Tiger chat | read "all good", Chinese family is too miserable, right?


Tiger chat | read "all good", Chinese family is too miserable, right?

The basin friends who have been concerned about tiger sniffing may know that this is not a new column. Restarting "Tiger Chat" is to share with you in the ongoing hotspots, controversial events or topics. Of course, talk about relaxed, resonating topics, or talk about what you say.

For "tiger chat", we also have a lost selfishness. Each issue we will arrange a few tiger sniff editors, let the Ta to talk to you a few words, but salt can be sweet. I hope you can call. your favorite editor (s) at the same time as you get away from the comment section and express your views. The boss said, chicken legs can be added.

The foreplay is over, and then we get to the point.

Recently, it became very popular, brushed up the moments, went on a hot search, and even among relatives, friends and colleagues, there was a lot of discussion. The play slammed the original family, criticized the son over the daughter, and reprimanded gnawing at the old age. Mapping many realistic problems, even overshadowing the work itself, becomes a phenomenon.

Netizens use "companionship" to describe "Su Ming-Cheng," who appears to be with the old man, actually relying on the old man for everything, and eventually squeezing out the old man's hard-earned money. Compared with the traditional gnawing people, the accompanying gnawing people often beautify their behavior as "often going home to see" and have a strong sense of moral superiority.

Shi Hang, a well-known screenwriter and planner, said that he had read more than half of his original novel, "River and River," and felt quite empty, but now he feels much better. "to face up to the collapse of today's ethical concepts and try to reshape it is the most important thing to do in contemporary ethical dramas. At that time we trusted Lee because he had done such a thing at that time. "

For the characters in "all good", Chen Yiqi, general manager of Sina Entertainment, said that the female characters in the play are very full and compassionate, and Mingyu's self-reliance is strong, even if a little cold, the sister-in-law's forbearance and wit. The self-esteem and loveliness of the second wife; Almost every man has serious value problems, father's hateful and pathetic, elder brother's stupid filial piety, second chicken thief, Liu Qing's whining. But what makes her feel the most different is the drama's anti-tradition in terms of values. "you can say, this is the captain of surprise in the TV theater, said 'girl power'. It is also a counter-current of the traditional values that have swept across the screen over the years. However, it feels that the company drama is still a bit of a trick, which is the deficiency of this play. "

Columnist and well-known writer Bonnie Bernardo said more affectionately. She wanted to see Su Mingyu warmed by warmed, warmed by the mundane of life, warmed from the bottom of her heart. Want to see her allow herself to love someone, rest assured to be loved by one person; want to see what she wants in life may not get, the love of parents, can in a natural way, trickle back. I want to see her go home. Want to have a voice to say to her, "you have suffered, child." Don't give it back. " Take it, this love is yours. It's all yours.

We also followed the whole drama, and today I want to talk to you:

Should care for more children with their parents be more material? Can you chew old age to support the old?

Tiger smell editor @ knockout

Holding an actor

When it comes to Su Mingyu, I recall that I used to read a collection of novels about green demons, Nezha, which says, "Children are born like eggs, pecked their eggshells, put on their elder brothers' and sisters' clothes, and grew up running on their own." For Su Mingyu, even "brother and sister's clothes" can not wear, then run naked. Running and growing up, she can grow her own shell.

It is not a simple matter to support the elderly. The difficulty is basically the same as that of the parents raising the children. However, "multiple points in material matter" and "old age" are two concepts. Su Mingcheng was favored by his mother from childhood, and developed the inertia of reaching for money. Later, in the process of supporting his father, he consciously "had tried his best" and thought that Big Brother and his father had no basis for their "old" accusation.

In the process of getting along with the elderly and the adult children, the pressure of real life is so specific, trivial, and rushing. Love can't explain everything, everything is inclusive, and human nature always has a faint place. So, the world has it. Parents who are disappointed by their children, so many children who are disappointed by their parents.

Here express love under Guo Jingfei teacher: the performance is really good, listen to you choking to tell me that actually feel a bit of pity is how fat matter?

Tiger smell editor @ Chang Fangfei

A first-class scholar of TV series, a well-tested proletarian slob.

Like Su Ming-Cheng, I've only seen it in TV shows and Douban groups, and I don't have a single one around me. This kind of "companion" gnaw old to me also belong to gnaw old. To take care of more parents and to share more in inheritance should be based on the premise of supporting the elderly with their own money. Eat and drink Lassa rely on the company of their parents, is "have to accompany", not because of filial piety.

Tiger sniffing editor @xiyao

Director of the station "77 Hou Street", Tiger olfactory's radio station

Life is actually much more complicated than Su Daqiang thinks. The relationship between people is not a book that can be clearly written. The emotional account is even more unclear.

The second son, Su Mingcheng, appeared in front of the audience with an old-fashioned attitude, making people hate it. According to his father's private account book record, at least 200,000 yuan. However, from the perspective of Su Mingcheng, he is the only child to accompany his parents, even to sacrifice his own future, and he is not his initiative, but helpless.

The third daughter, Su Mingyu, went to this day not only because she had not received the parental love she thought she deserved, but also because she had not received the financial support she deserved. As an adult, she decided to give back her family the easiest way she could give-to give money. The family are constantly entangled in feelings and money. How to treat children, how to support the elderly is the core discussion of the show, how much love should be given, how much money, how much money can be worth love.

Tiger sniffing editor @mrpuppybunny

Female version of Peng Yuxi

Although I am an only child, I have heard many "family farce" that happened to my parents. Today, I told everyone about a dog's blood.

Q, a friend of the only child, shared with me the story of his grandmother's death. Q's uncle, the only son in the family, lived in the old man's house for a long time and did not want to split up with his brothers and sisters. To that end, he threatened to tackle the problem violently by hiring a group of "social figures" to run to his own sister's unit (Q's mother) for threats. The point is, the long-term occupation of the house, he did not even speak of filial piety parents, basically did not support the elderly.

Of course, the matter was finally settled in a "relatively fair" way-under the coordination of Mother Q, the house was sold and several brothers and sisters were given a corresponding inheritance. But the process of this is really cruel.

If you have a similar experience or have heard of it, come to the comment area below and chat with us!

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Tiger chat read after good Chinese style family too miserable right?

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