How does the Chinese-style dinner bureau evolve into the "gonggong" of two women?

How does the Chinese-style dinner bureau evolve into the "gonggong" of two women?

This article is from WeChat Public Number: Everyone ( ID: I Press ) by Hou Hongbin.

Chinese people especially like to eat "rice", not the meal itself, but the profound meaning of the "meal." Through dinner, complete social, complete communication, business, but also entertainment, can be called omnipotent.

Recently, a meal in the financial circle has once again set off a storm. Someone took a picture of a group of young people in the dinner. First, there was a man and a woman, and the two men picked up their tops and looked at each other. They looked very indecent. Although there are photos in the photo that everyone is happy with the camera, this is not the point. Everyone cares about the girl who was photographed, and the girl who took the photo.

Online video of the dinner


An assistant to the director of a securities company and Ma Jun, the chief of the communications industry, had a trouble. According to the network big V@曹山石 broke the news, this dinner is a group of Ma Jun’s offline gatherings, each of whom is a familiar friend, “so just like the old classmates.” Liu Fengyuan (formerly Baoying Investment Director) Introduction, now for private placements, there is no product in hand and no new wealth voting rights. "Not for the dinner of the new wealth canvassing, but the gathering of friends, so there are investors, sellers, secretaries of the board of directors and even the media. People." But because it is catching up with the new wealth-sensitive period, the event is fermented.

This matter has consequences. New Fortune magazine official Wei said that the securities firm Ma Jun and other participating in the New Fortune Best analyst rating qualification.

Official micro screenshot of New Fortune Magazine

Photographers also showed up soon. She is Zhang Bingjie, director of investor relations for Chinese traditional medicine. Originally, she had dinner with Liu Fengyuan, but Liu took the other party with him when he wanted to attend Ma Jun's dinner. As a result, Zhang Bingjie took photos and videos at the scene and spread them.

If you look at the pictures and small videos, you will feel that the "scale" in the dinner is the biggest one, and it must be regarded as the scene of the two men's swearing, it is really spicy eyes. The two men kissed in the squatting, and they could be ranked second. The men and women hugged each other and could only go back. However, in this incident, netizens did not care about the many men involved, but only concerned about and only spread the news of the female party, and made a clear understanding of the women and the securities communications industry analyst Liao Lei’s previous life. .

Online photo of dinner

In addition to the public's public interest that women's private life is ten times more demanding than men's, of course, thanks to the sneak shot of Zhang Bingjie.

Zhang Bingjie said in the crowd, "I think girls still have to have dignity, this world is not good, but at least I want to be normal, a bit more correct mentality, in order to solicit tickets to sleep." "I really discussed this matter in the group, think girls should have their own bottom line."

Chat records of parties circulating on the internet

And Liao Lei’s feedback also came out. Zhang Bingjie was brought to dinner by his brother. “She not only deliberately chose this angle to shoot the video, but also maliciously slandered her own large group, saying that I slept up to canvass. What is this completely nonsense?" "And I really don't have a pro." She took two days off and was looking for a lawyer.

This "rice meal" incident has been extended to the outside, Liao Lei and Zhang Bingjie's past experiences of financial women who are quite high in value are also presented on the Internet:

Liao Lei was born in a very poor family. His parents were laid-off workers and his father also lost his ability to take care of himself. She studied in Tsinghua University for a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in machinery and automation. After graduation, she made a live broadcast to accumulate fame and finally joined the Top Group of New Wealth and became an analyst in the Internet industry of securities companies. She had won the fourth and second place of New Wealth respectively and was quite famous in the circle.

Party Information circulating on the Internet

Zhang Bingjie, the family is excellent, the provincial capital key famous school graduates, the achievement is mediocre, went to a Hong Kong not quite well-known university reads the media, from the mixed student union begins to infiltrate the financial circle all the way, has achieved the listed company IR. There is her autobiography on the Internet, "I am an ordinary person, how to get a foothold in a talented Hong Kong", which says, "I really think I'm bullshit if I take a financial test." "well, I don't know about finance. I can get a 50% discount on my salary. I'm sure I can."

"I am ordinary, how to establish a foothold in talented Hong Kong?" screenshots of the internet

Comparing the professional resumes of the two, neither side is like a fuel-efficient lamp. No wonder the netizens see it as a "gongdou".


It was not the first time that the dinner was an accident. The "Big Lord" dinner was sent online, and Feng Xiaogang's "night feast" let the girls dance... all the troubles of the dinner. Including this time.

The problem is that private meals, private exchanges, should not be transmitted to the public domain. Private conversations and performances of small circles should not be spread without public interest. Not only that, it is also unethical to put the screenshots in the small group without the consent of the other party. It’s a sneak peek, there is no private domain. Is this what we want to see?

The Biography of Wei Zhongxian in the History of the Ming Dynasty recorded: "there are four people who drink in secret room at night, one person who drinks wine and scolds Zhongxian, but the three of them dare not speak out." The scold did not end, the four people to Zhonxian, that is, broken scolding, and work three people gold. The three men dare not move. "

In the early years of Yongzheng, people who set up a troop to ride, the people of logic investigation everywhere. Zhao durian wrote "Xiao Ting miscellaneous records", "Wang Dianyuan brocade in New Year's Day with Qi as a leaf play, suddenly lost a leaf." Day by day, asked the night for joy, Wang Yishi. Laughter said:'do not bully the dark room. Real Koshiro' Because of the sleeve out of the leaves, that is, the king lost the leaves at night. " That is to say, the officials played cards at home and later lost one card. As a result, the emperor returned the card to him the next day.

So, scared enough?

Of course, the nature of the past and the present is different, and the consequences are not so serious, but it is forced by the public opinion to lose work. Subdivided, there are some subtle differences in a few things. When Feng Xiaogang’s “Night Banquet” was made public, the videographers wanted to praise and praise the elegant, and who knew it was read out by the public for the “greasy” depth, which made them unexpected. While the "analyst meal", when Zhang Bingjie announced the video, he was holding a sigh of social turmoil and reshaping the woman's bottom line.

It seems as if Zhang Bingjie himself said publicly: "I quickly received a lot of support outside the school by virtue of my looks: the organizational programs of the major campuses were copied casually, and the presidents took my activities unconditionally with me to fight relations." this year, " I became a rich student sister, all kinds of shopping, so that temperament and vision wide open. "

Is her bottom line high?

Moral guards are terrible. If you are the kind of old lady who thinks that one generation is inferior to another, it can also be understood that you are just behind the times and use the old ideas you believe in to bind others. However, Zhang Bingjie is obviously not. She may have been a former profit-maker of " female superiority", and her article writes that she is full of wonderful " opening up" and that her life is a success from " neither this nor that". Her swimsuit photo is charming and her dress is very low - I don't think it's a problem. However, when a woman younger than her also won popularity and fame with a similar " female advantage", she was furious: " I think girls should still have dignity. "

Suppose Zhang Bingjie's business level is very good, but Liao Lei is not, can still be regarded as Zhang disgust Liao Lei's technique is not good; however, from the resume, the business ability of Liao Lei that younger than her may be stronger than her. This may be jealousy. This kind of double mark, in Zhang Bingjie's "snitch history" painted a bit more black.

Photos of Ma Jun Research team posted online

Why is a private meal dominated by men and more " explosive" in indecent behavior regarded by the public as a war between two women? This has something to do with the subjective perspective of the photographer. In the financial industry, the securities industry, or many other industries, men still hold an absolute dominant position. Zhang Bingjie does not pay attention to whether such private gatherings have an impact on the fairness of the securities industry's appraisal system, nor does she mention the behavior of several men who are in positions higher than Liao Lei's. She only pays attention to the morality of girls.


However, I am not supporting Liao Lei and the men behind her.

I once talked to some friends about a "career heart" problem. It is in the workplace, including at higher levels, that some women can pay any price to achieve their career goals. They are eager for success and achievement, but not for money alone, but for the promotion of their careers. They use the body, but also professional skills, IQ online, this kind of goal, have a "career" people, really easy to succeed.

Can't say a word.

In fact, as a professional woman, many career goals can be reached without the body and want to cut corners.

To take a step back, such a meal is still far from rising to the extent of using the body, just greasy. Men and women are very greasy.

It is difficult to distinguish between two women by "Tsinghua poor women" or "school rich women". When they entered the relevant industry, in fact, the differences in their origins have been eliminated, no matter what their origins, they have consistently demonstrated "wolf sex" in their respective workplace competitions.

Unfortunately, they understand women's " wolf nature" as a " palace fight". They want to grab as much attention as possible in the field where men are the absolute home court. On the eve of the selection of an industry, Zhang Bingjie tried to invite an important person from the industry to dinner alone, and the person was closer and more eager to Liao Lei and others - Liao took the lead and Zhang released the " evidence of guilt" to the public.

Chat Records of the parties circulating on the Internet

How is this different from the palace?

The battle in the workplace is not how to make statements more beautiful, with higher profit margins and more obvious technical advantages, but rather like the one in the imperial harem. This is really annoying. In the eyes of netizens, the two parties are like any two concubines in " Story of Yanxi Palace" or " Ruyi\\'s Royal Love in the Palace", both attacking and defending, but the pattern is there, making people unable to look up.

I remember that many years ago, a girl who had just graduated went to Beijing. She told me that she was tired and had to take a bus half way through Beijing and go to different meals almost every day she didn't like it. I asked, then why do you have to go? She said she was too young to have the resources in the city and needed to find more job opportunities from these meals. Maybe there would be a chance to attend 10 meals? Also, it's best to find a boyfriend.

I think modern women are too difficult and too tired.

It's not that I can't understand women's sense of urgency for success. For women, in many areas of the workplace there is a self-evident need to "sell", "sell" good, high face, can obtain more career resources. This golden period is very short, so they are very anxious, age a little more anxious. But can this concept and status quo change in a short period of time? It's hard.

The Chinese-style dinner, full of dramatic scenes, is accidental and inevitable.

From WeChat Public name: ID:ipress, by Hou Hongbin.

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Chinese style meal evolved into two women palace fights

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