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The old dying, jumping off the building, committing suicide.


Soon after the Spring Festival this year, I heard the news of his suicide.

At first, I thought it was incredible. After all, he was a lively and typical player in his childhood companions.

But when it came to specific events, I found that it was not quite what I thought.

I first knew that he was gay. For the first time, I knew that he was deceived by his own gay people. For the first time, he knew that not only was his savings deceived, but he also borrowed a lot of online loans in his own identity. This kind of deception originated from the Chinese in Southeast Asia, and for the first time, it was known to kill pigs.

Later on, I saw a lot of reports about pig-killing dishes in the online report, but most of them were only procedures, no operational details.

So I used my own means to investigate this set of deception, do the resolution, I hope to help more people understand this kind of scam more clearly, but also hope that more people see, self-alerting, to prevent being deceived. If you have friends with similar experiences, save them from falling into the abyss.

When I started writing the article, my emotions were angry, but then I wrote and wrote that I felt that the mood was good for a while, but I couldn’t really solve the problem. Instead of venting it, it would be better to calm down and debunk, which might be more beneficial.


In Southeast Asia, mainly in the Philippines, there is a group of people who use modern people's desire for love and the pursuit of dignity to carry out fraud activities.

The process of fraud itself is not complicated. It is to fake an identity, fall in love with the victim, and then inadvertently reveal that you have a good project or face some dangerous tasks or routine needs of work, etc., to induce the other party to transfer money into the betting. Website, then drain the victim's money.

A blind person who falls in love is called a pig.



If you search for news, you will find that a large number of similar cases have occurred in China. Many people are deceived, and few are defrauded by hundreds of thousands. Many are deceived by millions. Some people jumped from the building and some were heavily indebted. Some people experienced a double betrayal of love and money, and they were mentally disordered.

Love is more deadly than you think.

Since the scammers are mainly abroad, the servers are also set up abroad, especially in the Philippines, where gambling is still legal, which has led to the extremely difficult tracking of criminals.

Because it involves cross-border.

At the same time, every victim has a deep understanding of their specific experiences and chats, which has led to many key evidence not available.

Love is private, and the pain is.

All of this has led to the vast majority of butchers who run pigs, and they are still at large, and continue to lure one after another innocent people who are full of love.

Perhaps you will be surprised to see that everyone is an adult, and will it be like this? This kind of online love lie to the money and people believe?

Don't worry, we start with the business logic and architecture of the pig tray. After reading it, you will find that it is indeed a feasible business model to eliminate moral factors.

Maybe the next victim, right among us.

Perhaps the netizen you are in love is sharpening your knife at the other end of the screen.



A complete pig platter team, divided into data group, technical group, fishing (telephone) group and scavenger (money laundering group).

Let's first talk about the data set. The data set is the basis of fraud, because the data set determines who you want to lie and what information to use to lie.


The answer is simple, to find people who are easy to be cheated.


This is to quickly filter users.

To put it bluntly, the cheater's energy is also limited, so to deceive those who are easy to deceive, everyone is so busy.

What kind of group is most likely to be fooled by love and deceived by love, which is used in the pig-killing platter?

The answer is simple, too, for those who normally don't get love and face marital difficulties.


Some special groups with different gender orientation, such as homosexuality and idiosyncrasy, also face social pressure and self-identification pressure.

These groups are suffering from social pressure. Love is an urgent matter for them. If they are anxious, they are easy to make mistakes; and they are not satisfied in love, so the threshold of pleasure is low. Once they are exposed to the taste of love, they will compare. Others are getting deeper.

It is also more likely to be deceived deeper.


For example, the appearance of the body is much lower than the average level. For example, the work intensity is much higher than that of ordinary people. For example, the home is particularly tight, such as the living environment is particularly simple, these are typical victims' portraits.

When the victim group is selected, the data set needs to address a very practical question, how to quickly get information about these people, and help the traffic team to intersect with their unobtrusive relationship.


The Chinese are very conservative in the field of marriage, not only conservative, but also the sanctification of marriage.


It can also be said to be more anxious.

Therefore, the data group generally searches for their prey on the dating website. Manual search is a very inefficient method. With the assistance of the technical team, they use crawlers to directly climb the user information of the dating website.

When there is no time to do reptile attack and defense, they will also directly purchase user data from certain ghosts in the dating website.

Among the employees of the marriage and love website, there are many people who can access the user information. Most of them are ordinary people like us, and they also face money problems.

And in the fraud group here, the money can solve the problem, is not small problem.

The matter of buying user information is not called consumption in the eyes of fraudsters. This is called purchasing production materials.

After the data set has collected enough information about the potential victims, the task is half done.


Or let people set.


All this requires complete data camouflage.


Data + words are the core of camouflage.


Man is a suspicious animal.


This is a self-protective instinct left in the blood of our ancestors.

In order to overcome this protection instinct, the data group and the conversational group are designed to complete the data chain and the conversational chain.

The first is data camouflage. The data group will pack information according to people's settings. The main tools are network pictures, circle of friends, and some P pictures.

If you are the overbearing president, then the core of all packaging is that you only have a career and no life, and you keep attending all kinds of high-end meetings (background P figures), all kinds of group photos, all kinds of overtime night scenes, and the core of supporting words is that you don't have much to talk about. Simple and direct, all kinds of complaints about work and discontent with the meeting inadvertently reveal the amount of money in some business.

However, the scam success rate and revenue of the overbearing president has plummeted in recent years. Because everyone is getting smarter, it is hard to believe that a cloud overlord president suddenly fell in love with himself. Those who believe in confession often have never seen the world, and their economic ability is average. There is not much oil and water that is squeezed out.

The person most popular with older women is a positive and energetic workplace.

The core idea of ​​this set of people is to create a positive circle of friends. The positive here is not the chicken soup of the soul, but the love of life. The main photo direction is work and part of social, more is drying overtime, drying The small progress of the work, not seeking wealth and wealth, is trying to show their own sunshine vitality and enterprising spirit.

The corresponding words, the key points that need to be revealed are that they work hard, have no time to fall in love, but they are very eager to fall in love, and their careers are steadily improved a little. Although they are not rich yet, they are obviously getting better and better. Giving women a kind of struggle for her, and knowing the hardships of her own struggle, it is not easy to understand girls.




The most popular person for older men is a mature and willing woman.

The core idea of this set of people is to create a career with their own ideas, not entirely dependent on love, for the struggle full of motivation of the female image, the main photo direction is to post their feelings about life, to express the importance of struggle. Sun overtime, small business, must reflect that they do not want to rely on men, they have bread, just want love.

Correspondence is quick, talk more about your small business, talk about your little business, reveal your little progress, a little surprise, occasionally reveal your desire for love but you've been hurt (it can be divorce with children). Now I only want to live a good life, life partners also have certain requirements, expect the other side can struggle, talk about struggle, struggle is to better meet love.

This set of people set up words and techniques to understand the psychology of older men. They have been desperate for the delicate girl (or don't want to flatter). What they need is an independent woman who can live with her.

This is a dimensional strike against the psychology of older men.

For those with unique orientations (homosexuality), the main core is a gentle and socially cold image.


The photo information of the match is all alone, or pure scenery, with some literary descriptions, high-value photos are necessary, to create such an image.

In the design of conversational art, it is necessary to make each other feel the difficulty of being gay, to appease the victim in an all-round way, and to allow him to quickly recognize that he is the same person who has experienced the same experience.

Homosexuality is socially discriminated against because of its sexual orientation. Therefore, it is often irresistible to be able to experience their high-value homosexuality. In their worldview, the other person and himself are a world person who fight against the world. Prejudice, so you can entrust your back.

In fact, this series of standard people is designed to use people's unconditional trust for the same kind, the desire for a better life, the complementarity of their own deficiencies, and the experience of spiritual emptiness, fully satisfying the conditions of love.

Unfortunately, all this is a lie.


In addition to the traffic group and reference group, the technical group is also a very important part of the fraud ring.

The main work of the technical group is to build a gaming server, do IP pool anti-tracking, orient design front-end gaming interface, control the probability of winning the betting, directly modify the probability of winning and losing, and crawl the user data.

Technology is good or not, reflected in the value of fraud is efficiency and stability.

Whether the gaming interface made out is attractive, whether the front-end frame of the page can be compatible with a variety of betting page templates, in a short period of time, you can configure a completely different front end on the same server, the operation speed of various page visual effects, Whether the interaction with the underlying database is smooth.

The result of gambling determines whether the configuration design is flexible, whether it can be configured on demand, and whether the spring window design has the flexibility to match the copy.

The stability of the server, whether it will hang up, how much high-concurrency concurrency can be carried in response to peer Ddos attacks, how the firewall is designed, and whether the IP pool can be countered by public security.

How efficient the crawler is, how many hours can you complete the attack and defense after being picked up by the marriage website, how to design the ETL cleaning of the crawler data, and whether the user's data table should be expanded dynamically with the wide table or the KV, table field or not. New data and stock data overwrite or update?

Similar technical requirements are numerous.

Doesn't it sound magical? Why is a scam website doing so much?

Because technology is now the core productivity, programmers who write these technologies are by no means new. Many of them are serious programmers who have been deceived by black headhunters in China. Their passports are detained, forcing them to work for betting websites, and part-time killing. The pig tray is technically supported.



Below I will come to a simple science-based pig killing process.


After selecting the victim, go to the second step, the traffic team will be dispatched to communicate with the victim as the website/APP user. Since the contact scene is a marriage website or a social APP, the relationship is very natural. The website is for marriage and marriage, exchange of WeChat, is the sign of the end of the second step.

The third step is to use the circle of friends information, photo information, and the specific speech paradigm prepared by the traffic team to get close to the victim and enter deep communication. Generally, this process will last for 3 days to 2 months, in order to The victim confirms the relationship, or at least achieves the consensus of everyone. In this process, everyone will have nothing to say, and the scammer will be extremely warm, so that the victim can feel the social experience that he has never had before.

In this process, the data group can provide pictures and data support at any time, so as to ensure that there is no collapse and no loopholes in the data.

Step 4, deliberately create events, but do not involve financial interests, only to test the attitude of the victim. For example, when you encounter difficulties with XXX, you need XXX money, and even if the victim takes the initiative to transfer money, he must return it at a higher rate. This step is mainly to test the attitude of the victim. After a few trials, if the victim does not wake up, The relationship between the two sides will be more harmonious, in the process, if a female victim, can also tentatively ask for naked photos, which is in some ways the amulet of the cheater.

This process lasts for 1 to 2 months.


The sixth step, with the help of the technical team, controls the outcome, and at the same time, with the sweet words, the victim gets deeper and deeper, the amount is getting bigger and bigger, and finally all the nets are thrown in.

At the same time, the money laundering group intervened, the money in the gambling website needs to be washed out in some ways. In order to facilitate the user to transfer money or even scan the code payment, the back is bound to the domestic bank account, many of which are the second account of the random account. In this process, the money laundering group needs to quickly split the amount and then jump to the overseas account. If it is RMB, it will cooperate with the Guangdong underground money house; if it is foreign exchange, there will be a special snake head to provide a large amount of human flesh foreign exchange quota, or go The bank's small internal insurance loans.






In fact, there are indeed a large number of domestic Internet people involved (otherwise, I can't quickly mix in), they have given the brand new thinking mode and technical tools for fraud, which makes the power of fraud grow geometrically, professionals Playing with the mind of the user is a breeze.

All this is for money, because defense and operation, as well as offensive money, ah, we all want money, the bottom line of people rely on their own hands, no bottom line of people rely on the blood and trust of others.


Everyone who is harmed by the pigs can hardly get out of this experience. Not only is the huge loss of money, but also the betrayal of feelings. Their despair of human nature is beyond the perception of outsiders.

With the progress of anti-fraud awareness, the conventional methods of fraud have been ruined by science, and the pursuit of love by human beings and the trust of lovers are eternal, using these beautiful emotions to scam, every victim, even if Still alive, my heart is already dead.

In order to improve the success rate and reduce the cost, a telephone service always talks about many people at the same time. All the information is obtained online, and the image search of the search engine is done directly on the person's photos, and in order to improve the success rate and reduce the cost, the pig-killing plate is not difficult. Or directly ask each other to video chat, can effectively crack the other party's scam, but so the few people, because they have fallen into love blind.

And the purpose of the cheater is short-term profit, naturally what sweet words, what promise, can be thrown out, this is more human than ordinary lovers.

Everyone who is deceived by the pigs is not far from money, but the destruction of love and the world.

Originally your world was black and white, and you have become accustomed to the maliciousness of one person to withstand the world.

Then someone picks you up in the colorful clouds, paints the world of yours, and you feel happy.

When you are happiest, take everything away. You find that those sweet pasts contain your mind, even if you don’t even know if they exist.

In the end, you'll think, that's why.

I think the old swimmer may have been thinking about why this is in the process of falling.

Why in this money supremacy world, encountered a person loves you, does not have the impurity, does not have the selfish, does not have the intention, is loves you.

It’s so hard, it’s so hard.


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