Only 13 inches? New generation Macbook Air exposure: narrow border screen

In addition to the new iPhone, Apple will also bring in another new product in September, the cheaper Macbook Air, about which production is already under way.

According to the latest news, Apple's new MacBook Air will only be kept 13 inches, mainly due to its shape adjustment, such as a narrow border screen, and its resolution will also be raised to the retina level.

For the update of the new MacBook Air, Apple's purpose is clear this time, which is to target those users who do not have high income. Before this, the series had already become the most cost-effective thin and light version, but the shape and mold have not been updated, resulting in lower and lower purchasing desire.

As Apple makes fewer notebooks, they need a new Macbook Air to drive overall shipments, and it's necessary to maintain a high value for money.

Finally, the new Macbook Air update may be directly on the official website, for everyone to buy.

New MacBook Air came as soon as September: Mac Mini was also on the way

Just keep it 13 inches new generation Macbook Air exposure match narrow border screen.

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