Facebook speech recognition is a bad joke: video subtitles can't be looked directly


Artificial intelligence is now the hottest technology in the tech industry, but Facebook (Facebook), the social networking giant, has had a bad technical accumulation in this area and has made jokes about its products.

According to foreign media reports, on Wednesday afternoon, an Anturus rocket built by military giant Northrop Grumman was launched and sent a Swan spacecraft carrying 3.4 tons of cargo. International Space Station. The rocket launched from Volop Island, Virginia, was perfect and the spacecraft arrived at the space station on Friday.

However, a problem arose when NASA's International Space Station planned to launch a video on its Facebook page on Thursday. Apparently, NASA's caption team has not yet seen the video and added subtitles. Some video users turn on Facebook's automatic caption (i.e. speech recognition system automatically recognizes the voice in the video and converts it into text to be displayed on the video screen).


We certainly think that the subtitles on the video are very useful things. Most importantly, subtitles make it easier for people with hearing impairments to watch videos. But when subtitles are so bad, they are actually worthless (or worse, they are a mockery of serious scientific efforts).

The joke also highlights Facebook's weakness in artificial intelligence technology.

Coincidentally, according to recent foreign media reports, Facebook is developing a new voice assistant that understands users' questions or words and offers a variety of answers and services. Facebook hopes to catch up with Amazon's Alexa,. Google assistants and other products.

Facebook has previously introduced a robot assistant service for mobile chat tools, but it also requires the assistance of a human team, and this project has failed.

Foreign media also pointed out that if Facebook wants to enter the voice assistant market, the first step may be to improve its own voice recognition technology and re-upgrade the automatic caption function of network video.

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