Demystifying the behind-the-scenes players of Instant Audio

"Instant Audio" was searched hot again. This time, Zhang Yixing was suspected of being insulted by Da Zhangwei fans and left the recording scene with anger.

Throughout the winter, the variety market has not seen any topic. This collection of electronic music competitions such as Zhang Yixing, Da Zhangwei, Shang Wenyi and other stars has become the current traffic.

In the last two years, electronic music has become the most popular type of music among young people.

PingWest product play discovery, the international electric sound festival tries to hold in the domestic; At nightclubs in the north and north, almost every month there are performances by TOP100's electric sound producers. NetEase also set up an electric sound label "anti-prickle" to test the water. "instant Electric Voice" also saw this trend and chose to use electric sound as the starting point. Want to attract more trendy young people. "instant" in the program name, in addition to the name factor, but also the meaning of "immediate release of happiness."

Instant voice is called "instant". When it was born, instant was an information push tool, which is a standard content tool. In early 2018, an immediate decision was made to move from a tool product to a community product.

In January and May of 2016, the company immediately secured round B financing, and in February 2018, it even took $30 million in round C financing from Tencent's Win-win Fund.

Relative to the mass market, instant is a niche product.

Knowing this immediately, they chose sponsored variety shows, and wanted to push themselves to the mass market with the help of the topic and traffic of the show. In 2018, they sponsored the three programs of Instant Audio, Chinese Music Bulletin, and Story King 2.

In early 2018, immediately decided from tool products, transition community products. Immediate co-founder Lin Hang describes the transition as "survival desire," saying, "Transformation is actually a desire to survive."

Transformation is about reality – immediate data shows that users need more interaction, resonance, companionship, not a single content consumption; it is also about ideals – instantly want to be a more influential product, hoping to eliminate young People's loneliness can bring resonance and growth to them. In Lin Hang's view, the community is a bigger market than content tools.

Transition from tools to communities

It was launched in 2015 and was recommended by major technology bloggers from 2016 to 2017. It has gradually become a high-profile product in the Internet circle.

In the beginning, immediate positioning is an information push tool. The user immediately pays attention to the topic of interest, and the product tracks the dynamics and pushes the information for the user. At that time, the theme on the product was still the responsibility of the operations editor. At the end of 2016, the user-built theme was gradually opened and the right to operate the editor was handed over to the user. This feature makes it instantly prominent in many content products, which means users can create their own themes and receive reminders according to their real needs.

Therefore, we can see a lot of interesting and interesting topics, such as "Wang Lao Ju Future Technology Co., Ltd.", "Light Leopard posted new articles", "there is also negative news from big companies." These topics are difficult to set and classify in other content products, community products, but are immediately implemented with their own algorithm engines.

At this time of the moment, more people think of it as a rss ifttt tool.

The team soon discovered that users were in great demand for interaction.

“The reason why we chose the direction of the right community is based on the user observation when we made the content subscription.” Lin Hang told PingWest to play, and immediately opened the theme square, the team found that the product activity became higher. Lin Hang gave an example. In the "Latest Emoticons" theme, you can see that people who use the same set of expressions are chatting and interacting, and even exchange their favorite expression packs. This allows the immediate team to move the idea of ​​transformation.

Re-targeting community products from 2018 onwards. Now when you open it, you will find that the recommended stream is almost all UGC content. Even the user-built theme features that were once popular have been temporarily closed.

From tools to the community, this is not a very abrupt, tough turn. After users consume the content, they need more communication and interaction. From the tool to the community is a very natural thing.

Most people's demand for content consumption, not so strong. At the same time, there are already many content products in the market that can provide different angles and functions. It is difficult to form a unique advantage as a dedicated content service product, and more importantly, it is difficult to reach more people.

In Lin Hang's view, the content is a very cold content. It is difficult for 100,000 people to look at the same content to eliminate the loneliness of the 100,000 people. The discussion and interaction between the people and the self-built content can be. Content is difficult to eliminate people's loneliness, but the community can. Since there is such an opportunity, why not do it.

Find resonance in the community

After confirming the positioning of the community, it immediately sponsored three series of variety shows "Instant Audio", "Chinese Music Bulletin Board", "Story King 2", which correspond to the trend group, the rice circle and the pan-secondary group, etc. Young people. For the moment, entertainment marketing is currently a more efficient means of mass communication. They need to use these three popular programs to let users build awareness of products in the short term.

These vertical users flood into the community and do cause conflicts with the original users. In order to let these users have a better experience in the community, they have done a lot of work. They identify the source of the user, recommend the circle that is more likely to be of interest to the user, and provide a choice at the novice guide. For example, they set up a program-related circle for Instant Audio.

A good community cannot be a small group of people. It cannot be made up of programmers, white-collar workers, or stargazers. It should be that different people can play in their own small circle, and can reach consensus in the public area. Lin does not see the impact of new users on the community. "New users and old users have similar needs for content," he said.

Immediately in the community also spent a lot of attention to play. In "Black Mirror" group circle, immediately launched a text game, which uses text to present the story of "Black Mirror", users choose different options to determine the fate of the role. The production team watched Black Mirror eight times and spent two nights working on the game. Immediately will be based on the characteristics of each circle, online different interactive games, providing more interactive scenes and possibilities.

Instant is not a social product, but a community product.

The connection here is not peer-to-peer. It is not a contact with WeChat after getting the contact information. It is not a pure stranger interaction, but a community where everyone gathers in the same environment and has continuous interaction and resonance. Lin Hang said that what he wants to do right now is that young people can find companionship and resonance here, which can dissolve his loneliness. He can gain a lot of growth in his growth path.

This is the long-term value that you want to give immediately.

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