Yesterday, Science and Technology Innovation Board's 2nd Review meeting agreed to Fuguang shares, Huaxingyuan Chuang and Ruichuang Weiner three companies to start, according to the Shanghai Stock Exchange website.

The audit opinion shows that the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee requests the Fuguang Stock to supplement the related R & D expense account and the verification conclusion on the classification basis of the relevant technical products by the recommendation agency, and requests the Huaxing source to create and supplement the product sales income corresponding to the core technology; To ask for information such as the basis of the company's actual controller.

At the same time, the first batch of three companies, Microcore Bio, Tianzhun Technology and Anji Technology, which were accepted by the Listing Committee on June 5, were successfully submitted to the CSRC for registration.

Science and technology board second instance discharge fuguang shares

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