Tesla CEO Musk and Buffett: Don't ruin the Ice Queen


[TechWeb] April 15, Tesla CEO Musk and "stock god", Berkshire CEO Buffett on the bar today, said he hoped that Buffy specifically destroyed the ice and snow queen (Dairy Queen, (DQ). Ice Queen is a Berkshire company.

Musk's Twitter screenshot


The cause of the incident is this. Buffett recently interviewed the media and talked about Musk, saying that Musk's frequent Twitter behavior needs to be improved. He said, "He is a great person. I just don't think it is necessary to communicate."

Buffett said he was in sharp contrast to Musk's Twitter habits, saying he started using Twitter because a friend asked if he could sign up for him and post for him.


Musk saw the news and began spurting back at Buffett. Musk said, Mr. Buffett, please stop destroying the snow queen, please. Musk did not elaborate, but should be referring to the ice queen's products, services or business problems.

In addition, under this tweet, there are netizens asking for "boring candy". Musk responded that the “boring” candy is about to be launched soon.

But why did Musk launch "boring" candy, or even candy company? This will start with a "mouth" from him and Buffett.

Musk space debate "stock god" Buffett

The first round of the debate

At Tesla’s 2018 first quarter earnings conference call last year, Musk told analysts that the concept of “moat” was poor and unconvincing. If your only barrier against enemy invasion is the moat, you can't last long. What really matters is the speed of innovation. This is the most important factor in maintaining competitiveness.

Buffett loves moat theory and has spoken of it on a number of occasions. Buffett believes that a truly great company must have a "moat" that can last forever in order to protect companies from enjoying a high rate of return on investment capital.

The second round of the debate

At the subsequent Berkshire Shareholders' Meeting, some investors narrated Musk's statement and asked Buffett that many industries are getting faster and faster in the pace of competition, technology is changing everything, and Musk's statement ?

Buffett responded that the rapid advancement of technology has indeed accelerated the destruction of "moats" in certain industries in recent years, but does not believe that technology has destroyed the "moat" of every industry.

Buffett said that there are still some very good moats, such as becoming a low-cost producer. For example, Buffett said that technology has not really reduced the cost of competitors of Berkshire's insurer Geico, and Geico has consolidated its moat. For example, Berkshire's See's Candies also has a moat because of its strong brand.

Berkshire bought Hyacinth Candy, a famous candy brand, in 1972. Buffett also often uses hymn candy as an example. Like, "look at the Candy, if you live in California, you're a teenage boy, you go to your girlfriend's house, you give her a box of candy, and she kisses you." In fact, you didn't get that effect if you sent cheap candy at that time. So, these products that we invest in, and you want to send them out, people want to kiss you, not slap you in the face, and that's an interesting thing. "

The third round of the debate

Musk and Buffett are more energetic, saying that to set up a candy company, it will be very good, I am very serious.

Musk social account screenshot

Musk social account screenshot

As shown above, Musk posted a candy photo on his Instagram social account, labeled boring candy (boring candy), and a profile picture of himself.



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