Zhou Hongyi: you can't afford to buy a house from nine to five. You can't count on 996.


[TechWeb] A few days ago, in an interview with domestic media, Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO, talked about the recent hot topic 996. he said that in China, wages can only solve the problem of living. If you want to buy a house, you have to get a stake in the company, not expect 996.

Zhou Hongyi said bluntly, "if anyone here can really do a happy job and balance the relationship between family and work, I will call him Master."

Zhou Hongyi agreed with Ma Yun's remarks on the 996 work system that all of them were entrepreneurs and did creative activities. The results of a design that took 40 minutes and four days were not the same.

"996 must be voluntary... but it will not be able to make money for nine to five." Zhou Hongyi said. He believes that 996 is a market behavior.

Ma Yun said before 996 that "the real 996 is not a simple overtime, not a monotonous physical activity, and has nothing to do with exploitation." "The real 996 should be spending time learning, thinking and self-improvement."

On April 12, Liu Qiangdong said in his WeChat moments, "JD.com has not implemented the last elimination system in the last four or five years!" People expand rapidly, more and more people give orders, fewer and fewer people work, and the number of people living around is increasing rapidly! In this way, JD.com is doomed to no hope! The company will only gradually be mercilessly eliminated by the market! " He said, "the people who hang out are not my brothers!" At the same time, JD.com will never force employees 995 or 996.

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