Map of National Coke

Map of National Coke

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Now in the air-conditioned room, tons of tons of tons of drinking water, the happy house may not know, 2019, and half of the hospitals dare to ask: When this Coca-Cola is popular around the world, perhaps you know that there is a home in your hometown. A fascinating flavor, where did you dare to challenge Coca and Pepsi?

Well, you don't know if you call yourself after 00. It is not true, if the hospital office saw that bottle of Tianfu coke in Chengdu street freezer that day, I can not remember the domestic beverage coke branch, also once brilliant, reprimanded the RMB that has not depreciated countless.

Do you have one for your home?

At that time, beautiful young boys and girls loved to drink Coke in the park.

Tianfu Coke, a famous drink in Southwest China

After the 00-year-old dog friend, a child who was swallowed up by a sweet carbonated beverage packed in capitalist icing, he told me the first time he had experienced the experience of Tianfu Coke: "My mom bought it back that day and gave it to me. Bring a bottle of Coke. When I look at the packaging, I think she is teasing me, what is Tianfu Cola?"

Just it. Is there an impression after Sichuan and Chongqing 00?

After taking a sip, he suspected that his mother had put the Chinese medicine into this plastic bottle like the Coca-Cola in the cottage. One couldn’t say that Huang Zhenlong was mixed with Coke, or Coke was added to the essence of the Concentrate of Herbalism, which made him unforgettable. And in the next few years, I have never had a second drink.

And in Chongqing, the hometown of Tianfu Coke, in the post-80s generation, Tianfu Coke was as indispensable to them as today's Vita lemon tea, where a bottle of coke was missing from the table, and the children cried and dumped chopsticks instead of eating.

Weibo netizens @ all said that Tianfu Coke on the table with small eyes was not young.

In 1981, the secret formula of Tianfu Coke was born in Chongqing, one of the eight largest beverage factories in China in the 1980s. Dog Friends said it was not unreasonable for Tianfu Coke to have the taste of traditional Chinese medicine. Their own officials said that all the raw materials were made of natural traditional Chinese medicine. During the research and development period, a mouse experiment was also conducted to resist aflatoxin.

It's not like you're in the chemistry lab.

In short, although you are drinking carbonated drinks, but unexpectedly can drink Wang Laoji this kind of healthy feeling. The hospital office has not drank this happy water, some people say it is not as sweet as Coca-Cola, gas is not so enough, but these are not important, because for friends in Sichuan and Chongqing, Tianfu Coke is the enlightening teacher who began to touch happy drinking coke.

Which handsome man and woman do not want to drink Tianfu Cola with the object on the seaside motorcycle?

In 1927, Coca-Cola entered the Chinese market. Not only did Nguyen Lingyu, the hottest movie star in Shanghai at the time, speak for himself, but also found a lot of celebrities to shoot posters.

This was the case in the period of the Republic of China.

In the case that the city was surrounded by the dual occupation, the domestic cola also wanted to break through the barrier and kill a path of its own. In addition to the mouth of the children and the mouth of the local residents, Tianfu Cola also tried to promote and find good-looking. Beauty shoot poster:

Tianfu-cola 90 's advertisement poste

Walk a few advertising cars all over the street:

There are several energy supply stations in the park attractions:

These were just small cases, and in 1985, when the reform and opening up had not been a few years ago, leaders visited Chongqing to taste the first Tianfu Coke.

"God, this is the Chinese own cola!"

Apart from saying nothing, I was selected as a national banquet drink and sent it to be called "a generation of famous drink". This is the most iron advertisement.

For the elementary school students at that time, the 3A orange juice was abandoned, and the Tianfu Cola, which shared the five hairs and one glass, in a crowdfunding way was the first AA happiness experience. These wonderful first experiences with carbonated drinks also laid their first impression of Coke.

So in 1994, when Tianfu Cola and PepsiCo joint venture, after a bankruptcy, they began to miss the taste of Chinese medicine and childhood memories. After that, Tianfu Coke finally got back its secret recipe and trademark from Pepsi, and in 2016, it has returned to the happy rivers and lakes.

South China Coke's three-minute heat.

When it comes to South China Coke, the first reaction of the hospital is Asian Sha Shi, but when I shouted these words, several Guangdong hospitals in the hospital stopped their work, and they spoke with almost the same tone of indifference

Asian sand is soda.

Can it look like a cola without its dark brown appearance? An hour later, I received a bottle of Asian sands from crowdfunding under their white-eyed attack - well, it was a scent of cola.

Well, Asian salsa is not coke, but it can be said to be Guangzhou people's favorite happy water, is black, ginger and tangerine taste with nitrogen injection into rotten (delicious) soda.

Not only that, compared with those in South China's eight-year-old Coke map, it is more than ox, because it's a recipe for adding herbal tea to steam and water in order to fire the Cantonese people.

If the Asian sand show is not a cola, then what about the cola in South China? Perhaps, do you know the legendary Shaolin mouth music? Well, the hospital did not make a typo, it was really a mouthful.

I can even understand this name because the Cantonese cola is similar to the mouth music.

This Shaolin mouth music, which was played by the mouse experiment with health care function, was born in Lianjiang, Guangdong. It was born in a few years after the movie trend. The children who came out of the theater wanted to leave home and go to Shaolin Temple to become the next one. Li Lianjie, but not yet able to set off to the Shaolin Temple, you think you can only rely on the Shaolin mouth music in the corner corner of the store to feel the dream of the rivers and lakes?

No, Shaolin oral music is still a high-grade goods at that moment, can be more expensive than ordinary soda.

Every primary school student wants to be a tiger with kung fu and walking around the world.

Who can think that Shaolin's mouth music has not yet smashed the country with the "Shaolin Temple", and it has already fallen with the calm of the Shaolin Temple. What’s even worse is that the pictures of Shaolin’s mouth and even a bottle have not been passed down.

If the post-80s generation still has an impression of South China Coke, then you should remember that there is also a cross-century famous item called Fenhuang Coke.

This name Coke really has a three-minute heat, and it has a great potential: I spent $1.2 billion to come to Jackie Chan as a spokesperson, let us enjoy the 1.2 billion ads together:

This 38-meter-long dragon boat cost 2 million, but it was 1998!

As a result, the second year of the listing, this mighty TV advertising campaign took the factory's 1999 net profit. In the new century, the new phenomenon, the Huanghuang Coke closed down. (Is it a curse in the advertising world that Jackie Chan can't say?)

Jackie Chan: Shut me

Although the two local colas in South China looked at the unknown, and did not play the role of revitalizing China, the small train went slightly north. In East China, two colas were trying to get rid of delicious and Pepsi.

The struggle of East China Coke Giants-very vs Happiness

Born in Shanghai, Happiness Cola and born in Hangzhou Coca-Cola, although not selling in the same period, but have not known how many generations in East China.

How can this red and white design be so familiar with the words Lucky Cola?

One night in the 79 years of reforming the spring breeze, Happiness Cola inserted an advertisement in the gap between basketball games without people realizing that it was a TV commercial.

This ad can't be found, but you can still see it often on political topics:

It was the first television advertisement of CCTV, and there were no more TV channels at that time. In that year, there's no refrigerator in the house. No happy coke.

Happy Coke poster on the streets of Shanghai (a friend who is advertising design)

For a time, the streets and alleys of the country were filled with bottles of happiness, which was more motivating than those big slogans.

It is also the very coke of the Chinese people's own coke, which was repeatedly emphasized at the beginning of its founding and even printed on the bottle.

Can you think of Wahaha and your own cola?

Its rise history can be said to be Huawei in the cola. After being teased by the imperialist capitalists, it still sells it. The hospital has collected Taobao comments and found that most of the friends who bought it are looking for memories. The office said that he had not received irrigation from the wolf cola during his childhood.

Happiness Coke is called lucky cola can understand, but you are very coke called future cola!

A post-80s elderly hospital recalled that when he went to college for military training, a senior chased a younger sister in the military training team, who said she wanted to drink Coca-Cola.

The senior bought a very cola, just because it was fifty cents cheaper than Coca-Cola, um, cheap. Although I saw a very cola school girl still smiled and picked up the past. But in the end, the school girl ran with another school student who was willing to spend five cents on her to buy Coca-Cola.

This story tells us that falling in love is really just a matter of fifty cents.

Compared with Shaolin Kou Le in South China, Fenhuang Coke and East China version are obviously closer to what we know as delicious and Pepsi, but coke in North China seems to be challenging our taste limit.

Daishan Cola behind the fairy god water

Do you remember Laoshan white flower snake grass water, which was popular a few years ago? the hospital office can not forget that year's graduation trip to Qingdao with dog friends, what great adventure to lose, the fear of being dominated by white flower snake grass water made me dare not step into the land of Qingdao in my life.


Well, it's not so hard to drink (it's more difficult to drink than people say), a drink because it's hard to drink and fire, even in the mind of the institution of the cherry-flavored cola and the ginseng-like screaming education, it's still hard to mask it with the "Immortal water", I'm sorry, It belongs to harmful garbage.

However, Lushan Mineral Water Co., Ltd., as early as 1953 before the birth of Lushan White Snake Grass Water, made Coke!

According to their urine, it is not enough, the ingredients list is rich to the next door, the children are crying:

The Young Pioneers who went to the park to drink Laoshan Coke in the last century

Although the white flower snake grass water was not born at that time, it did not affect Laoshan Coke on the basis of natural Laoshan mineral water (legendary healthy water), adding more than a dozen kinds of Chinese herbal medicine and rich carbon dioxide to become China's first carbonated drink.

“The unique formula makes the taste refreshing and sweet, pleasant and pleasant.”

Ok, a whole bottle of Laoshan coke, hiccups are a taste of traditional Chinese medicine, originally fat house limited happy water has become healthy.

The hospital office with fragrance master qualification certificate took out the scientific rigour attitude of junior high school to do chemical experiment, and found that the front tune was the rolling mountain spring flowing down from the top of 1132 meters above sea level, the middle tune was the bubble that burst on the surface of the water, and then passed on the aroma of traditional Chinese medicine and coffee and plum flavor for five thousand years, cough.

The Qingdao friend of the hospital told me that Lu cuisine is notoriously salty, and the Chinese medicine inside can be depressurized. The perennial manuscripts caused the head baldness and the first-grade high blood pressure, and he took out a certain amount of money for a whole year.

In short, after writing this domestic cola, the table on the hospital has piled up a lot of bottles and cans of Coca-Cola. Only the impact of carbonated soda can remind me of the taste memory of the first cola.

In the long time line, there are yellow mountain coke, Chinese coke, nine-star coke, silver heron coke, Olympus, Yueguan coke, Changning coke, Hongrun coke, Xianjin coke.

There are also some breweries that are very good, and want to play some colas - Sichuan Blue Sword Coke and Fuyang Brewery's five-star cola.

Although the body of the hospital has gone halfway through half a hundred, it is still a stage of yoga and early sleep when it is forced to eat salad and sugar, but still can't help but buy a bottle of cola and shake the bottle at a moment when you want to relax. Screw the cover, when the carbon dioxide gas hits my head, it seems to say: wake up you. Then take a sip of your head and taste buds full of memories and explosions. What kind of cola is it? Happy.

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