It is reported that Foxconn chip business head or succeed Gou Taiming as the next chairman of the group

According to foreign media reports, two people familiar with the matter said that Foxconn, the world's largest foundry manufacturer, will nominate Liu Yangwei, the head of its chip business, as chairman and replace Guo Taiming.

Liu Yangwei is also a member of the board of directors of Sharp, Foxconn's Japanese electronics division.

Earlier, according to Taiwan media reports, Hon Hai announced a list of new directors, including Gou Taiming, Lu Fangming, Liu Yangwei, Li Jie, Lu Songqing and Dai Zhengwu, as well as three independent directors, Wang Guocheng, Guo Dawei and Gong Guoquan.

It is worth noting that Gou Taiming, Lu Fangming and Liu Yangwei serve as directors as natural persons. Since the directors of legal persons can be reassigned at will, the natural persons are not able to do so. Therefore, the outside world speculates that the candidates for chairman of Hon Hai in the future. The voices of Lu Fangming and Liu Yangwei were louder.

Lu Fangming is vice president and chairman of Asia Pacific Telecom, and Liu Yangwei is general manager of Hon Hai Group.

Guo Taiming said on April 15: "I feel that I should downplay my personal color. I am 69 years old. I can pass on 45 years of experience to them. This is my goal now. Let young people learn early and take over early. My position, I can make some time to make long-term plans for the company's future."

Mr Gou will retain his seat on Foxconn's board. He told reporters not long ago that he would resign as chairman of the board of directors.

A company document submitted last week showed that candidates for Foxconn's new board of directors include Guo Taiming and Liu Yangwei, as well as Sharp Chairman Dai Zhengwu and Chairman of Foxconn Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Lu Songqing.

The proposed new board of directors must be approved by the shareholders at the meeting in June before the chairman can be elected. Foxconn has not responded to the reporter's request for comment.

Mr Gou founded Foxconn in 1974 and has since grown into the world's largest contract manufacturer of electronics, with factories in several countries. In 1988, Mr Gou opened his first factory in mainland China. Foxconn currently employs about 1.2 million people in mainland China.

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