The rise of Campus Band begins with getting rid of "Campus Band"

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Some say, the band's summer is out of fire, the band's good times come.

When Lin Yadong heard Park Shu's first album's first song < New Boy > again, he choked several times. At that moment, many people were brought to what Gao Xiaosong called the day of fluttering white clothes-the golden age of Chinese rock and roll in the 1980s and 1990s, and the golden age of the development of Chinese campus bands.

the golden age of the campus band

In 1986, with a song "nothing," Cui Jian, the father of Chinese rock and roll, opened the era of Chinese rock and roll and became the first sound of Chinese rock and roll. After that, Panther, Tang Dynasty and other bands, as the first Chinese rock band, became synonymous with Chinese rock and roll in that period, leading mainland rock and roll into a brilliant period.

The 1990s was the golden decade of rock development, and it was also the time when the “school band” was in full swing in China.

During the great turning point of reform and opening up, the cultural atmosphere of mainland colleges and universities gave birth to a group of young people who loved music. They were full of passion, yearning for freedom, showing themselves, and they had extremely high creative enthusiasm and desire to express themselves at the front end of the times. They inherited the spirit and connotation of western rock music, and at the same time, they were driven to rock music by being confused about the future and economic abject poverty under the background of the times. Rock music is used to express their perplexity and resistance.

That is to say, under the atmosphere of that period, rock and roll ignited countless college young people who love music. On the mainland campus, a group of talented and powerful campus bands emerged. Among them, there are 43 Baojia Street, familiar to us.

It is a pity that this golden period was short-lived. Soon after, due to the chaos of business model, the withdrawal of capital and the stagnation of creation, Chinese rock fell into a trough after a brief bloom. After that, rock music went underground, and the school band became a group of students who were “not doing business” in the condemnation of parents and teachers.

A generation will grow old, but there are always young people

The Hedgehog band sang in "The train is heading for the clouds, dreams of the soul in the nine", "a generation will eventually grow old, but there are always people young." Although the highlights of rock in the 1990s have passed, there are always young people who love music. In the 30 years of development, the campus band did not lose the love of the students, but the music they liked went from the mainstream to the niche.

With the development of Chinese music industry from the record era to the digital music era, taking advantage of the east wind of the Internet and self-media, the communication conditions of the development of independent music in China have gradually improved greatly. Even if there is no strong financial capacity, lack of external packaging, as long as you have excellent strength, can come up with outstanding music works, enough to win the audience in the era of self-media.

In the era of multi-value consumption, more subdivision music has been developed in the gap of pop music with the help of commercialization, colliding with a variety of content and forms of entertainment economy, and gradually emerging in the mainstream culture and becoming the new favorite of millennials. In this context, a group of college students with publicized personality and aesthetic diversity began to become active again. From "underground" to "ground", they often appear in a variety of campus activities, events, livehouse, through these ways into people's horizons.

In recent years, the mainland music festival market has gradually grown, according to statistics, 2018 new music festival brands reached 140. Capital promotes the development of major music festivals and livehouse, and campus bands also spread and send talented musicians. Unlike in the 1990s, their music style is no longer limited to rock and roll, but has more subdivided and richer styles such as pop, jazz, blues, metal, punk, England, reggae and so on. Compared with mainstream music, independent music, although the audience is narrow, but can really make achievements, but also attract a stable audience.

The distance from "Campus Band" to "Professional Band"

The free and open campus environment is a hotbed for the band, but not all campus bands can find a good home.

Obscurity is even criticized as a stage that all professional bands have to go through in their early development. In addition to unnoticed, campus bands also have to face many external factors. Xiao Jie, who once played a band in college, told us: "the band formed in that year also wrote a few songs, participated in performances, won awards, but later, the reality of employment, postgraduate entrance examination, going abroad and so on, the band had no choice but to dissolve." In fact, in the final analysis, we are not very optimistic about the professionalization of the band, in China, the development of bands is too difficult. "

Most campus bands are short of money. Even some of the well-known bands in "The Summer of the Band" still live a dual identity, earning a living by social work, and insisting on insisting on music.

The development of the campus band not only requires the tolerance of the big environment for the band, but also the strength of the campus band itself. Although the environment is harsh on the professional environment of the band, the campus band also has the problem of insufficient strength and insufficient perseverance. In addition to the need for funds to purchase equipment and other "hard core demand", the other is basically to see the musicians on the music or not. A group of bands that are really interested in perseverance will automatically be separated from the campus band in a few years, becoming a band with their own style and original strength.

"only by getting rid of the position of being a 'campus band' can we develop," a professional music critic said of the campus band. The "campus band" here may not be a simple emphasis on student status, but refers to those who play with tickets, pursue music more in the release of hormones, and often refuse to grow up as "I'm just a student band."

With the development of social media and the diversity of millennials, attention is becoming more and more scarce in this era. Love music and do music are two different things, the development of the band not only needs to invest money to buy equipment to buy musical instruments, but also needs to invest a lot of energy to practice constantly, improve the quality of the band, and at the same time maintain the creation of quality works. But the reality is that most campus bands find it difficult to hold on. Perhaps the formation of the band is like love, as soon as the honeymoon period, friction with each other will occur, the enthusiasm for music will also be challenged, which is the current campus band's general situation.

The disbanding of the band is a rare thing on campus, but whether it is for a moment of interest or true love, it requires the persistence and unity of each member of the band. The distance between the “school band” and the “professional band” is not so easy. It can be crossed, but when the campus time of Qinglan has passed, how to continue the music is the question that the band really should think about.

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Campus band rise get away campus band

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