the details are inconvenient to disclose."

In an interview with the Southern Metropolis Daily, the director said: Dajiang has never had a so-called "overtime culture", but young people get together and sometimes struggle for a common technical goal.

Unexpectedly, this passage was sent to the departing employees of Dajiang, and the departing employees were blown up. Some people say: "Dajiang does not have overtime culture, but only has overtime assessment."

He also described Dajiang's rapid dismissal mechanism: "once the leaders feel you are not qualified, let you go, almost the same day notice must leave." Sometimes even in the morning, HR forces you to sign a departure agreement at noon. "


With regard to rapid dismissal, one of DJJ's executives responded to the Financial News tonight: "the best position will always be met with dissatisfaction, and there will always be those who lag behind, so the company has to adjust and eliminate."


The pressure behind a high salary

The chairman and founder of DJI, Wang Wei, born in 1980, is a geek and a technical madman.

Internal staff say Wang Tao works very hard, he is most in charge of research and development. In addition to personal R & D, will also participate in the design of some products. It is precisely because of his extreme pursuit of products, there is today's great Xinjiang.

Recently, Hurun released the Unicorn Index, which ranks first in the artificial intelligence sector unicorn with a value of 100 billion yuan.

Joining a tech unicorn like Dajiang is a good choice for many graduates.

According to the Ministry of Education's forecast, the number of graduates in 2018 will exceed 8.2 million. Compared with the 2017 graduates, the number of graduates is nearly 350,000. The number of graduates has reached a record high, and the employment situation of fresh graduates is grim.


One of the deceased's classmates said: Before graduation, I heard him go to Dajiang to get the 36w annual salary offer. At that time, he joked and said: "You are rich, don't forget."

But behind the high salary, it is also facing tremendous pressure.

According to insiders in Dajiang, the assessment of employees in Dajiang is generally self-evaluation by monthly employees, then the leadership scores, and finally summarized to HR. Many employees are worried that their scores are ranked lower, because many departments in Xinjiang have a system of elimination. Especially since this year, Dajiang has been rumored to lay off employees.

"it is true that the Ministry of Dajiang has been eliminated in the last place, but there are no layoffs," the official told the Financial News tonight.

The employee also told Financial News tonight that R & D has the strongest voice in the company's system, and of course the pressure is high, and it is almost the most overworked department in the company. Of course, the hard work is also rewarded.

"although the R & D department is hard, it also takes a lot of money. End-of-year awards account for a large proportion of last year's R & D has many people pay more than 10 months of salary. In addition, overtime will also be reflected in the end of the year award. Those who work more overtime in the same department generally get less than those who work less overtime. In 2017, the Grand Prize-BMW with Shenzhen license plates won the most from the DJC Annual Conference Awards. " The Dajiang employee said.


A very interesting phenomenon is that the Shenzhen Skyworth Semiconductor Design Building, where the headquarters of Dajiang is located, is usually very good to take a taxi at seven or eight o'clock, but it is difficult to take a taxi after 10 p.m. because it is in the rush hour.

Ali Huawei stand aside

In terms of knowing, there are Dajiang employees who are leaving the company to say: "Dajiang overtime is simply sick, working overtime to the early morning is still beautiful. I like to work at night, because quiet because of inspiration; old club, too normal, ordinary research and development every day Overtime to eleven o'clock, the core research and development at two o'clock in the morning, can not be a problem; on the intensity of overtime work, Ali Hua can stand by, and successfully surpassed Dajiang, after all, it is relatively rare to work overtime and death."



"on physical examination, Dajiang will also ask for an entry physical examination. As far as I know, the colleague who passed away was very physically fit at school and likes to exercise. If there is a hidden illness in the body, the entrance examination will not be able to pass the test. In addition, the R & D department has been busy recently, and many colleagues have left work at 12:00 for several consecutive days. "

For the various kinds of Tucao in Dajiang, the above-mentioned Dajiang managers said: “The management of the company is very concerned about the long-term talent attraction and the increase of influence. We hope that the best talents will be willing to join Dajiang, then the improvement of the working environment in all aspects is Yes. Yesterday, the company's infirmary has started training on AED (first aid), and then the department leader who is working overtime will definitely take a job."

The last employee's comment on strengthening emergency training in Dajiang's bulletin read: "it's rather chilling." Cardiopulmonary resuscitation needs to be learned, but by the time CPR is really needed, people should soon be gone. If this is the last paragraph of the announcement, then the company is worth fighting for and proud of:'in the midst of our grief, we remind all colleagues to develop good living habits, to balance work and life, and not to work overtime. I hope every employee will have a healthy body and mind. "


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