Liu Zuohu Exposure Plus 7 Real Machine Video Redefining Light and Smooth

[TechWeb] April 18th news, yesterday night, one plus technology CEO Liu Zuohu exposed a real machine video on Weibo, and said it was the most smooth one plus mobile phone.

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Liu Zuohu said: "very confident to tell you that a new product will lead the industry into a" smooth "experience of the new era. It's also the most fluency phone I've ever used, and we're going to redefine lightness & fluency. "

He also said: "To be extremely smooth, to put forward higher requirements for hardware selection, system optimization, software architecture, is also a manifestation of a brand's comprehensive capabilities."

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In terms of appearance, he revealed: "the appearance of the new product, just a word" beauty ", I can use" every time I see very moved "to describe.

From the video we blurred to see the silhouette of the fuselage, as if using a curved screen design.

Comprehensive information on foreign materials, one plus one prepared for one plus seven and one plus seven Pro two products, of which, one plus 7 Pro will be similar to the vivo NEX pop-up front camera, curved screen design, and standard The version does not have a pop-up camera with a drop screen design.

For other configurations, the One Plus 7 series will come standard with the Snapdragon 855 chip, with up to 10GB of RAM, support for screen fingerprints, and built-in 4150mAh battery.

It is reported that the aircraft may be released on May 14. As for more product details, let us wait and see!

Liu Zuohu exposure plus 7 real machine video definition brisk smooth

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